Cassandra Scalzi

South Australia, Australia

Actor, Model, Stylist

I am a visual artist, creative writer and fashion stylist. A passionate storyteller, addicted to words, World Movies and art, I am eccentric and an exhibitionist at heart! I I enjoy expressing myself and telling stories through a range of mediums. Modeling is just one of them. Acting is another, I now eagerly seek to explore. I am a highly creative and visual creature, always inspired by my surroundings...people, fashion, art, unique beauty, nature and the unusual...I enjoy collaborating with other passionate creatives. I have been privileged to work with some, local talented photographers, including in the capacity as stylist and creative director on fashion shoots. My own art is very influenced by my love of fashion and recently, photography. I feel working as a model, enhances my creativity as a visual artist, actor, future photographer, and my ablity to connect with other women. If you seek that extra artistic element, creative energy and an a colourful personality, contact me!

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Physical Details

154 cm / 5ft 1in
63 cm / 25in
48 kg / 105 lbs
81 cm / 32in
Shoe size:
3.5 UK / 5.0 US / 36.0 Euro
Skin colour:
Hair length:
Eye colour:
Hair type:
86 cm / 34 in
Dress Size:
6 - 8


  • RMT Model & Talent Management : Film & TV Acting Course, Adelaide, Australia
  • RMT Model & Talent Management : Modeling & Deportment, Adelaide, Australia
  • Flinders University of South Australia : Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice (Honours) Criminal Law, Advanced Criminology, South Australia, Australia
  • University of Adelaide : Bachelor of Arts, Romance Languages, Literature and Linguistics, South Australia, Australia


Acting experience:
  Previous unpaid speaking roles
Languages spoken
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
Accents spoken
  • Australian
  • French
  • Italian
  • Latin American
  • Spanish
Finalist for South Australia's largest open acting audition, ''Search for a Movie Star'' 2010.

Acting workshop at Actor's Ink. 2010


Film & TV Acting Course (Angie Christophel, RMT) covering:
Film and Stage Acting Techniques
TV Commercials
Audition Processes
Voice & Presenting
Film Scripts
Screen Testing and the Casting Process.

Short Films:


Scene 17: Playing the role of Floor Manager, Written, Directed and Produced by Darron Richardson and Jonathon Kovarch, (Uni SA) Adelaide, South Australia.

Deja Vu: Playing the role of the Other Woman, Written and Directed by Dan Coonan, Eclipse Productions. Produced by Anne Frazer, South Australia.

Betrayed: Female lead, playing the role of lesbian lover, Written and Directed by Charles Burke and Trevor Fleming.

Brothers of Blood: Female lead, playing the role of survivor, Written and Directed by Trevor Fleming.

Future Woman: Shannon, spots futuristic species and lends a bikini...Written and Directed by Charles Burke.

Standing Tall: Good Angel (with wings) Written and Directed by Charles Burke.

De De: Miss Barbie, Burlesque Dancer, Written and Directed by Trevor Fleming.

What Remains: Playing the role of a predatory zombie, beast/woman, Written and Directed by Nick Berry Smith and Produced by David Stephenson, South Australia (Post production).

Escape of the Corporate Battery Hens: Playing the role of reporter/photographer, Written by Andrew Baines, international surrealist artist; Director & Producer, Carlo Petraccaro. (Post production).

Mrs Sneezebee & The Snuppets: Actor/Puppeteer/Scriptwriter for new children's show.

To be or not to be...a movie star, or any other sort of star for that matter, is not the question...

I seek to explore all the wonderful, artistic forms of expression I can...
I believe with my extensive and interesting life experience and various professional roles I have undertaken, I can make a valuable contribution as an actor.

I am especially interested in comedy with a penchant for undertaking pranks in public. I am a humourist, drawing inspiration from my daily adventures and I take being silly and seeing the funny side of life, very seriously...particularly since I have seen the ugliest and darkest side of human nature in criminal law, while working on Snowtown, Australia's worst serial murder case. Art is far more pleasant and beautiful to be immersed in on a daily basis...

I would like to gain some more valuable and enjoyable acting experience with some like minded, passionate people!



Modeling experience:
  Part-time model - paid commercial work
2013 RMT Management: Total Image Modeling and Deportment.
2013 RMT Management: Commercial Talent Workshop.
2013 Women's Fashion Art Magazine Model

Cibo Espresso Model & Ambassador for 21st store.
Sunday Mail Home Magazine cover photo shoot. (jan & feb editions)
SA Tourism Commission City Hot Spots photo shoot.
TFP shoots with local, talented photographer and serious Sponge Bob enthusiast, Alf Knoll.
Art Model for international photographic artist, Wayne Quilliam.
Fashion Model for US Fashion & Style Magazine, Pastiche (debut issue - July & Aug)
Model for Wig Photo Shoot - Hairific, Adelaide.
Finalist to take part in the inaugural Mrs Galaxy Australia Pageant 2015.

Once upon a time...I modelled, some rather antiquated, not so flattering, legal attire...

One of my proudest achievements, would have to be, procuring a very memorable, big, belly laugh in a very serious, most often grumpy, senior Supreme Court Judge, who allowed me to discover after much hard work, a wonderful, witty and wicked sense of humour!

My most embarassing and regretful moment: failing to rescue my favorite shoe which became stuck (and later run over upon) in the middle of a busy, city street, whilst rushing to court for an urgent cries to save my shoe were sadly not heard...

However, fortunately, now as a full time artist, I can be as loud as I like with my fashion and apparrel! I have a little more time, to rescue shoes, which these days are much more colourful...

I love the rich colour and diversity of muliculturalism in fashion and film...I am a big fan of SBS and World Movies...Miss World not so much. As for world comment, suffice to say, there are some fashions out there which should constitute crimes against humanity!

I am passionate about language and literature...I am proficient in French, Spanish and Italian; I am an excellent commuicator with experience in interpreting and translating, as well as working in the capacity of art educator and creative facilitator. I am also good at taking directions!

I would have loved to have posed and modeled for the great Masters...Picasso, Matisse, Van Gogh, De Goya, Degas...

Of course I don't mind posing for local photographers who are passionate about their craft. I simply enjoy being part of the creative process and helping to produce something memorable and unique!

I would also like to expand my portfolio and gain more commercial experience. I have done catalogue work, fashion shoots for local and international magazines, websites, brochures and even some cat walk, standing proudly at 5ft and not much more, for a charity parade. I am a confident, petite woman, with no shortage of personality, very comfortable in my own skin.

I feel, with my unique collection of attributes, attitude and versatility, I can positively contribute to showcasing the rich diversity of women, both in a commercial capacity and for artistic projects.

I am also very fond of nature as a back drop for fashion art and I do my own stunts, including climbing trees in a tutu, chasing butterflies and crazy chickens, hanging out in a manger with a cow called Gus, and walking along a very narrow medium strip on a very busy, highway in a cute, little dress and uncomfortable high heels...anything for fashion!

TV & Reality

The Oswald Yarvis Show, Ch 44: Actor for various horror/comedy short films.

Mrs Sneezebee & The Snuppets: Puppeteer/Actor/Scriptwriter for new children's TV show, Ch 44.

Host for Hens Treasure Hunt, (based in Sydney) a new, fun and all female event to finally hit South Australia!


2013 Trouble maker!

I had the wonderful opportunity to write a monthly column, "AdeLOUD" in TROUBLE MAGAZINE ( a Melbourne based art and culture magazine, following my very first published article, detailing my experience as a first time art curator for Portuguese artist, Natalia Gromicho, showcasing her very first exhibition in Australia, during the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

I love to write about art and what inspires other artists...

I am also passionate about women's fashion. I had the opportunity to do some work for local Women's Fashion Art Magazine, contributing some creative writing and a style column with a multicultural flavour with my signature infusion of fiction. I also worked in the capacity of stylist and creative director on fashion shoots.


Featured fashion model in first edition of new Fashion & Style Magazine,"Pastiche", founded by US based photographer, Nathan Scott.


I have a natural flair, a unique sense of style... a compulsion for colour and the ability to fuse fashion with art, to transform the ordinary into the create memorable art with attitude and edge...I am energetic, enthusiastic, passionate about my craft and of course, I love to have fun with it!

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RMT Management
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interCulture casting & management (Sydney) & RMT Management (Adelaide)
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