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Peter Flaherty Showreelv2small

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Peter D Flaherty Showreel

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Peter - video clip

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Physical Details

170 cm / 5ft 7in
91 cm / 36in
89 kg / 195 lbs
Shoe size:
8.5 UK / 9.5 US / 42.5 Euro
White / Caucasian
Hair colour:
Skin colour:
Hair length:
Eye colour:
Hair type:
116 cm / 46 in


  • MARSHALL BATTERIES TVC : Male lead (with Shane Warne), Melbourne, Australia
  • 'Flood Of Life', Larry, : (short film), Melbourne, Australia
  • Supercheap Auto, TVC : Male lead, Melbourne, Australia
  • THE DOUGH (web series) : Mick, Melbourne, Australia
  • WITHOUT A SHIRT (short) : Bogan Pete, Melbourne, Australia
  • Motor Neurone Disease TVC (with Neale Daniher) : Lead, Melbourne, Australia
  • BCF Easter Catalogue TVC : Frank, lead character, Australia Wide, Australia
  • THE LEGEND OF BEN HALL (feature film) : Father Timothy McCarthy, Melbourne and Country Victoria, Australia
  • 'The Bloke' feature film : Voice-over, ADR several characters, Melbourne/Los Angeles, Australia
  • CROSSROADS : Leland Ellory, Broken Hill, Australia
  • Exposure : Detective Sergeant Mannon & Ass. Producer, Melbourne, Australia
  • 'BCF' TVC series : Lead, Australia Wide, Australia
  • The Dr.Blake Mysteries : Gerry Bowen, Melbourne, Australia
  • Neighbours : Bob Kind, Melbourne, Australia
  • Offspring : Jeff Smith (Electrician), Melbourne, Australia
  • Beyond Blue (website) : Boss, Melbourne, Australia
  • The Main Man (short), Best Film MUFF : Premier Henry Lleweyn, Best Actor MUFF, Melbourne, Australia
  • Interference (film) : Frank (Police Officer), Shot in Victoria, Australia, Australia
  • Ideal Fasteners (TVC) : The Ideal Tradie, Australia wide, Australia
  • Upper Middle Bogan : Andy Budd (Stall-Holder), Melbourne, Australia
  • Calling All Cars (music video- 'She's Delirious') : Chicken Man (lead), Melbourne, Australia
  • Neighbourhood Service Centres (website) : Lead (urban cowboy), Sydney, Australia
  • Business Mentors (website) : Mike Pike, Napier, NZ
  • 'BCF' TVC series : Lead, Australia Wide, Australia
  • Taking Time (short) : Lead man, Victoria, Australia
  • The Worst Year Of My Life....Again : Alan Ridgeway, Victoria, Australia
  • NEIGHBOURS : 'Bob Kind', Victoria, Australia
  • 'BRITISH PAINTS' National TVC : Lead 'Tradie', Melbourne, Australia
  • HOUSE HUSBANDS : Jimmy James- 'Delivery Guy', Victoria, Australia
  • 'The Draft Resistor' : Feature Film, 'Professor Allan', Victoria, Australia
  • PURA Milk : National TVC, Lead/sole actor, Victoria, Australia
  • 'Beckoning The Butcher' , feature film : Detective Marcus white, Victoria, Australia
  • BARNEY ESTER : 'Edward Nash' (short film), Victoria, Australia
  • BROTHERS IN ARMS: Bikie Wars : Lard (Bandido), Sydney, Australia
  • WRECKING BALL (USA TV pilot) : 'Billy', (bare knuckle boxer), Victoria, USA
  • BIOGRAPHY OF A BATTLER : Lead 'Teddy', La Mama Theatre, Melbourne, Australia
  • FOSTERS LAGER (TVC series for the UK and Ireland only) : Supporting Actor, (outback bar man), Swan Hill, UK
  • BCF TVC series : Lead actor, Brisbane, Australia
  • The Coaches (TV pilot) : Sgt. Barry, Melbourne, Australia
  • Howard Fine masterclass : Monologue and character work, Victoria, Australia
  • Real estate Web adverts : Caveman/spokesman (special FX), Victoria, Australia
  • Almost Funny : TV Pilot, James, Victoria, Australia
  • A Slice Of Guilt : Pete (Also writer and director), Victoria, Australia
  • NAPIER web promotion videos : As 'SHAUNE WAYNE', Napier, Wellington,, NZ
  • Conex web series for phone apps : Actor/presenter, Victoria, Australia
  • Winners & Losers : Tv series: Denis Oakley, publican, Victoria, Australia
  • BCF TVC series : Lead actor, Brisbane, Australia
  • AUSTRALIA ON TRIAL : Eureka : Sgt. HARRIS, Victoria, Australia
  • TV Pilot : Barry: Police Officer, Victoria, Australia
  • Monster Pies : Feature Film: Phys Ed teacher, Victoria, Australia
  • Playpals : Frank- lead, Victoria, Australia
  • KILLERVISION : Feature film: Trevor , and Casting Director, Victoria, Australia
  • A DUSTY TOWN : Feature film: Mayor George, Sydney, Australia
  • RUSH : Simon James (guest role), delivery van driver, Victoria, Australia
  • NEIGHBOURS : Miles Cavendish (recurring guest role), Victoria, Australia
  • Howard Fine , Ivanna Chubbuck , VCA workshops : Intensive Courses, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Australia
  • An Elephant In The Room : Bill Carpenter, Victoria, Australia
  • BCF TVC's : Lead role, national advertising campaign, Victoria, Australia
  • SUMMER CODA : Victoria, Victoria, Australia
  • Underbelly- telemovie : Taxi Driver, Victoria, Australia
  • TAFTA : American casting workshop and accents, Victoria, Australia
  • MAA : Casting workshop with Greg Apps, Victoria, Australia
  • Looking At You : Commuter on Train (young Dad), Victoria, Australia
  • Hour 3 : Casting Director, Victoria, Australia
  • Melbourne Uni Medical Education Film : Mechanic, Victoria, Australia
  • ABEL : Will , VCA graduate film, Victoria, Australia
  • GUNDERWILLY ROAD : Matt, Sydney, Australia
  • The Job : Allen (Irish), Victoria, Australia
  • SUBURBIA : Writer and Actor, Victoria, Australia
  • Axe Cop & Flute Cop : Flute Cop, Victoria, Australia
  • Someone Is Trying To Kill Alex Jackson : Ben Perry, Victoria, Australia
  • A Holiday To Remember : Dean, Victoria, Australia
  • Sex, Lies and Newspapers : John Savage, Victoria, Australia
  • Samantha Who? : Psomelis Xanthopolis, Victoria, Australia
  • Love Crossed : Jerry, Victoria, Australia
  • Deep : Stewart, Victoria, Australia
  • 6 Plots : Bill Reems, Victoria, Australia
  • Wasteland : John Benson, Victoria, Australia
  • Special Korean Sauce : Ted (butcher), Victoria, Australia
  • Punchdrunk : Gus (referee), Victoria, Australia
  • 16th Street : Ivana Chubbuck Technique (IVANA CHUBBUCK), Melbourne, Australia
  • MAA : Scene Study/film acting (Geoffrey Wright), Melbourne, Australia
  • MAA : Scene Study/Audition Tecnique/camera acting (Paul Weber), Melbourne, Australia
  • Hollywood,CA,USA : Improvisation (Corey Pepper), Los Angeles, USA
  • Hollywood,CA,USA : Scene Study (Vincent Guastaferro), Los Angeles, USA
  • Hollywood,CA,USA : Soap Acting (Gwen Hillier), Los Angeles, USA
  • Hollywood,CA,USA : USA Accent (Andrea Odinov-Fuller), Los Angeles, USA
  • Hollywood,CA,USA : Camera/Audition tecnique (Zora De Horta/Twinkie Bird), Los Angeles, USA
  • Nice/Hot : Phil (also writer), Victoria, Australia
  • Treasure : Patrick (Leprechaun), Victoria, Australia
  • TVI : Sopa Opera Intensive Workshop (Christy Dooley), Sydney, Australia
  • TVI : Comedy/Sit-Com performance (Nick Anderson), Sydney, Australia
  • Melbourne Acting Academy : Camera Acting Tecniques (Wizzy Evans), Melbourne, Australia
  • Melbourne Acting academy : Acting for Camera/Audition workshops (Marnie Hill), Melbourne, Australia
  • Wizzy Evans : Speaking American (BRUCE SHAPIRO), Adelaide, Australia
  • MAA : Acting for Camera/Audition workshops (Kelly O'Shea), Melbourne, Australia
  • MAA : Audition/Camera acting workshops (Dina Mann), Melbourne, Australia
  • BAPA Arts : Acting for Camera/Audition workshops (Cameron Harris), Melbourne, Australia
  • BAPA Arts : Audition/Camera acting workshops (Alison Telford), Melbourne, Australia
  • Acting Up : Acting for Camera/Audition workshops (Dina Mann), Melbourne, Australia
  • Drama with a Difference : Movement/script/voice (Richard Lawton/Michele Williams), Melbourne, Australia
  • Short & Sweet : Script Writing (Alex Broun), Melbourne, Australia
  • Acting Up : Acting for Camera/Audition workshops (Sally MacLean/Dina Mann), Mount Eliza, Australia
  • VCA : Musical Theatre/Dance/Script Interpretation (Monique Brunnel/Ken James), Melbourne, Australia
  • M.Sussman : Shakespeare Interpretation (Malcolm Sussman), Melbourne, Australia
  • La Trobe University : Improvisation, Melbourne, Australia
  • La Trobe University : Theatre Sports, Melbourne, Australia


Peter - audio clip

30 second spot for 'Worksafe'
Acting experience:
  Previous paid speaking roles
  • English
  • Australian
  • Canadian
  • Irish
  • South African
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • USA Boston
  • USA California
  • USA New York
  • USA Southern
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Indian
  • Italian
  • Latin American
  • Mexican
  • Middle Eastern
  • Russian
  • Spanish
Union memberships
  • Equity
  • MEAA
I played a 26 year-old bikie in Brothers In Arms , but my beard is now gone and I look like my headshot. In 'Eureka' I was a late 30's British-born trooper/policeman at the Stockade, and have recently played a late 20's Irish gym teacher, a 29 year-old cop in a TV pilot, a gay 40 year old man on NEIGHBOURS (Recurring),then a recovering alcoholic 18 months later ,and had guest roles on OLD SCHOOL, RUSH, HOUSE HUSBANDS , THE WORST YEAR OF MY LIFE, AGAIN, ALL SAINTS and WINNERS & LOSERS.
TVC's include 'BCF' series, 'Pura Milk', 'British Paints', 'Fosters' , 'ALDI', and many others
A number of 'US Accented' roles also.
Best Actor (Sexy International Film Festival-2009; Fish Face International Film Festival- 2012, 2013, 2014 ; Comfy Shorts- 2010,11,12,13 ; Westside Shorts- 2009, 10, 11, 12 ...and many others)
Stand-Up Comedy, Improv/theatre sports
Feature Films
Musicals, Singing- all styles
Most team and/or contact sports
Short Films
Singing- all styles

TV & Reality

House Husbands ; Upper Middle Bogan; The Worst Year of My Life...Again ;
Underbelly -telemovie ('The One Who Got Away')
Many TVC's (current on air series for 'BCF', 'PURA Milk' ,'ALDI', 'British Paints' & FOSTERS LAGER in the UK and Ireland)
Australia On Trial: Eureka (British officer)
Winners & Losers
Neighbours (recurring, Miles Cavendish and Bob Kind)
All Saints (surgeon Dr. Denny Tremayne)
Blue Heelers (criminal, curate, boxer)
Something In The Air (farmer)
State Coroner
TV/Cinema/Radio Commercials
Music video

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