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Actor, Model, Film & Stage Crew
Location New South Wales, Australia
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Rosie Keogh Dramatic Reel

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Rosie Keogh- Showreel 2014

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Screen testing/ Scene work

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Physical Details

165 cm / 5ft 5in
68 cm / 27in
55 kg / 121 lbs
88 cm / 35in
White / Caucasian
Hair colour:
Skin colour:
Hair length:
Eye colour:
Hair type:
86 cm / 34 in
Dress Size:
8 - 10

Credits, Schools & Workplaces

  • TAFTA : American Accent Intensive- Barbara Hastings
  • AFTRS : Short Film Screenwriting Intensive
  • The Actor's Station : On-going Series - Les Chantery
  • AMAW : Weekend Intensive: Cold Reading & Audition Technique - Anthony Meindl
  • NIDA Open- Screen Actors Studio : Part-time (1 yr) Completion Dec 2015; Kristian Schmidt, Sonia Todd, Les Chantery
  • Scene in Sydney- Hosted by Dan Eady : Actor Maintenance Classes
  • US Accent Workshop- Paige Walker : Equity Foundation: MEAA
  • The Meisner Technique : Living The Details With Scott Williams (2 Days)
  • Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop : Audition Technique | Scene Study | Cold Reading (3 Days)
  • Acting for Camera- Chris Sommers : Screen Testing | Scene Study | Cold Reading (4 wks)
  • Scene O Rama- Hosted by Luke Mayze & Chris Sommers : Actor Maintenance Classes (6 months)
  • Screen Fighting : The Warrior's Path Screen Fighting Academy - Michael Rodrigues (4 months)
  • Chubbuck Workshop : Based on Ivana Chubbuck Acting Technique with Anthony Brandon Wong (2 days)
  • Screen Testing Workshop- Hosted by Andrew Thompson : Screen Testing guidance & Tips (1 Day)
  • Peter Rasmussen Actor Training : Weekly Acting lessons with Peter Rasmussen (9 wks)
  • Damien Walshe-Howling Masterclass : Evolve Masterclasses/ Technique and Scene work (1 Day)
  • Martin Sacks Masterclass : Evolve Masterclasses/ Ben Parkinson Casting QLD
  • Meisner Technique : The Warehouse Workshops- Kathryn Smith
  • South Bank Institute of Technology : Advanced Diploma of Arts (Acting)- Feb 2010 -> June 2012
  • Singing (live performance) : Weekly lessons with Judith Henley & Matthew Samer- 1.5yrs
  • Audition Tips Workshop : Anatoly Frusin- 1 day
  • NIDA Open Programme : Audition Technique - 8wks
  • Acting Workshop : With David Bertold- 1 day
  • Creative Industries Pathways : Cert II Live Performance (Acting) - 6 mnths
  • NIDA Open Programme : Acting to Camera- 2 days


US commercial V.O. (Demo only)

Performed by Rosie Keogh (self) 2014- Script derived from Edge Studio.
Acting experience:
  Previous paid speaking roles
  • English
  • Australian
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • USA California
  • USA Southern
Union memberships
  • Equity
  • MEAA
2013 Annabel '500 Miles' Mad Anth'm Productions, Eagle Entertainment/ Matt Young
2013 Jane Tier 'Rise' Vision Films, Pinnacle Films/ Mack Lindon
2013 Diana 'Parer's War' TV Movie, ABC Network/ Alister Grierson
2012 Megan 'The Hunters Club' Blackdoor Productions/ Kit McDee

2016 Rebecca 'Green River' Dumbsaint Production/Nicholas Andrews (Pre- Production)
2016 Sarah 'Upon Common Ground' Chance C Productions
2015 Ellie 'Shiver' OMAD Productions/ Damian Overton
2015 Luis 'Last Words' Living Library Films/ Lucas Jatoba
2014 Chrissy 'The Money' SlapShot Films
2013 News Anchor 'Blind Eye' Vertical Films
2013 Iris Rose 'The Kevil Hill Project' Sudden Impact Entertainment
2013 Alice 'The Tambourine Man' Haywire Films/ Terry King
2013 Ella 'Dark Origins' One Seven Spectrum/ Evan Randall Green
2013 Jane 'Rise of The Underdog' Teaser Trailer, Vision Films/ Mack Lindon
2013 Sidney 'Blood & Feathers' Awesome Box Productions
2012 Rose 'Thunder Road' Feature Film/ Trailer, Frog Brothers Films
2012 Lucy 'Ark' Tropfest, Directors Dave Owen & Todd Atwood
2012 Amelia 'Contemporary Silence' RedViking Production

2016 Aeris 'Iridescence' SFS
2014 Felicity 'The Astronaut' UTS
2014 Clemence 'No One's Own' Swan Is Gone Pictures/QCA
2013 Katie 'The Slab' QCA
2013 Girl 'Routinely George' USQ
2012 Michelle 'The Point in This' QSFT
2012 Kate 'Convicts' MSIT
2012 Crash victim 'Blue Call' QSFT
2012 Josephine 'Curtain Call' QCA
2012 Emily 'Meta' UQ
2012 Stacy 'Latte Love' YWAM
2012 Katie 'Answers in the Dark' NYFA
2012 Girl 'Split' Bond University

2015 Lauren 'Panorama: In Ten Pieces' Dumbsaint
2014 Wife 'Contradiction- Choon Goonz' 18 Degrees Entertainment
2014 Lover 'All of Me- Florian Tarpinian' SQI Studios
2013 Kat 'Won't Let Go- Guy Rinn', Leonard Falkner Films
2013 Young lover 'The Bollands- A Drunk' QCA

2016 Mylitta 'The Shepard & the Orb' Web series Ep.01
2014 Radio News Reporter 'Bandana' Short film, UTS
2013 Radio News Reporter 'The Hunters Club' Blackdoor Productions

2014 'Maze Runner' Ensemble Live Performance 'The Maze Runner' Showtime/Sudden Impact Entertainment, September
2012 ‘Woman’- Graduation Production ‘Who’s Afraid of the Working Class?’ Directed by Norman Price and Lisa O’Neill, SBIT, May
2011 ‘Gabrielle’- Second year final semester production ‘The Devils’ Directed by Anatoly Frusin, SBIT, November
2011 Ensemble- Second year production ‘Like I Care’ Directed by Brian Lucas, SBIT May
2010 Ensemble- First year final semester production ‘Lysistrata’ Directed by Norman Price and Lisa O’Neill, SBIT, November
2010 Ensemble- First year production ‘Boot Camp’ Directed by Norman Price and Lisa O’Neill, SBIT, May


2016 Nominated BEST ACTRESS by Australian Screen Industry Network- ELLIE in 'SHIVER'
2014 Awarded BEST ACTRESS by L.A. Cinema Festival of Hollywood- ELLA in 'DARK ORIGINS'
2014 Awarded BEST ACTRESS by Route 66 Film Festival USA- ELLA in 'DARK ORIGINS'
2014 Awarded BEST ACTRESS by Louisville Fright Night Film Fest USA- ELLA in 'DARK ORIGINS'
2014 Nominated BEST ACTRESS by FilmQuest Film Festival- ELLA in 'DARK ORIGINS'
2013 Nominated BEST ACTRESS by Brisbane 48hr Film Festival- BEC in 'SAFEHOUSE'



Modeling experience:
  Part-time model - paid commercial work
2016 'Ecolaboration' Lifestyle/ Product, Nespresso/ 412 Entertainment
2015 'Thrills' - Fashion, BlackEye Photography/ Jade Kingi
2014 'Warrior- Native Roots' Fashion Editorial, Wolftress Summer collection/ Ben Dilger Photography
2014 'Australian Institute of Fitness' Fitness, Shop Sixteen/ Tim Bauer Photography
2014 'Kelvin Grove Development:ZEST' Lifestyle, Toto Group/ Heith Missen Photography
2014 'Floral' Beauty Shoot- MUA Lucille Korponay, Gerwyn Davis Photography
2014 Actor Head shots, Amelia J Dowd Photography
2014 Film Poster Shoot, 'RISE' feature film, Damien Bredberg Photography
2013 'Bohemian' Fashion Shoot, Jennifer Maxsted Photography
2013 'Dark Magic' Promotional Shoot, Clubs Queenland
2013 'Foxy Cafe' Lifestyle, Black Eye Photography
2013 'Circa Nundah' Lifestyle, Toto Group/ Rieka Ruse, Fullframe Photograpics
2013 'Black Dagger Brotherhood' Themed, Fashion/ Promotional Shoot
2013 Poster Shoot, 'Contempt- Web Series' Jade Kingi, BlackEye Photography
2012 'Scientist' Graduate Fashion Portfolio, Megan Popelier QCA
2012 '60's theme,' Graduate Fashion Portfolio Fanny Lofgren, Griffith University
2012 Online Portfolio, Black Eye Photography
2012 'Goddess Litae,' Graduate Fashion Portfolio, Megan Popelier QCA
2012 'Public Enemies,' Adrian Bailey, Design College Australia
2012 Online Portfolio, Photography by Megan Kelly & Sandy Weibel
2012 Product Advertisement, Fashion, Zlata Moda Clothing
2012 Online Promotion, Black Eye Photography
2012 Historical Shoot, 'Bert Stern's - Sophia Lauren' Adrian Bailey, Design College Australia
2012 Catalog Shoot, '2013 Season Brochure' Leesa Connelly, Brisbane Arts Theatre
2012 Yoga Shoot, online business promotion, Creative Personal Development
2011 Showreel shoot, online business promotion, Get Showreel
2009 Photographic Stills; “Scrapbook” Independent Short Film, Tigertale Productions, Sunshine Coast

TV & Reality

2016 Patient (featured) 'South Pacific Private' TVC, Oxygen 360, Matt Kelly
2016 Active Woman (lead) 'Nespresso- Ecolaboration' Online Campaign, 412 Entertainment
2016 Trainer (featured/ stills) 'Australian Institute of Fitness' TVC, Shop Sixteen
2014 The Jogger (featured) 'Nurofen' TVC, Eden Creative Media
2014 Female Talent (lead)- 'Power Garden' Product Video, Ryobi Garden Tools/Bunnings Warehouse
2014 Reporter (lead)- 'Brisbane Backyard Film Festival' Online Advertisement, Creative Clones
2013 Pedestrian (extra)- 'Devine Homes' TVC, OBM Advertising, Craig Maclean
2013 Tourist (lead)- 'Australia Zoo/ Sprout Campaign' Commercial, IperMedia
2013 Sarah (lead)- 'Contempt,' Web Series, Episodes 1-3, RMKfilms/ Candice Stone
2013 Girlfriend (lead)- 'Horror Haiku' Web Series, Episode 'Always Check,' Creative Clones
2013 Meredith (lead)- 'Bridge,' Web Series, Episode 1, Paint Dry Productions/Aaron Wakem
2012 Kenzi (lead)- 'Tactical Response Unit' TV/ Web Series, Eps 1-6, Masquerade Productions/ Daniel George
2012 Kara (featured)-'Shifters' Television Series, Mad Anth'm Productions/Matt Young

Film & Stage Crew

2016 BTS Photography (unofficial) 'Shepherd and the Orb' Web Series, Ally Burnham
2015 Stand-in (Teresa Palmer) 'Hacksaw Ridge' Feature Film, Mel Gibson/ Cross Creek Pictures
2014 Producer/Editor 'Wise Move Yoga' Online Promotional Video, RMKfilms
2014 BTS Photography 'Forever the Optimist' Music Video, Spill Films
2014 BTS Photography 'The Yardstick' Short film, Spill Films
2013 Writer/ Producer 'Contempt' Web Series
2012 Unit 'The Box' QUT

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