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London, United Kingdom
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Physical Details

172 cm / 5ft 8in
113 cm / 44 in
over 120 kg / 264 lbs
Eye color:
White / Caucasian
Hair color:
over 119 cm / 47 in
Hair length:
Skin color:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • The Paddy Power Royal Baby Promotion JULY 1st 2013 : Blonde Crowned Royal Baby
  • Anna Scher Theatre 1987 - 2010 : Acting for Film, Theatre & Television
  • Anna Scher Theatre 1987 - 2013 : Drama, Theatre, Film, Television Studies/Speech and Method Acting.
  • Anna Scher Theatre - 1987 - 2013 : Drama, Theatre Studies/Method Acting.
  • Anna Scher Theatre 1987 - 2013 : Drama Techniques for Television/Film/Script Reading/Method Acting.


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • Irish
  • South African
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Scottish

Union memberships

2019 Flogging a Glass Horse (Warehouse Operative) Film Directed by Max Bagshaw
2018 HUMAN HIJACK (Henchman) Short film directed by Zachary Denman.
2017 UNHOLY COMMUNION (Lead Father Brennan) Short Film directed by Rob Atkinson (Horror)
2017 Farms not Factories leading role of Chef - Director Owen Ewan / Farms not Factories campaign.
2017 Aiyaary (Bollywood film) supporting artist role of terrified office worker witness to shooting - Director Neeraj Pandey. (Friday Filmworks)
2017 SLASH FOOTBALL (Internet/Social Media) cast as Wrestler - Brave Bison Productions Joe Moore.
2017 LINE OF DUTY Series 4 (Background/supporting artist) BBC - directed by Jed Mercurio
2016 SHELTER Housing Charity (Wrong Move) cast as the builder, directed by Adam Morley, Studio Yes (Hackney)
2016 PUBWATCH (Training film) cast as a pub landlord, directed by Marcus J Richardson.
2015 ROLLINS & SON: Short Film Cast as George the Butcher, directed by Joakim Bennick Benum.
2015 Green Eyed Mobster feature film - cast as the cult leader, directed by Manish Patel.
2015 Bonded By Blood 2 - Cast as Connie Tretton's Cousin / Minder / Heavy - Dir Greg Hall
2015 Comedy fun singalong sketch - Title is confidential currently - Dir Jon E.
2014 "Shystie feat Jalissa music video - STOP, Cast as the Bailiff"
2014 "Dangerous Mind of a Hooligan" Feature Film, Cast as Football thug" Dir Greg Hall.
2014 "The Three Fishateers" Short Film, Cast as the Chip Shop Owner, Dir Kum Choi.
2014 "THE SNEEZE" short film, cast as the hospital security guard, Art.War.Entertainment.
2014 THE KOOKS music video (untitled) cast as the gangster card shark (info later)
2014 Staff Training Video for Fox Parrack Singapour "Cast as the doorman" Paul Carroll.
2014 Feature Film Doc: (Still) The Enemy Within Dir Owen Gower, cast as a 1984-85 Striking Miner.
2013 Feature Film "FULL ENGLISH BREAKFAST" Dir Ralph Stewart,, cast as the Café owner/chef.
2013 Snapshot - Cast as the Stalker/Killer - Dir Daisy Hill / Data Productions.
2012 The Fall of the Essex Boys - Cast as a Football Hooligan - Dir Paul Tanter / Chata Pictures.
2012 Communion - Cast as Stag Party member / Dir Greg Hall / Broke but making Films.
2012 Bruised (Short Film) Cast as Dave the Bookie - Dir Greg Hall / Broke but making Films.
2012 Kerrang! Rock 100 - Cast as various Rock Idols / Dir Paul Taylor / Box TV
2011 The Rifles "Tangled up in Love" Music Video - Cast as Wedding Guest / Drunken Singer / Dir Danny Sangra - Academy Films.
2011 Kerrang! Rock 100 - Cast as Presenter for countries around the world - Dir Tim Warren (Executive Producer) Channel 4 / Box TV.
2010 Euphoria - Cast as the Bouncer - Dir Jon Howe - Independent Short Film.
2010 Dizzee Rascal Dirty Disco music video - Cast as drunken party guest - Dir Jamie Thraves / Factory Films.
2010 Matt Ryder (Pilot) Cast as Taxi Passenger - Dir Warren Lliambias / Independent Production.
2010 Money for old rope (Ep 2) Cast as Loan Shark 1 - Dir Clare Eluka / Independent Production.
2010 Thinkers & Drinkers - Cast as Uncle Pete - 20/20 Productions.
2009 Fuhgeddaboudit (Short) - Cast as Ali's brother / Dir Matt Lewis / Matt Lewis Productions.
2009 The Waiting Room (Short) Cast as Winston Nash / Gary Morris & Lee Gunnell Production.
2009 A Modern Wedding - Cast as wedding guest on mobile phone / Chris Stott.
2009 Itunes Gag - Cast as Office Joker / Dir Chris Stott.
2009 Cockney Chippy - Cast as leading Cockney / Dir Jon Dyson.
2009 Cockney Parents Day - Cast as Cockney Parent / Dir Jon Dyson.
2009 Pirates Gag - Cast as Pirate Innkeeper / Dir Joe Worsley.
2008 Raghave feat Redman "My kind of girl" Music - Cast as Security / Partizan Productions.
2008 Roots Manuva "Again & Again" Music - Cast as Cricket Fielder / Partizan Productions.
2008 Joggers gag - Cast as Jogger / Dir Joe Worsley.
2008 Cockney's in a Cab - Cast as Cockney Passenger / Dir John Fendley.
2008 Cockney's Audition Gag - Cast as Cockney / Dir John Fendley.
2008 "Zulu, last stand of the White Rose Battalion gag" Cast as 1879 Solider / Dir John Fendley.
2008 Vegetarian Documentary Gag - Cast as featured Advertising Executive
2008 The World of Stupid Criminals (Episode 3) Cast as East European Thief / Dir Peter Emina for Channel 5.
2007 Never Say No To Panda (Commercials for Egyptian Television) (Role of Panda all scenes)
2007 Brilliant59 "Shake" Music - Cast as Comedy big guy / Dir Stanley Llewwllyn / Accomplice Ltd.
2007 The Real Hustle Season 4 E


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

2016: M&S Menswear fitting model.
2015: Paddy Power "Full Kit W*nker" promotion (Publicity Stunt Mascot for North London)
2015: M&S Menswear fitting model.
2014: Cash Converters Shop Poster UK wide.
2014: CISCO Staff Training Video & Poster.
2013: Attitude Events, South Terminal, Gatwick Airport SANTA.
2013: Attitude Events being one at Heathrow T3 airside as a costumed Beefeater for World of Duty Free doing shifts at the shop Glorious Britain, providing passengers/customers with tasty treats, having my photo taken with 1000's of passengers and drawing plenty of attention for the World of Duty Free shops.
2013: Paddy Power Royal Baby Promotion - Blonde haired crowned baby.
2013: Stratford Shopping Centre - Costumed mascot.
2012: Arsenal Football Club - Club Mascot / Dragon.
2011: Arsenal Football Club - Club Mascot / Dragon.
The following is from all my work with photographer Ben Turner and his comicbook supersexyheroines internet site in which I took part in short films & comicbook stories playing the villian:
2010 The Package (Short Film) - Cast as Jackson the Villian.
2010 Not So Dumb (Comicbook / Internet) - Cast as the Villian.
2009 Unknown Protector (Comicbook / Internet) Cast as the Thug.
2009 Superheroine Sorority (Comicbook / Internet) Cast as the Nasty Boyfriend.
2009 Second Chance (Comicbook / Internet) Cast as the Villian.
2009 The Future is Female 2 (Comicbook / Internet) Cast as the Villian.
2009 Spotted Comicbook / Internet) Cast as man in bar.
2008 Deadly Alliance (Comicbook / Internet) Cast as Big Boss Villian.
2008 The Waitress (Comicbook / Internet) Cast in 2 roles as bar manager and masked villian.
2008 The Teacher (Comicbook / Internet) Cast as the Evil Master Criminal.
2008 Bionic Bodyguard (Comicbook / Internet) Cast as the Villian.
2008 Physical Therapy (Comicbook / Internet) Cast as the Sex Offender in Therapy.
2007 Taking on the Mob (Comicbook / Internet) Cast as D'Marco Mob Boss & Club Owner.
2007 Nationwide National Health Service Anti Violence Against Staff Poster Campaign - Cast as The Prison Officer.

Please be aware my playing age is 40 upwards.

2008, The Daily Express (The Bin Man Story) I was contacted through by a Daily Express reporter who wanted to do a piece on bin men, the reporter wanted me as I looked the type of character she wanted for the story.

2008,( I've done numerous comicbook stories for this internet comicbook site which includes a number of short films.

TV & Reality

2009 Jack Whitehall's Secret Census - Cast as the Convicted Dogger / Channel 4 Production.
2009 The Real Hustle - Cast as featured artist in a boxing betting scam / BBC3/Objective Productions.
2007 The Real Hustle - Cast as the mark in free drinks proposition bet scam / BBC3/Objective Productions.


  • English

  • Irish
  • South African
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Scottish

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