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Photographer, Film producer / Manager, Lighting Crew Member, Runner / Assistant, Camera Operator,… more

Victoria, Australia
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Film & Stage Crew

I've been in and out of the performing arts since 1970 working in a variety of technical roles. In 2006 I moved into film making.

I produce showreels and audition videos for actors, presenters and musicians. I have worked on a wide range of projects including live rock 'n roll, weddings, docos, promos, events and short films. I am also a stills photographer.

I have a Canon, Canon 70-200 F.4 L, Canon 24-105 F.4 L, Canon 35 F1.4 L, Zeiss 50 F1.4 and a range of lighting and camera support gear.


Feature Film
2009 The Wasteland (Tech. Supervisor/Camera/Sound)

Corporate Video
2013 La Rodda Films
TVC "Bullhorn TP" Dir: Blake Borcich
2012 Woohoo Revue
Pozible funding video
2012 Tango Multimedia
Portmans A/W Conference Video
AD/Sound recordist
2011 SASHS Western
The Barb Chronicles (26 min Mocumentary)
(Director/Editor/DOP/Sound design)
2010 NewsAdvantage (News Ltd)
HWT is NAM's Best Friend (DOP/Editor)

TV Pilots
2012 What's your story? TV Pilot (Director/DOP) (in post)
2010 Rented Space TV Pilot (Unit Co-ordinator etc) Dir Kai Smythe

Short Films
2014 The Good and Faithful Servant (1st AC, Stills Photographer) Dir Joe Morgan
2013 Jack (Steadicam/Stills Photographer) Dir:Anja Celine
2013 Dusk (Gaffer) Dir: Sarah Jayne Portelli
2013 Zombies (working title) (DOP) Dir: Matt Maclenan (in post)
2012 Gloria. (Writer/Director) (in post)
2012 Daisy Chain (Steadicam) Dir: Miranda Anzarut
2012 Hungry Man (Construction Manager) Dir: Jordan Prosser
2012 Zina (Writer/Director) (in production)
2012 Plugged In (DOP) Dir: Stephen Amis (in production)
2012 Reckoning (DOP) Dir: Ivan Malekin
2011 Whispering Pines (Camera Assist.)
2011 At The Formal (Stand-in) Dir: Andrew Kavanagh
2011 Stranded (Camera Assistant/Gaffer) Dir: Michael MacKenzie
2010 OVERDUE 24hr Film Project (Sound Rec/Gaffer) Dir: Ivan Tinocco
2010 Last Caress (Grip/Duck Wrangler) Dir: John Fraser
2010 Meat Your Maker (Continuity Supervisor) Dir: Jarrod Riley
2007 Graffiti Alley (Writer/Director/DOP/Editor)
2006 The Real Estate Agent (Writer/Director/DOP/Editor)

2010/12 Four Stories of Home (DOP/Editor)
2007 The Union Lane Graffiti Project (Writer/Producer/DOP/Editor)

Music Video
2012 Woohoo Revue: El Torero - Studio & Live (Director/Dop/Editor)
2012 Bombay Royale: You Me Bullets Love (Best Boy)
2012 Bombay Royale: You Me Bullets Love - Behind the scenes (DOP/Editor)
2012 Butcher Blades Mocumentary (2nd Camera/PA) (in post) Dir Joe Morgan
2011 The Unmistakable: "Work" (Gaffer/2nd Camera) (In post) Dir: Ivan Tinocco
2009 Leftfield - "A Final Hit" (DOP/Editor)

Sports Video
2006 Muay Thai Tournament (Editor/DOP)

Music DVD's and Promos
2011 Footscray by night - Big West Festival (Steadicam)
2011 Wild Things Promo (Camera)
2010 D-Lux Promotional DVD
2010 Chris Pickering at SpensersLive (DOP/Editor)
2009 Best of Pause Bar (DOP/Editor)
2008 Last Orders at the Legions Club (Producer/Director/Editor)

Showreels, audition videos and live music videos
2008/13 Numerous, including Danielle (Gaha) de Andrea, WooHoo Review, Jane Badler, Brous, Chris Pickering, Catherine Britt, Woohoo Revue and Lotek.


Photography experience

Part-time professional (paid work)

I do events, portraits, actor's head shots and stills photography for film.
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