Vasia Marinou

Band Member, Singer, Pianist

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Lead singer

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  • Pop
  • Rock

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  • Pop
  • Jazz

I was born in 1987, I started classical vocal training at the age of 14 and at the age of 16 I started lessons for modern music, at the age of 17 I started working and performing as a singer in public gigs. Since then I have performed in several musicals, shows, plays, hotels, events, restaurants, etc. I have also worked as a model for 2 years and also have worked as a reservation manager, in public relationships, maitre d'hotel, sales in very demanding- high responsibility places which helps me now fully understand how those places where I perform work, and do my job more efficiently

My partner John was born in 1990. He started piano lessons at the age of 5 years old, at 12 he passed the admission test and got accepted in music school. At the age of 16 started jazz and modern music lessons. At the age of 18 he got his master/diploma in classical piano and got accepted in musical university where he studied composition, vocal training, sound engineering, advanced jazz theory and piano lessons. He is working as a professional musician from the age of 16 and since then he has performed in many places (hotels, events, weddings, restaurants, bars, etc). He has also worked as a captain/skipper on sailing yachts and speedboats.

As a duet #SmoothMoodProject we specialize in dining, hotels, restaurants, wedding & exclusive events, bars, clubs, etc. Currently we left Mykonos after three successful summer seasons in there, with many important collaborations with event planners, such as live music events in places like Nammos, Bill & Coo, Interni, Ftelia Beach Club, Queen of Mykonos, Aglio e Oglio, Boheme hotel, just to name a few. These days we are moving to Bahrain at Four Seasons hotel where we have a small contract for four months there. The types of music we support is jazz, pop, swing, funk, cocktail, dinner, lounge, party music and greek retro swing. Our music group consists of two people, voice and piano/keytar. Our program varies in duration and style. Our stage setup is mostly wireless, with minimal equipment taking up minimum space for a seamless, discreet installation. Our program utilizes backing tracks along with live music, and these features, when combined together create a dynamic, uplifting effect full of energy, and of course produce a good and pleasing to the ear result, much like a DJ, for transforming your event into something unforgettable. In the links below you can see our promo videos and YouTube channels, so you can get a well-rounded grasp of #SmoothMoodProject.

HoloGrand Piano

A beautiful, elegant, transparent and above all, portable grand piano that can be illuminated in any color and assembled in just 30 minutes! A grand piano that can go where no other piano can! Give a unique quality to your special event! The first and only in the world, the HoloGrand Piano. See the brochure link below:

HoloGrand Piano
The first in the world portable full size grand piano designed and built by Smooth Mood Project.

Our project is based on pre-recorded backing tracks and the end result is anything but the usual live acoustic duet, as it is sonically fuller and orchestrated with drums, bass, wind instruments, vocals, etc. It's a hybrid concept, with the positives of live stage presence, energy and the sound quality of a DJ. This feature makes it ideal for music coverage of any kind of event.

The result is balanced, expressive and full of energy. We, as a duet, are elegant, well experienced in the luxury events industry, highly driven and passionate of what we do. We continuously strive to evolve and adapt to the ever changing world of music performance. By implementing the latest technology has to offer and realizing our trailblazing ideas we manage to stay on top of things for a unique and inspired result. Our know-how aquired over the years comes in handy to meet every client needs in the best way possible. The audio equipment is of professional-quality and in excellent condition and appearance.

Our repertoire supports a vast variety of music styles such as Jazz, Latin, Pop, Soul, Funk, R&B, Disco, Rock n roll, and if its requested for a Greek repertoire, we can cover part of our program with Greek Swing, Latin and Disco as well as acoustics adaptations (piano-voice) of iconic Greek cinema pieces, retro style etc.

By using wireless systems whenever possible and making every effort to set up our equipment properly, we manage to have the most minimal presence on stage by taking up a very small space and keeping the project image as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Audio equipment:

The setup is simple and reliable, the microphone is a wireless dynamic Shure. We use a wireless in-ear system for voice monitor. The keytar is wireless so it allows us to move around.

(For the HoloGrand Piano please review the attached brochure). Everything plugs into a Midas digital, 12-channel wireless console and everything gets channeled as a common stereo line to the existing audio installation on the venue. We handle our mixing and sound engineer tasks to assure the best possible sound results.

We are your disposal for more information. You can contact us by email or ?+306939621725 What's App

Kind Regards,
Vasia Marinou
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