Akal Demir

Akal Demir Pro

Victoria, Australia


A = Advertiser

Great person to work with, would recommend!

Recommended for Acting Mar 28, 2017

Great actor!

Recommended for Acting Mar 20, 2017

Another recom. for you from me. will ring,was waiting on videographer,but busy,have others hopefully. Another recom, for being PROF, return messages, polite,..again very prof. Ian Will ring soon.

Recommended for Photography Mar 15, 2017

Keep up the good work

Recommended for Acting Mar 4, 2017

Akal stands out by his looks and performance. Very supportive on the set and take directions well. Highly recommend as a very experienced professional. Well done and all the best.

Recommended for Acting Feb 22, 2017

Highly Recommended!

Recommended for Acting Feb 19, 2017

Akal is a highly versatile persona with unlimited potential in wide-ranging settings and atmospheres. Strongly recommended!

Recommended for Acting Feb 12, 2017

amazing talent

Recommended for Acting Feb 12, 2017

Highly recommended and a great actor ;)

Recommended for Acting Feb 12, 2017

Very easy and talented guy to work with. Had a great time working with you on prison break. Don't hesitate to cast this guy!!

Recommended for Acting Jan 10, 2017

Excellent professional industry needs more of Akal

Recommended for Acting Jan 7, 2017

Akal is a awesome director and actor with a great passion that he brings into his projects, I had the opportunity to work with him on his film Fatel:Knocked Down which was based on true life events and he put all of himself to make this emotional story come true.

Recommended for Casting Dec 21, 2016

Great with continuity and following directions, and talented in many different fields. Easy recommendation especially for film and tv

Recommended for Acting Dec 20, 2016

A truly wonderful talented man and great director. passionate about his work and easy to follow instructions. Great working with you and hope to work with you more in the future.

Recommended for Modelling Dec 14, 2016

I hope u the best in your career!

Recommended for Acting Dec 9, 2016

Akal was a pleasure to work with, he took directions well and continued to act happily even when Melbourne weather poured down rain on us.

Recommended for Modelling Dec 4, 2016

Akal is approachable and lovely to talk to on set. He puts in a lot of effort and thought into his characters. I would definitely recommend Akal on any set!

Recommended for Acting Dec 1, 2016

A great man to work with. Super professional and strives for the best in his work whilst helping those around him.

Recommended for Acting Nov 30, 2016

Great work.

Recommended for Acting Nov 30, 2016

Akal is a hard working performer and an asset to any production.

Recommended for Acting Nov 27, 2016