Akal Demir

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Victoria, Australia


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A real pro...

Recommended for Acting Nov 27, 2016

Akal is a great actor & director

Recommended for Casting Nov 26, 2016

Highly talented and very proffessional in all that he does.

Recommended for Acting Nov 25, 2016

Akal is very friendly and professional. It was a pleasure to work with you on a set. All the best!!

Recommended for Acting Nov 23, 2016

Akal is very respectful and professional. Can complete a job with great efficiency.

Recommended for Acting Nov 21, 2016

Very friendly, charismatic and kind gentleman willing to provide fresh opportunities for aspiring talent in the industry - looking forward to working on more projects with Akal and highly recommended. Truly a man of his word, delivers on his promises and is a great professional in the industry - the master of improvisation, and it certainly works in getting the job done!!

Recommended for Casting Nov 17, 2016

Akal is easy to work with, desires the best from himself and those around him and is encouraging along the way.

Recommended for Casting Nov 15, 2016

A great man. I have the honor to work with

Recommended for Casting Nov 15, 2016

Fantastic work Akal. :)

Recommended for Casting Nov 1, 2016

Akal is a fantastic actor & director

Recommended for Casting Oct 22, 2016

Very friendly and professional, highly recommended.

Recommended for Acting Aug 27, 2016

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