Alanah Parkin

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Victoria, Australia


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Alanah was exceptionally well to work with, unbelievably talented, extremely dedicated, and passionate towards her role. Alanah took direction magnificently and paid very close attention to detail. I look forward to seeing what Alanah does next and highly recommend them to be a cast member on your project!

Recommended for Acting May 20, 2021

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Alanah was an absolute pleasure to work with as a lead on a recent production. They were incredibly accommodating and flexible with our production schedule, and gave every piece of energy possible to ensure the performance was second to none - Something that is evident in the final product. I'd recommend Alanah to anyone who's looking for a passionate and very talented actor/creative.

Recommended for Acting May 15, 2021

Alanah was absolutely incredible to work with. Extremely dedicated, professional, and always enthusiastic, Alanah brought unmatchable energy to the character of Emily in "Tarot". I hope we can work together again soon!

Recommended for Acting Apr 4, 2021

Alanah was such a privilege to work with. Her performances were spot on and it was great working with someone who understood what i wanted out of each scene and consistantly delivered it. Along with her outstanding performance on camera, Alanah brought a great vibe to the set off camera and allowed both the cast and crew to work together happily and productively.

Recommended for Acting Aug 14, 2017

Alanah is fantastic to work with! extremely dedicated and talented!

Recommended for Acting Aug 11, 2017

Was able to join the production on short notice, and excelled in the given role. Highly recommend.

Recommended for Acting Aug 7, 2017

Alanah is a delight to work with. She is an accomplished & dedicated Actress and I look forward to working with her again. I highly recommend Alanah.

Recommended for Acting May 29, 2017

Alanah is such a ray of sunshine on set! She has such a great and radiant energy about her and is a very talented young actress who's definitely one to watch for!

Recommended for Acting May 29, 2017

Alanah is an awesome, classy, professional actress who is wonderful to work with and an outstanding personality. She truly deserves greater opportunities. Great to have worked with you, Alanah! Thank you for all your help on our film.

Recommended for Acting Apr 2, 2017

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Alanah was on time and completely professional, would love to work with her again!

Recommended for Acting Oct 5, 2016

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Alanah did a terrific job performing the role of a young woman wracked with fear and guilt, and forced to finally take a stand. She graciously took on the role at short notice and was always upbeat and helpful, despite long waiting times, some cold outdoor shooting conditions, and an often disorganized shoot. She's also a very friendly and nice person, who fit in well with everyone and contributed to making a positive, respectful and collaborative set. I would love the opportunity to work with Alanah again, and I know she'll be an asset to any production she lends her considerable talents to!

Recommended for Acting Sep 27, 2016

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Alanah is a great actress. she's easy to work with. It's a great pleasure to work with her for this project.

Recommended for Acting Sep 21, 2016

Alanah is an absolute amazing actress, singer and dancer with a passion for the entertainment industry that stands out from the crowd. She is hardworking in every way and in her performances she has a realism that is just so genuine and captivating. As been someone that has previously worked with her on many occasions, I recommend her to all!

Recommended for Acting Apr 11, 2016

Alanah is a fantastic performer, actor and singer, and a terrific asset to every show we have done together.

Recommended for Acting Mar 6, 2016

Alanah is a passionate, dedicated and professional actress whom I had the pleasure of working with on the set of 'Quinn'. I look forward to working with her again with her in the future!

Recommended for Acting Dec 12, 2015

Alanah is a very sweet and a very talented girl. She follows direction well. Is sharp as a tack and arrives completely prepared. Despite changes given to her last minute, she adapted immediately and with a positive attitude. She is a joy to work with. Will definitely request her for future work. She has my highest recommendation.

Recommended for Acting Nov 1, 2015

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Wonderful actress and wonderful to work with!

Recommended for Acting Oct 29, 2015

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My daughter Charlotte and I had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful talented young lady on a film set with the most amazing eyes (with dyed pink hair which was required for the role). She was very friendly and flitting through the house with her beautiful singing. Brilliant actress a really true talent. Just as stunning with pink hair! Charotte and I were just in awe of her talent. Wishing you lots of success for the future Alanah Parkin!

Recommended for Acting Oct 28, 2015

A beautiful and talented soul who is 100% committed to delivering convincing, nuanced characters in challenging circumstances. I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.

Recommended for Acting Oct 19, 2015

Alanah was an absolute pleasure to work with on 'Misandry'. I adored her positive attitude and her ability to embrace the whole of the character and make it her own. I would love to work with her again, her passion for her work is a wonderful influence :))

Recommended for Acting Oct 12, 2015