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Physical Attributes

187 cm / 6ft 2in
92 kg / 202 lbs
White / Caucasian
106 cm / 42 in
Skin color:
94 cm / 37 in
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Credits & experience

  • Various (see Spotlight & IMDb) : Various (see Spotlight & IMDb)
  • Various (see Spotlight & IMDb) : Various (see Spotlight & IMDb)
  • Various (see Spotlight & IMDb) : Various (see Spotlight & IMDb)
  • Various (see Spotlight & IMDb) : Various (see Spotlight & IMDb)
  • Feature Film 'She Dares' : Lord Howard
  • Short Play : Writer/Director and a Main Role
  • Major Feature Film (see IMDb) : Featured Role
  • Original Pantomime : Writer and Villain
  • Pink or Blue : Various
  • The Truth About Haunting : Dean Martin
  • Major Action Feature Film (see IMDb) : Smartly Dressed Worker
  • British Comedy Feature Film (see IMDb) : Teacher
  • It's All I Am : Dad
  • Pufferfish Paralysis : Visually Responsive Dominique
  • 'Philip Knight' Political Thriller : Parliamentary Security
  • Bare-knuckle fighting scene for the film 'Recovery' by Camden Coats Product : Featured background
  • Major Comedy Feature Film (see IMDb) : Double for Main Character
  • Film 'A Hunger Artist' : Circus Goer
  • Major Comedy Feature Film (see IMDb) : Various Roles
  • Short Film 'Behind Closed Doors' : Speaking Role
  • Feature Film 'Kindred Spirits' : Singles Club Goer
  • Major Children's Feature Film (see IMDb) : Funfair Goer
  • Major Comedy Feature Film (see IMDb) : Various Roles
  • Feature Film (see IMDb) : Worker/Blues Club Goer
  • Feature Film (see IMDb) : Audience Member
  • Major new U.S TV series about the Queen (see IMDb) : Various Roles
  • Major Pinewood Studios Feature Film (see IMDb) : Hand Double for Main Actor
  • Feature Film (see IMDb) : Theatre Goer
  • Major Warner Bros Feature Film (see IMDb) : Sideline Cameraman
  • Commencing rehearsals with GFMA for next performance of 'All About the Boys'. Gulbenkian Theatre : A main character Private 'Jacko' Jackson
  • Music Video : Sufferer
  • Shakespeare's 'Much Ado About Nothing' : Completed 7 Week Run Playing Chief Dogberry
  • Click on https// : Filming of Much Ado About Nothing playing Dogberry
  • Major Feature Film (see IMDb) : Football Supporter
  • Film4 Feature Film (see IMDb) : Club Goer
  • BBC TV Drama (see IMDb) : Member of the Press
  • 7 Week Run of Shakespeare's Comedy 'Much Ado About Nothing' : Chief Dogberry
  • Gangster Feature Film (see IMDb) : Funeral Mourner
  • Age of the Living Dead (see IMDb) : COBRA Meeting Politician
  • Bath of Wolves : Victim of a Wolf Hammer Attack
  • Ground Below : Background and Combat Roles
  • Regent's University : Choreographed Hallway Fight Scene
  • Improshews Performance Improvisation : Participant
  • Regret : Played Role of Doctor
  • Feature Film Unreality by Abi Jarvis (see IMDb) : Played role of Film Director
  • Carlo's Cafe by Louisa Le Marchand : Stood in to play Carlo during rehearsals
  • Comedy Music Video with Steve Whiteley : Performing Role
  • Procrastination by Mahmoud Hamdy : Solo Performance
  • Carmen : Performed Various Roles
  • The Fool by Jessica Ornelas : Visiting a Fortune Teller
  • Cocaine and Cormorants by Alexis Parrinder-Nicholls : Fanatical Twitcher
  • Upward to Mars by Zoya Machkina : Journalist at The Royal Institute
  • Battle of the Beaches (see IMDb) : Background 60's Mod Style
  • The Launderette by Hannah Gautrey (see IMDb) : Played Head Banker in short film
  • Blue Girl : Appeared in Linda Em's latest promotional music video release for her song 'Blue Girl'
  • Completed background shoot for popular TV programme (see IMDb) : BBC
  • Warner Bros (see IMDb) : Completed background shoot for major film production
  • Global Fusion Music & Arts : Commenced editing the filming of the play I wrote/performed in 'Troubled meets the Troubadour'
  • The Second Draw : Jan 2016: Completed outdoor performance shoot for the short film 'The Second Draw' by Hannah McInally
  • Pinewood (see IMDb) : Played acting double in major fim franchise
  • Independent Film (see IMDb) : Played extras role in film exploring actual events at a lecture in 1880 discussing hysteria
  • Major Feature Film (see IMDb) : Extras Role
  • PLAY 'Troubled meets the Troubadour' with Global Fusion Music & Arts : Writer/Director/Performer
  • Global Fusion Music & Arts : Theatre Development Officer
  • The London Theatre : Completed Actor Training
  • Play 'Troubled meets the Troubadour' : Wrote/Directed and performed in the bitterwseet musical comedy
  • Play, The London Theatre's adaptation of Gogol's 'The Overcoat' : Played both a Russian Policemen and Office Worker
  • GFMA Play 'All About the Boys' about the WWI poet Wilfred Owen's final battle : Played one of the main characters, Private 'Jacko' Jackson
  • CoolTan Arts Largactyl Shuffle Project at the Science Museum LATES : Presenter/Researcher
  • Stand Up : Wrote a sketch for a stand up comedy routine
  • Film 'Konnichiwa Brick Lane' (see IMDb) : Played a named part in the short romantic film comedy


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

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  • Australian
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  • South African
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
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  • UK Scottish
  • UK Welsh
  • USA California
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  • American Indian
  • Chinese
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Andrew is a Spotlight registered, English actor, known for Holmes and Watson (2018), Justice League (2017), Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016), and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016) among others (see IMDb). Born in the late 1960's to parents Donald and Valerie Ogleby, his home town the then Motor City of Coventry was something of a boomtown at the time (following the devastation it had experienced during the heavy bombing raids of WW2) with its football club Coventry City also gaining promotion to the top-flight of English football, the same year of Andrew's birth.

By the time Andrew left school however, Coventry had turned more into the 'Ghost Town' so poignantly portrayed in song at the time by its most famous band The Specials. Although the mood in the city would later improve when Coventry City F.C went onto win the F.A Cup in 1987 in what many still regard as the greatest Cup Final played in modern times. After leaving school in 1983, Andrew would certainly then have had no aspirations to be involved in film though, for that would surely have been considered something only 'other' people did. However, due to his love of classic film comedy such as Laurel and Hardy and satirical British humour, he had always wanted to become a comedian and could impersonate some of the personalities of the time. But that was soon drummed out of him at secondary school and then later with the need to find a 'real' job and earn money.

Fast forward though to 2013, and a 'chance' meeting with the film producer Sharon Rapose at a business event at the O2 London, where Andrew would later be offered the opportunity (and appear) in the short romantic comedy 'Konnichiwa Brick Lane' (2013) by Saera Jin. Following which, this then rekindled the idea of becoming a comedian, and so he began writing short sketches, with the idea of trying his hand at stand-up.

Then in the summer of 2014, whilst absently minding his own business at a community festival, Andrew was offered, 'out of the blue' by the head of Global Fusion Music & Arts (a local charitable arts based organisation) the opportunity to appear in an original play 'All About the Boys' by one of its members, playwright Robert Fanshawe, about the WWI poet Wilfred Owen and his final battle scene. Andrew would then go onto play one of its main characters, that of Private 'Jacko' Jackson, portraying the classic ironic humour of the British Tommy.

After which, this then lead Andrew to attend an acting course at The London Theatre and play other stage roles, before being inspired to write a play of his own 'Troubled meets the Troubadour' a bittersweet musical comedy, which he was to also direct and perform in. Andrew has since also completed a 7 week run playing Chief Dogberry in the Fox and Chips production of Shakespeare's comedy 'Much Ado About Nothing' as well as playing Private Jackson again at The Gulbenkian Theatre, Canterbury to mark Armistice Day (2016). Andrew has also recently written the script and songs for a full-length pantomime, as well as having writing another short play commenting on social issues which he is also looking to put on and perform in soon. Moreover, Andrew plans to continue writing and taking on other such interesting and challenging stage roles in the future.

In terms of film, Andrew initially signed up with various agencies to take on acting roles and supporting artiste work. During this time he has gone onto work on major feature films, including acting double roles for main actors in Holmes and Watson (2018), The Commuter (2017) and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) as well as also working on TV dramas and in many other short independent films. Andrew also has an avid interest in martial arts/boxing films, having trained in the fighting/healing arts for over 25 years and with experience of stage combat, which he is now able to bring to the screen as well. Similarly, Andrew plans to also continue bringing this wide experience into further acting roles and take on larger parts to become fully established himself.

At present, there are many varied and exciting opportunities coming up for Andrew to allow this to happen. Furthermore, as a result of all his endeavours, Andrew was also recently accepted on Spotlight and is now listed with them. So the future is looking bright for this hard working, dependable and highly versatile observational, physical/comedic actor and writer, who is also able to bring aspects of his wide, life experiences and heightened emotional observations into his work. So please, do watch this space...


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