Andrew Peter

Andrew Peter

Victoria, Australia


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Was a joy on set. Originally cast as an extra, he was given too featured roles which he took on instantly.

Recommended for Extras Sep 26, 2019

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A pleasure to work with.

Recommended for Extras Jul 29, 2019

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Reliable and easy to get along with. He takes direction well and isn't afraid to get messy for the shot! Would work with him again.

Recommended for Acting Jan 6, 2019

Easy to work with, a professional on set

Recommended for Extras Nov 14, 2018

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Andrew P was very professional on set. He arrived on time and ready to go. He also took direction really well, making my job much easier. It was a great pleasure having him on set with us. Thank you so much for your hard work, Andrew!

Recommended for Acting Mar 1, 2018

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Andrew is a lovely person and a very giving actor. I have worked with him while training at The Rehearsal Room and would definitely recommend him!

Recommended for Acting Nov 1, 2017

Andrew and I recently worked together on the set of "Horizon: Sanguinary" where I was very impressed by Andrew's abilities as an extra, with a strong ability to take direction with ease. I have no hesitation in providing a recommendation for Andrew for any casting professional.

Recommended for Acting May 7, 2017

Amazing, smart, creative professional. Looking forward to future projects.

Recommended for Acting Apr 18, 2017

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Andrew is great to work with .all the best for future films

Recommended for Acting Apr 16, 2017

Andrew - is a good actor with strong skills! Thank you for participation!

Recommended for Acting Mar 19, 2017

Andrew was a pleasure to work with. He took direction well and was great to have on set.

Recommended for Acting Jan 16, 2017

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I've worked with Andrew twice now and both times he's been so great and willing to help out in any way! He was very adaptable on set and was a great asset to the film - would love to work with him again in future!

Recommended for Acting Aug 14, 2016

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Andrew is fantastic to work, can't recommend him enough!

Recommended for Acting Aug 1, 2016

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Andrew just worked for me on my short film, "The Daisy Effect", and he was fantastic! He followed direction well and really embraced his role. Andrew was easy going and up for anything, I would definitely recommend working with him. Thanks Andrew, Love your work!

Recommended for Acting May 23, 2016

Andrew was easy to work with and good to have on set.

Recommended for Acting May 8, 2016

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Andrew showed great professionalism and patience on set, we'd love to have him on another project in the future!

Recommended for Acting Mar 31, 2016

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Andrew takes direction well, brings energy to a role and is a pleasure to have on set.

Recommended for Acting Aug 26, 2015

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Nice and easy to get along with and a pleasure to have on set!

Recommended for Acting Jul 30, 2014

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Working with Andrew was great. He arrived on time, was patient waiting for the scenes requiring him and performed very well. Thank you for being an extra on our production, it was great working with you!

Recommended for Acting Jun 26, 2014

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Recommended for Acting Dec 13, 2017