Anna Brockway

Actor, Extra

Western Australia, Australia
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Physical Details

165 cm / 5ft 5in
Eye color:
53 kg / 116 lbs
Hair color:
White / Caucasian
Hair length:
Skin color:
Hair type:
Dress size:
UK, AUS 10 / US 6


  • KAFF Theatre : Acting Skills


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Frog Management

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  • Australian

Union memberships
  • Equity
  • MEAA

2011 Romeo and Juliet Lady Capulet Shakespeare WA
2010 The Taming Of The Shrew (P Newmark) Kate (Co Lead) Shakespeare WA
2009 A View Of Concrete (A Girrod) Billy (Co Lead) Flaming Locomotive
2008 Rules Of The Game (L Hoffman) Kerry (Co Lead) Hoffman
2007 Troll From The Bowl (J Rice) Mum, Rat, Goat (Supporting) Barking Gecko
2007 The Motherload (E McLean) Melanie (Lead) Maj Monologue
2006 Ordinary Blokes (L Hoffman) Pam (Supporting) Hoffman
2003 Midnight Gang (N Noshimoto) Dizzy (Co Lead) Spare Parts
2002 Dagnet (A Hale, E Humphreys) Kitty (Co Lead) Shooting Pool
2001 Cloudstreet (N Armfield) Hattie,Merle,Mary,Pansy(Support)Company B
2000 A Midsummernights Dream Hermia, Fairy, Snug (Co Lead) Australian Shakespeare
2000 Frog Opera (G Gavin) (USA, Canada) Mama Frog (Co Lead) Barking Gecko
1999 Cloudstreet (N Armfield) Hattie,Lucy,Mary,Pansy(Support) Company B
1998 Actors At Work Juliet, Viola, Gertrude (Co Lead) Bell Shakespeare
1998 Danny In Trouble (J O’Hanlon) Emma (Supporting) Barking Gecko
1998 The Pleasure Principle (J Cant) Sabina (Co Lead) Artrage 24hr Prod
1997 Cloudstreet (N Armfield) Hattie,Lucy,Mary,Pansy(Support) Company B
1997 Magnasonic (G Gavin) Kiko, Carol (Support) Barking Gecko
1996 Two Unreal Stories (G Gavin) Sue, Shovel (Support) Barking Gecko
1996 Way Home (Gavin) Angela (Support) Barking Gecko
1995 My Space Too (J O’Hanlon) Zed, Zam (Co Lead) Barking Gecko

2009 Blood In The Sand (R Woods) Barmaid (Support) ABC
1998 Fast Tracks (S Peddie) Sports Examiner(Guest) Barron TV
1997 The Gift (S Peddie) Policewoman(Guest) Barron TV
1993 Ship to Shore (G Nottage) Tourist (Guest) Barron TV

2010 Ambulance Kate Steve Mc Callum
2009 The Water Was Dark And It Went Forever.. Mum (Supporting) Cottosloe Films
2008 Grab A Lift Sharon (Supporting) TAFE
2005 My Shout (J Argus) Suzie (Supporting) Playful Art
2005 A Stone Throw (E Lynch) Tess (Supporting) Blue Skies Film
1999 Chasing The Muse (D Cairns) Muse (Co Lead) Cairns
1998 Three (E Lynch) Barmaid (Supporting) Geoffrey Multimedia
1997 That Satin Something (A Walsh) Cass (Co Lead) Foxtel/Conspiracy
1997 Psycho Babbler (E Lynch) Succubus (Lead) Geoffrey Multimedia

2003 Double Demerit Points Road of Office and safety Cyclops Films
2003 Bird Cameron Accountants Jack In The Box

2001 Breaststroke (V Garrett) Cheryl (Co Lead) ABC Radio

2003 Indy Nile Investigates (R Palmonari) Compare (Supporting) ABC TV
1998 Murdoch University Student Jung,Lautrec & Shaw

2008 Grammar DVD for the deaf Various (Co Lead)

2008 MEAA Casting Hothouse Matt Skrobelak, Tom McSweeny, Margery Simms, Christine King, Aarnee Neeme
2008 MEAA Masterclass Kate Cherry masterclass
2007 PAC Acting for film
2006 ASP masterclass Rowan Woods
1997 PAC Acting for film
1996 Philippe Gaulier London
1996 Barry Laing character and movement
1994 Kaos Lab – based on Suzuki, Grotowski and Le Coq
1994 Festival of Perth masterclass Cheek by Jowl
1993 Helen Matthews singing
1993 Theatre De Lúnite Street Theatre
1993 Barrie Barkla Screen Acting
1993 International Workshop Festival Adelaide, Monika Pagneaux, Frankie Armstrong, Linda Wise, Lindy Davies
1993 Bachelor of Arts Murdoch University and Edith Cowan Major Theatre, Minor Communications
1993 Jenny Newman Preston dance
1993 Alice Cummins contact improvisation
1990 Kaff Theatre

2009 Equity Guild Awards Nominated Best Female Actor “Billy” View of Concrete
2007 Most Exciting Project in Govt School
2007 Best Short Film Stone Throw Chennai Film Festival
2007 WASAA Best Drama My Shout
2002 Mo Awards Cloudstreet Theate Production of the Year
1999 Dublin Festival Cloudstreet Best International Production
1999 Green Room Awards Melbourne Cloudstreet Outstanding Ensemble
1999 Helpmann Awards Cloudstreet Best Play
1999 Evening Herald Awards Cloudstreet Best International Production


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