Anna Reardon

Anna Reardon Pro

Victoria, Australia


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FRED the ALIEN Productions has cast Anna in two of our theatrical productions, 'The Writer' (2016) and 'Michael and Phillip Are Getting Married in the Morning' (2017-18); the latter for which she received critical acclaim - "Anna Reardon is astonishing believable as the monstrously self-centred Tally." (Lisa Clark, Squirrel Comedy). She has demonstrated a commitment to her roles, contributing enthusiastically to her characters' looks and development throughout workshopping and rehearsal processes. She also offers guidance to her fellow, less experienced actors, helping boost their confidence during more challenging exercises. A fearless, hard-working actor, we highly recommend Anna.

Recommended for Acting Jan 25, 2018

I can't recommend Anna enough. She was prompt, reliable, and her attitude throughout the job blew me away. Exceptional catwalk model and every bridal gown looked stunning on her. Thanks for being a part of the Bridal Expos show Anna!

Recommended for Modelling Jul 26, 2017

An incredibly talented artist. Great work ethic and outstanding results. Would highly recommend!

Recommended for Acting Oct 12, 2016

Recommended for Acting Jan 8, 2018

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