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Ontario, Canada
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Physical Attributes

165 cm / 5ft 5in
53 kg / 116 lbs
White / Caucasian
86 cm / 34 in
Skin color:
66 cm / 26 in
76 cm / 30 in
Dress size:
UK 8 / AUS 8 / US 4
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • World's Miss Tourism Pageant : Winner Of INTERNATIONAL MS TOURISM 2020
  • World's Miss Tourism Pageant : World's Miss Tourism Cover-Model 2020
  • World's Miss Tourism Pageant : World's Miss Tourism Print-Model 2020
  • World's Miss Tourism Productions : World Finals 1st Runner Up
  • World's Miss Tourism Pageant : World's Ms Canada Tourism 2019
  • Miss Canada Globe Productions : Was honoured to be selected as a judge for Miss Canada Globe, judging the delegates of 2014.
  • Miss Canada Globe Productions : MISS CANADA CHARITY 3rd Princess 14-15
  • Miss Canada Globe Productions : Miss Canada Charity National Finalist 2014; 5 girls from across canada were chosen out of 95 delegates to return to the national stage and compete for this honourable title! I was one of the winners :)
  • All Eyez On Yew Charity Fashion Show : Trained local aspiring models for a local fashion show in runway and photography.
  • Miss Canada Globe Productions : Miss Petite Northern Ontario 2013-2014
  • Miss Canada Globe Pageant : A national finalist for the Canadian Pageant in August 2012
  • Xposure Modeling : Fashion Competition April 2012
  • Bannerman's Event : Charity Runway Show in March 2012
  • CMTC : Succesfully auditioned to compete in the CMTC 2012
  • Melissa Kelly Dance Academy : Hip Hop, Modern/Contemporary
  • Charity Fashion Show with Xposure Modeling : Walk the runway with new designers clothing. A few quick changes in clothing as I was chosen to model more then one outfit.
  • CMTC : Competing in Commercial and Cover-Print, aswell as Runway and Photography bringing home Print Model 2nd Runner Up 2011


Acting experience


  • English
  • French

  • Canadian

-Acted as an extra on the T.V series Being Erica Season 4 Episode 7 "Being Ethan". I have learned a lot by what was my very first and real acting experience, the different scene settings and what it takes to create them. I got to know and understand the main actors and their stunt doubles. I've learned about the importance of team work and timing and how it plays a big role in succeeding in a successful production. My role was to dance, be drunk and interact with my every surrounding in a night club. Completing a very successful 15 hour day. :)


Extras experience

Previous extras experience


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

-International Ms Tourism 2020
-World's Miss Tourism Cover Model 2020
-World's Miss Print Model 2020
-World's Miss Tourism World Finals Second Runner Up 2020
-World's Ms Canada Tourism 2019

- the reigning MISS CANADA CHARITY 3rd Princess 2014, and will soon be competing internationally,

-Selected finalist to compete for Miss Canada Charity 2014-2015 with the Miss Canada Globe Production Pageant- August 2014.

-Previously the reigning Miss Petite Northern Ontario. My duties as Miss Petite Northern Ontario is making my appearances but most importantly my goal is to continue to make as many differences in the lives of others without the limitations of time and or money. (example: with NO limitations, I lend a helping hand where ever and whenever needed wether its local or not, I help other aspiring talent gain the needed experiences and confidence helping them believe and achieve in their every dream come true without the limitations of time and or money, I help and remember the lost & forgotten, e. t. c.. ) I Believe We Are More Then Our Education Level and We Should Be Able To Learn and Grow With Or Without It. Without the Limits!.

-Held a charity fashion show, Theme All "Eyez On Yew", I held weekly classes, training new aspiring models of all ages. Offering them the red carpet experience (red carpet, paparazzi, media, limozine ect..) before and after their BIG night. They learned proper runway & basic modeling techniques, photoshoots, performing infront of a live audience, talking to the media, being on camera and so on. August 2013.

-Successfully auditioned and been selected as a national finalist for the Miss Canada Globe Pageant 2012-2013, where I have been victoriously crowned and queened Miss Petite Northern Ontario 2013-2014. I gained a lot of new modeling techniques, a major increase in confidence and over came my public speaking fear where I now get to speak for the unspoken making a difference in the lives of the forgotten. With this pageant I also got to experience those sleepless nights and hard working days training at a national level also preparing me to compete internationally.

-I have successfully auditioned and competed in runway, commercial print, cover print and the photography competition in the 2011 and also in the 2012 CMTC where not only did I gain further knowledge and experience benefiting my career, my goals and my everyday life through seminars and workshops but where I also brought home my first trophy winning 2nd Runner Up for my commercial print photograph.

-I have done charity fashion shows with Xposure Modeling in 2011 where I also won model of the month, Toronto Ont 2011.

- I acted as an extra in the t.v series Being Erica, Season 4 Episode 7 "Being Ethan" in 2011


Vocal ability

Backing vocals

Vocal range


Rapping ability


Composer ability


Producer ability


Singing styles
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Classical

Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Hip-hop
  • Country

Influences: Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Nickelback, Creed, Bon Jovi, Jessica Simpson, Miley Cyrus, Eminem, Britney Spears

-Writing my own lyrics since childhood.

-Currently trying to learn the keyboard and gain guitar skills to create sound to my lyrics.

-Also looking for the incredible chance to take part in a music video(s). Which as we all know helps complete the story we are trying to tell through our music.

TV & Reality

Acted as an extra on the T.V Series Being Erica, Season 4, Episode 7 "Being Ethan". 2011


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Ballet
  • Contemporary

-I have been dancing hip hop now for 6 years. Mick School Of Dance & Melissa Kelly Dance Academy

-I started my first year of contemporary in 2012, Melissa Kelly Dance Academy

-Currently improving and strengthening my hip hop skills through independent learning.

Film & Stage Crew

Created and organized the "All Eyez On Yew" Charity Fashion Show. Held weekly classes Training and coaching new aspiring models.

Hair, Makeup & Styling



Great photography Ideas when working with a professional photographer.


  • English
  • French

  • Canadian

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