Arom Helen Makuei

Model, Dancer, Teacher / Choreographer, Singer

New South Wales, Australia
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I've never had any modelling experience in my life, but as I grew up many people would compliment me about my body & face mainly my height & also how pretty they think I am I'd usually get comments like 'You should become a model or Your gorgeous and you have amazing legs have you ever thought of modelling? & from then on I got interested. I started watching fashion TV , Australia Next top model, Americas next top model & Victoria's secret I'm real passionate in becoming a model its my dream and I believe I can achieve it no matter what happens in Life.


I currently write songs, my own songs mainly. I have written about 13-14 songs, most of these songs are Like Ones about my life, what I've experienced and also some that have nothing to do with what I've experienced just a little fun. Sometimes when I'm washing up or doing something random words would come to my mind & id quickly get my song book and write up a song or they're would be times where id think about my favorite artist like the ones I admire and start writing a song, or I'd just sit down and think about some times in my life and turn it into a song.' I mainly rap but do a bit of singing. Its hard for me to record because I live in a small town but i am moving to Sydney soon where i used to live and i believe i can start recording and hopefully get signed i pray god will help me through this process.


I'm a Dancer. The type of dance I do is Hip Hop & Street dance, I've been in a few competitions in the past & most I've won or was runner up. These competitions where ones at parties and I would usually be competing against a group of boys, their was a time when i had a dance off against some b-boy group & I won, I was real proud of myself. I never did any dance classes but I'm still really good but when you think about it, many celebrities that are such amazing dancers never went dance school & still so skillful like Chris brown he is an amazing! dancer he never went dance school he self taught himself, just like I currently am. I know Im a good dancer & I'm ready to show the world.
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