Rebecca Parr

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Bristol, United Kingdom


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Accepted on to the books of Springsouth Actors Agency

Recommended for Acting May 30, 2014

Rebecca was hired to help out with a university research study, a project which I suspect was not a lucrative as some of the other projects sheis involved in. Nevertheless Rebecca was professional and ended up taking a somewhat collaborate role. She was fun to work with and clearly has a passion for her craft. I would most definetely work with Rebecca again should the opporunity present it self. All the best!

Recommended for Acting Nov 24, 2013

It was such a pleasure working with Rebecca very professional and delivered an amazing performance. Thanks very much

Recommended for Acting Aug 21, 2013

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She did very good American Accent for Short Film Voiceover.

Recommended for Acting Apr 9, 2013

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I would highly recommend Rebecca. Not only is she an excellent actor, but she brings professionalism in every aspect. She takes direction extremely well and was able to help further the quality of acting with all roles in my project by challenging members of the cast to dig deeper. Thank you so much Rebecca. A+++

Recommended for Acting Nov 14, 2012

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It was an absolute pleasure to work with a VO artist of such professionalism. A one hour studio booking became a half hour booking with time to spare. Rebecca totally nailed this job and left us with plenty of options with her ability to rapidly change emphasis and style. I can't recommend her enough.

Recommended for Acting Oct 29, 2012

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Rebecca is extremely reliable and a pleasure to work with. She is dedicated and enthusiastic about her roles and is very talented. I would definitely work with her again and highly recommend her.

Recommended for Acting Jun 6, 2012

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A real professional, who got on with everybody, and contributed to the relaxed, good-humored atmosphere on the small, very cramped set.

Recommended for Acting Apr 21, 2012

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Rebecca is a professional model, who is able to follow instructions well. Highly recommended to all

Recommended for Modelling Apr 5, 2012

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Awosome talent,great personality and very hard working,I would love to work with her again.

Recommended for Acting Mar 7, 2012

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Rebecca .She is a nice person, she is very professional ,she was on-time dedicated and played her character perfectly. her acting is excellent and i love it. Highly recommended! I would be more than happy to appoint Rebecca in any future events.

Recommended for Acting Mar 6, 2012

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Rebecca is so wonderful to work with! She is amazing at acting, and can take on any role with any set of emotions. My script was very reliant on how the dialogue was delivered, and as I've said to her, no one else could have delivered Molly as well as she did. She offered helpful suggestions, and never complained if shots took longer than we thought. She caught a long expensive bus every single time we needed shooting, and no matter what stayed positive. She put so much effort into it, and made sure she always gave you exactly the emotions you wanted. Molly, in my script, is a nasty girl, whereas Rebecca is the sweetest, but without any issues, she was able to show me the Molly I wanted. She was able to amaze us all when she performed scenes. Crying on demand, doing scenes over and over again. She dealt with anything: boiling hot rooms to uncomfortable positions. Her main goal was that my film turned out amazing. I recommend Rebecca to any one who also wants their film to be amazing!

Recommended for Acting Feb 12, 2012

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I highly recommend Rebecca, she is an brilliant actress with a bright future ahead of her. She was an absolute breeze to work with and took direction well, really getting to grips with the character and connecting with the other actors. She also showed up on time and worked well with the crew. I really enjoyed working with her, she is a friendly, outgoing and fun person to be around, and I look forward to working with her again. Aidan Dickens - Director

Recommended for Acting Feb 3, 2012

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Rebecca was great - fantastic attitude, lovely person :)

Recommended for Modelling Nov 9, 2011

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Recommended for Acting Dec 11, 2013

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Recommended for Acting Apr 23, 2013

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