Meet the StarNow Crew – Kate
Posted by Maddison Baker on 17 Dec, 2017

Meet the StarNow Crew – Kate

Ever wonder who is approving your listings and answering your emails? Meet Kate, one of the team members from our Customer Success crew! A lover of animals and all things Broadway, I guess you could say her career choice out of StarNow would be rather unconventional! Take a read and find out a bit more about one of the superstars behind the screens…

What's your role at StarNow, and what does a typical day at work involve for you? I work in the Customer Success Team. On a normal day you can find me answering emails, verifying and approving listings and approving the photos that come through the site.

What's your favourite part of your job/working with your team? The never-ending banter.

Kate with her friend's pet lizard called 'Alan Rickman'.

If you could give our members one piece of advice, what would it be? Don't compare yourself to other people; be proud of what makes you unique.

What’s your life motto? There’s nothing the right song can’t fix. I grew up in a very musical family, there was always music playing in our house. I find music to be a great way of expressing how I’m feeling and can often change my mood with the right playlist if I’m feeling a bit down.

What would you be doing if you weren't at your current job? I would be performing on Broadway, or living somewhere in South Africa working with animals. Or living in South Africa performing Broadway musicals to animals…?

Kate at the Harry Potter Studio tour in London.

What are you listening to, reading, watching of late, that is inspiring or entertaining to you? I have friends travelling at the moment; their travel photos inspire me. I would love to go travelling again.

If you were to tell one person "Thank You" for helping me become the person you are today, who would it be and what did they do? My sister. She gives me endless support and encouragement (bordering on bossy). I don’t always appreciate her advice at the time, but she always knows what’s best. Not that I would ever tell her that!

What is the best advice you've been given, or wish you had of been told sooner? Fake it till you make it. I’ve struggled a lot with my confidence when it comes to auditioning and performing. This advice has helped me get through these moments.

Feeding the eels at Pukaha Mount Bruce.

Random Kate facts:

  • I have lived in Australia and England and spent a month living in Slovakia.
  • I LOVE Harry Potter.
  • When I was 5 I broke my finger by sticking it into a cross trainer. It was never set properly and has grown crooked ever since.

Performing at the Footlights concert for Youthline.

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