Interview with Rebeca Marcos, StarNow Global Model Search Winner 2012
Posted by StarNow on 10 Jul, 2014

Interview with Rebeca Marcos, StarNow Global Model Search Winner 2012

We recently had the opportunity to interview the 2012 winner of the StarNow Global Model Search, Rebeca Marcos. Rebeca has had an amazing journey after winning the competition two years ago. Not only did she sign with one of the biggest modelling agencies in the world, but she has also fronted campaigns for TopShop and Bed Head by Tigi.

the ones to watchStarNow: Tell us about yourself? Who is Rebeca Marcos?
Rebeca: My full name is Rebeca Esperanza Marcos Roca. I quite like those names, I think they represent different parts of me. I think Rebeca is actually my least favourite.

StarNow: How does an average day/ week plan out for you now?
Rebeca: You can't really have a routine in this job. Every week is different so you cannot really plan that much. In fact, my holidays are probably my most certain times. I could list for you my eating and sleeping habits, which are the only things I can try and plan, but that’s rather boring!

StarNow: What would be your 3 best pieces of advice you would give a new model that is just starting out?
1. Always be yourself and never try too hard because its mostly luck and you don't have any control over it.
2. Make sure you listen to the advice whilst maintaining your own personal views.
3. Most importantly, enjoy it and never take it too seriously.

StarNow: What do you think makes a successful model?
Rebeca: Someone who has won a genetic lottery, a bit of leader, a bit of rebel and someone with a lot of luck and grace.

StarNow: What’s up next for you in your modelling career?
Rebeca: I just finished my degree, so for the first time, I'm going to be a full time model. Hopefully there will be a lot of travel, meeting lots of new people, working hard whilst having some adventures. I have been locked in my room studying for the past few months so I am up for a change.

StarNow: How do you think a website like StarNow, helps aspiring and professional models?
Rebeca: It is a great platform for any artist. It creates an online community for those that are trying to grow together and at the same time it can be a platform from which you can jump right into the midst of the industry. I have met respected professionals who use it and the search in association with Models 1 was a great opportunity for me. I applied then about a month later Models1 asked to meet me and the next thing I know I'm signed!

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