12 girls, 3 coaches, 1 hell of an experience
Posted by StarNow on 28 Jul, 2014

12 girls, 3 coaches, 1 hell of an experience

We recently caught up with StarNow members Natalie Rosser and Nikolina Kovacevic, who both appeared on the premiere Australian season of The Face. The cult reality show is based around models who compete against each other to become ‘the face’ of Australia.

Natalie Rosser Natalie is no newbie to the modeling world, her career started in 2004 when she entered the Girlfriend Magazine Model search, and has since appeared in many magazines including Girlfriend and Dolly. She applied for The Face AU as she loved the way the competition leaned more towards commercial models, and was pleasantly surprised when she found out one of her favourite models, Cheyenne Lozzi was going to be her mentor.

Nikolina heard about the competition via Facebook, when a friend sent her a link to apply. She entered on a whim, and was (as she put it) “gob-smacked” when she received a call letting her know she’d made it to the top 24.

The final results of the competition saw Natalie in 12th place, and Nikolina in 6th, both with Cheyenne as their mentor. Nikolina said it was tough being in lock down for a month with no communication to the outer world, but an absolutely incredible, and once in a life time opportunity.

“Everyone on set was amazing and so happy every day, which kept us on our toes after shooting for terribly long hours, just an amazing crew and atmosphere. It makes me happy just thinking about it. And I couldn’t be more thrilled with the fact that I walked out of there with so much more strength and drive but most importantly I’ve made friends that I could keep for a lifetime,” she told us.

Nikolina Kovacevic The most valuable lesson Natalie learnt from the girls mentor, Cheyenne, was to always be professional. When asked how she prepares for a modeling shoot, she mentioned her routine to make sure she always feels ready for a shoot, which includes getting a good night’s sleep, staying hydrated, maintaining a good diet and exercising regularly.

Both girls also mentioned that most valuable lesson they learnt was to be themselves, and to feel comfortable in their own skin.

Nikolina also shared some advice for younger, aspiring models, noting that “you need to be very strong minded and very thick skinned because you will get shut down by an agent or a client no matter who it is you have to keep your head up high see what kind of improvements you can make and do better the next time round. But just remember something better is always waiting for you around the corner!”