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Victoria, Australia
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Physical Attributes

167 cm / 5ft 6in
67 kg / 147 lbs
White / Caucasian
104 cm / 41 in
Skin color:
83 cm / 33 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • carlton and united brewrey : 'no place like pub' featured legs extra
  • 'thousand miles' VIDICO production for youtube : 'weary traveller'
  • swinburn,'the tide' film : 'the body'
  • swinburn,'another great escape' : church goer
  • swinburn 'kids on murphy street' : disheveled man
  • third life photography : iron forge model
  • short film 'companions' : old man
  • 'danza' hip hop music video : dancer
  • 'boiling frogs' independant short film : depressed artist
  • 'toys r' us' tvc : 'back to school' interview
  • 'route 3A' monash uni short : old man on tram
  • QANTAS in flight safety video : '80s era extra
  • 'the traveler' VCA short film directed by issac haigh : 'the wizard' lead/sole actor
  • music video'hypothermia' : vaping man,lead
  • year 12 school film 'papa bear' : old man otto ,solo/lead actor
  • MIFF/TAC psa : bar extra
  • oz link web comedy series : ozlink bogan
  • rmit student experimental film : masked gang member
  • radical films music video 'northlane' by gravemind : crazy ward inmate
  • 'a dogs tale' tv series : stage play audience
  • 'underwear oddeseys' rmit sexual health shorts : wrestling fan
  • 'malakai' 'drive through' music video : featured character 'bogan man with a dog'
  • 'frankie teardrop'black and white feature : featured factory worker
  • 'teskey brothers' man of the universe music video : featured plane passenger
  • 'lazarus'co written by david bowie : body part model for background projection during stage show
  • nathan hill,experimental doco : encounter witness
  • 'teskey brothers' right for me music video : old man on the scene
  • 'song without words' feature length film : 'mr dyce'(god) featured character role
  • old man with dolls,photoshoot : underwear model
  • 'berning courage' short film : featured battle game nerd extra
  • 'born to shuck corn' rmit student photo shoot : gender bender model
  • della harris 'long as your lonely' : featured bar patron
  • 'australian greens'for 2019 federal election : dental patient
  • 'birth of hunter finklestein' feature film : great grandpa finklestein
  • 'ykomal woy' nhatty man : rogue
  • 'the people we have lost' short film : funeral extra
  • 'bowline knot'short film : fisherman
  • 'mid city' 'dead broke blues' music video : featured dancer
  • 'metery man' short film : 'elderly man' featured extra
  • 'spirit lands' music video : forest father
  • 'jockey'short film : featured lunch guest
  • 'what about sam' : street extra
  • worksafe 'jobs at home day' : 'lead actor'
  • getty images : sport active older male photo shoot
  • 48 hour challenge short film'steak out' : senior detective ronald
  • 'the belligerents'music video 'science fiction' : phychologist
  • world wide productions,lawless the real bushranger on foxtel : old man kenniff
  • vic. gov./brimbank council community video : soup kitchen patron
  • 'back to the frothie' melbourne uni short film : tradie 'quarry'
  • 'city on a hill- chasing the wind' : narration from 'ecclesiastes' musings of king soloman
  • 1960's veteran book photos : father
  • music video for 'slum sociable' castle : featured actor 'father'
  • music video 'human beings' for 'disks' : featured actor 'george'
  • 'hunger voodoo' music video for rapper birdz : office extra
  • kasey chambers award winning music video 'satellite' : featured actor
  • 'sonnigsburg' tv mini series on free to air channel 31 : ghost miner
  • 'salamander' short film : 'brian hasgrove' patient
  • 'syncopation' short film : businessman
  • medieval character photo recreation : digitally recreate a photo of an alchemist
  • 'in the house' or 'nogitas party' : featured party actor
  • 'its a religion' : 'mad doctor 'featured actor
  • 'faux grandpa' short film : 'edmond' blue grandpa
  • 'alpha wolf ' heavy metal band video'nail biter' : featured dream scene actor
  • 'thundamentals' hip hop band video'never say never' : featured actor
  • 'the daisy effect' debunking fashion in the office by samantha guss : underwear office worker
  • 'habit and convention' nude fashion short film by emma checkley : dancer
  • 'amen' music video : old man
  • feature film'blue grace' : bar extra
  • screen australia webseries 'bruce' : convict extra
  • ayawatamaya band 'black and white' : crazy killer victim extra
  • 'neighbours' : extra
  • neighbours : extra
  • sonnigsburg tv mini series on free to air channel 31 : ghost miner
  • acacia : resistance fighter
  • what a gun ,short film : producer
  • 'acting badly',short film : 'harry'
  • feature film'on the beach' : canadian bay, beach scene,extra


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • Australian

'sonnigsburg' tv series,extra,pub scene,ghost miner ,broadcast on free to air channel 31
'hey hey its saturday',live tv,various roles
'acting badly' short film 'harry'
'braeisums'some of the silly things i have said
'afl footy show' skit,extra
'neighbours',drama,waterhole pub scenes,passerby ,ongoing extra parts
'acacia' feature film,resistance fighter
tvc "what if" to be shown in regional vic. and southern nsw and print
extra(crazy killer victim) in music video,'black and white' for band 'ayawatamaya'
screen australia webseries 'bruce' convict extra
extra on 'hotplate' on nine network
'blue grace',bar extra
'habit and convention'for rmit uni, nude dancer
'the daisy effect'for rmit uni, underwear office worker
'faux grandpa'short film for deakin uni, blue grandpa'edmund'
featured extra for music video 'amen'
featured extra for della harris music video'its just a number'
'metery man' short film,featured extra,'elderly man'
'spirit lands' music video, featured 'forest father'
'mid city' music video featured dancer
'bowline knot'short film 'fisherman'
'australian greens'federal election 2018
'birth of hunter finklestein'entered in the jewish international film festival,short feature film'great grandpa finklestein'
'long as your lonely' della harris music video featured bar patron
'berning courage'featured battle game nerd extra
'song without words'feature length film, mr dyce/god featured character roles
'teskey brothers' 'right for me' old man on the scene
'lazarus'co writen by david bowie, body part model for background projection during stage show
'teskey brothers' 'man of the universe ' featured plane passenger
'frankie teardrop' black and white feature,featured factory worker
'malakai' 'drive through' featured bogan man with a dog
radical films 'gravemind' volgin music video j ward crazy inmate
rmit student film, masked gang member
'ozlink' web series ozlink bogan
MIFF/TAC psa bar patron
year 12 school project 'papa bear' sole/lead actor
music video'hypothermia'vaping man,lead
VCA short film 'the traveler' the wizard sole/lead actor
QANTAS in flight safety video '80's era extra
'route 3A' monash uni short,old man on tram
'toys r' us' tvc ,'back to school' interview
short film'companions'older version of main character
'boiling frogs' short film depressed artist
'another great escape'swinburn pilot church goer
'kids on murphy street'disheveled man


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Full-time model - paid commercial work

life models society-various
jungle jungles clothing model
iron forge photo shoot model

hey hey its saturday,knome ,the giant

price is right,gift shop,knome

'habit and convention' rmit student short film,part of a dance group
'born to shuck corn' rmit student photo shoot ,gender bender model
'old man with dolls' photoshoot
body part model for background projection during'lazarus' stage musical co written by david bowie

TV & Reality

lots of appearences on 'hey hey its saturday' as the 'knome' 'the giant' and brae the staging personality
cartoon corner,as myself and 'the thing'
sale of the century/the price is right,gift shop extra
sonnigsburg 6 part tv series
'bruce the web series' screen australia ,convict extra


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Contemporary

'habit and convention',rmit short film, part of a dance group showing fashion versus nudity
'midcity' music video,featured dancer
'danza'hip hop music video,featured dancer


Photography experience

Amateur photographer

professionaly trained in tv production, framing and movement in the for front, have become quite good at out of the way landscapes,if you wish to see my work i would be glad to send a link to my facebook pictures,cheers


TV presenter experience

Previous unpaid TV presenter roles

  • English

  • Australian

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