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Voice over and Narration sample from MAGNIFICAT Concert

02Voice over for Philippine Gala dinner
03Voice over for an MMA Fight Event
04UFCC arts description
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06Tomi and Kozue
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Physical Attributes

172 cm / 5ft 8in
81 cm / 32 in
70 kg / 154 lbs
Eye color:
Eurasian / Pan Asian
Hair color:
96 cm / 38 in
Hair length:
Skin color:

Credits & experience

  • Child of Destiny (Short Film) Directed by: Ben Nguyen : Jin Kazama / Devil Jin (Villain / Lead Role)
  • Pinoy TV Australia : Pinoy Lounge (Host / Lead Anchor)
  • Ice and Fire Music Video (Agamas Band) : Geeky Boyfriend (Lead Role)
  • New Home Shop Ad / TVC : Father / First home buyer (Lead Role)
  • Galapagos The Musical Directed by: Tracy Harvey : Father (Tribal Chief / Villain / Lead Role)
  • Taray (Short Film) Directed by Rex Castro : Dennis (Godfather / Supporting Role)
  • Captain Starlight Workshop: Bridie Connell : Authenticity and pair-work
  • Way of The Cross Musical Directed by: Don Belardo : Jesus Christ (Lead Role)
  • Swann Floodlights TVC : Delivery Guy (Featured)
  • Hauntville Scare Training Workshop: Carla Pincombe : Falling for Your Character
  • Wing Chun - The Story Behind The Legend (Feature Film) Directed by: Michael Gault : Manchurian Captain (Supporting Role)
  • Play Football TVC : Asian Footballer (Full Feature)
  • Yawen (Short FIlm / Thriller) Directed by: Sean Smith : Wong (Supporting Role)
  • Blade Runner (Eastern Remake/Short) Directed by: Thavy Thongkham : Leon Kowalski (Lead Role)
  • Mr. Nice Guy (Short Film) Directed by: Maddy Buttler : Kane (Supporting Role)
  • Timezone TVC : Nostalgic Gamer (Full Feature)
  • Taylor Black (Short Horror Film) Directed by: Spike McKenzie : Taylor Black (Lead Role)
  • Confession (Short Comedy Film) Directed by: Tanner Stevenson : Money laundering cashier (Supporting Role)
  • Pag-asa "Hope" (Short Film) Directed by: Robin Obispo : Bad Policeman (Antagonist)
  • My Travel Buddy - 7107 Islands TV : Travel Show Host
  • Just Dance MTV (Spoof Music Video) Directed by: Emil Medrilejos Guinto : Lady Gaga's alter ego (Lead role)
  • Panuluyan (Musical Play) Directed by: Resty Sacedor : Joseph (Lead Role)
  • Kristo (The Passion of The Christ Musical) : Simon of Cyrene (Main Singing Role), Barrabas, and Berdugo
  • Pobresito (The life of St. Francis of Assisi) Directed by: Roney Mistica : Tormento (The man with leprosy / supporting role)
  • Senakulo (Musical play) Directed by: Ronald Dionisio : Barabbas (The rebel / Supporting role)


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • USA New York


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

2019 - The Party Bus as "Drugged Party Guy" (Featured Extra)
2019 - Halifax: Retribution as "Photographer" (Featured Extra)
2019 - The Preacher as "Employee" (Featured Extra)
2019 - Playing for Keeps as "Bar patron" (Extra)
2019 - My Life is a Murder as "Office worker" (Extra)
2019 - Li Na (Movie) as "Airport Passenger" (Extra)
2018 - Ride Like a Girl (Movie) as "Horse owner" (Extra)
2018 - Problem Solver as "Gangster" (Extra)
2018 - Glitch Season 3 as "Gay Bar Patron" (Extra)
2018 - Neighbours as "Bar patron" (Extra)
2017 - Chisholm TVC as "Funky Chef" (Featured Extra)
2017 - Jack Irish as "Office worker" (Featured Extra)
2017 - PwC Video Tutorial/Guide for Chinese Students - "Cafe patron and Airport passenger" (Featured Extra)
2017 - Project Melbourne TVC as "University basketball player" (Featured Extra)
2017 - ANZ Bank TVC as "Arena Spectator" (Extra)
2017 - Holden TVC as "Party people" (Extra)
2017 - Neighbours as "Bar patron" (Extra)
2017 - Belong TVC as "Arena spectator" (Extra)
2017 - Melbourne Tourism Campaign TVC as "Bar Patron (Extra)
2017 - AHM Health Insurance TVC as "Dental patient" (Extra)
2017 - Mitsubishi TVC as "City worker" (Extra)
2017 - Neighbours as "Hotel guest, park passerby and Bar patron" (Extra)
2017 - Maccas TVC as "Drive-thru customer" (Extra)
2017 - Sisters as "Cafe customer" (Extra)
2017 - The Wrong Girl Season 2 as "Party people and Bar patron" (Extra)


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

*Modeled for Crossed Collections (Gowns and formal attire rental in The Philippines)

*Freelance model for various photographers in The Philippines


Vocal ability

Lead singer

Vocal range


Singing styles
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Classical
  • Opera

Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Metal

* February 2018 - Mr. Joey and "The Asia's Soul Siren" Nina Melbourne Concert
Performed as a solo Front Act

* November 2017 - Juris "The Soothing Voice of Asia" Live in Melbourne Concert
Performed as a solo Front Act

* August 2017 - 4th Impact Australian Invasion Concert (X-Factor UK 2016 5th placer)
Performed as a solo Front Act

* December 2010 - Willing Willie (Noontime Show in the Philippines)
Performed with Koro San Francisco live, for the Show's Christmas Special segment

* July 2009 - ChicoSci Concert (Famous Rock Band in the Philippines)
Performed as a Front Act with Leviathan Band

* October 2008 - Bamboo Concert (Famous Rock Band in the Philippines)
Performed as a Front Act with Leviathan Band

* December 2006 - Concert with Popular Various Artists in the Philippines (Concert for a cause)
Performed with Koro San Francisco as one of the main acts


Wedding Singer for various groups in Philippines
* Sonare Ensemble
* Velvet Mood Ensemble

* Solo Wedding Singer

* Tenor singer for Koro San Francisco
* Bass singer for Franciscan Joy Chorale

Lead vocals (Doing main acts in various rock productions and front acts in some of popular rock bands)
* Twissorz
* Leviathan Band

TV & Reality

*February 2013 - It's Showtime (Noontime Show in the Philippines)
Chosen to be part of the Show's entrance theme as a Host substitute, and Studio audience

* December 2010 - Willing Willie (Noontime Show in the Philippines)
Sang with Koro San Francisco live, for the Show's Christmas Special segment


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Breakdancing
  • Contemporary
  • Disco
  • Hip Hop


TV presenter experience

Previous paid TV presenter roles

Radio presenter experience

Previous paid Radio presenter roles

  • English

  • USA New York

* Radio Broadcaster at 92.3 FM 3ZZZ for a FIlipino program entitled "Hoy Pinoy" (July 2017 - Present)
* Children's Show musical presenter at Hey Dee Ho Australia (December 2017 - Present)

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