Carly Lennon

Carly Lennon

Victoria, Australia


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Really enjoyed working with Carly, great member of the team. Takes stressful situations in her stride and has a positive attitude. Look forward to working together again :)

Recommended for Makeup Artist Feb 28, 2019

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Carly is an expert in her field with a genuine passion for her craft. A treasure to have on set, great communication and produce amazing results in the tightest of shooting schedules. Our actresses didn't want to remove their hair & makeup at the end of the shoot because they were so pleased with the job she did!

Recommended for Makeup Artist May 19, 2018

Carly contributed to my film (Which Witch Is Which) in the capacity of a makeup artist. I found her to be friendly and skillful. She gave a stunning look on my actors and actresses which impressed everyone on set. Her involvement with my film was essential.

Recommended for Hair, Makeup & Styling Aug 8, 2017

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Carly's work as a mua on me during filming of feature film, I, Portrait was that of a true professional. Carly worked quickly and intuitively knew what suited me and what the director was after. Carly has left a wonderful impression on me.

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew Jul 6, 2017

An asset to any production!!

Recommended for Acting Jul 4, 2017

A very meticulous & skilled make-up artist. Carly managed to capture the essence of my very distinct looking characters and transform their appearances for my TV/web series. Would highly recommend working with her.

Recommended for Hair, Makeup & Styling Jul 3, 2017

Carly provided makeup and hair for my second music video. She held herself to professional standards through thick and thin. We couldn't have done it without her. I highly recommend Carly as she was a dream to work with on set.

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew Jun 23, 2017

Carly conducted herself in the upmost professional way. She was more than competent. I explained the idea and she came up with a result which matched my vision. My model looked genuinely disheveled as requested. Makeup was completed in the requested timeframe. I would work with Carly again. Hopefully soon.

Recommended for Hair, Makeup & Styling May 26, 2017

Caely took part as a MUAH in one of the photoshoots and fashion run for Bohemian Rhapsody Club Melbourne. Carly is a very easy to work with professional, she is also highly responsible person and a girl with a very pleasant character and right attitude. We recommend Carly for any complicated project in the industry and will be very happy to work with her in the future. Thank you, Carly !

Recommended for Hair, Makeup & Styling Apr 11, 2017

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Carly was great. Very professional and lovely to work with. Thank you so much, Carly.

Recommended for Hair, Makeup & Styling Jan 16, 2017

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Brilliant hairstylist and onset film crew. Amazing talent, so lucky to have worked with Carly in my Music Video, her style suited the song and clip. Can't wait for another opportunity to work with you Carly your style and loom ideas are intriguing.

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew Dec 27, 2016

Carly was a great make up artist for what was, a very long music video shoot! She nailed the briefs and followed direction when needed. She is an absolute pleasure to have on set, highly recommend !

Recommended for Hair, Makeup & Styling Dec 4, 2016

Carly was amazing and efficient as my hair stylist on set. I was so happy with my final look! She was a pleasure to work with and was willing to go the extra mile to help with the project. Highly recommended and would gladly work with her again.

Recommended for TV & Reality Nov 5, 2016

Carly is an amazing hair stylist, very creative with her ideas. Make sure you choose Carly for your music video, film, tv commercials she is effective with creativity and works well in fast paced situations !

Recommended for Hair, Makeup & Styling Jul 31, 2016

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Carly is a hard working and talented HMUA, I would recommend her to others. She has great ideas and provided some fantastic looks for the shoot.

Recommended for Hair, Makeup & Styling Jul 24, 2016

Professional, friendly -would work with again.

Recommended for Hair, Makeup & Styling Jun 25, 2016

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