Charlie Allen

Band Member, Singer, Guitarist, Bass Guitarist, Music Producer,… more

Ipswich, United Kingdom
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Vocal ability

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Singing styles
  • Pop
  • Rock

Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Metal
  • Hip-hop
  • Jazz
  • Classical
  • Country

Influences: Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Alterbridge, Tom Misch, Snarky Puppy, The Aristocrats

I have had bountiful live experience in the short years that I have been playing live with bands. In that time I have become knowledgeable about the ins and outs of everything, but the main thing it has done for me is show me how to write songs. It opened my eyes to how complete strangers react differently and uniquely to songs. This has helped me in my compositions to make the song a story for the listener.

I have had session work experience too. From stand-in guitarist roles to doing video demonstrations for local guitar builders to be published on their social media pages

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