Charlie Rich

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London, United Kingdom


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Charlie was a great addition to the team; professional, talented and a joy to work with. The best, no two ways about it!

Recommended for Acting Nov 15, 2021

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Charlie is an absolute pleasure to work with. He brings positivity and enthusiasm and is joy to be around. He takes direction brilliantly and is dedicated to his work and the vision for a project. I would highly recommend him!

Recommended for Acting Sep 22, 2021

Charlie was the PERFECT addition to my event. Professional, charming, well presented and willing to work. He's switched on, followed instructions to a T and did everything with a smile. I'd book him again in a heartbeat!

Recommended for Staff/temp Sep 13, 2021

An Awesome Actor! Cant recommend highly enough and hope to work with Charlie again!

Recommended for Acting Jul 26, 2021

I had the pleasure of working with Charlie on a promtional video. He is incredibly friendly, easygoing and professional. He is a great actor and was very natural with his performance. I hope to work with him again at some point in the near future.

Recommended for Acting Jul 24, 2021

Professional and enjoyed the shoot with him a great deal. Easy actor to get along with!

Recommended for Acting Jul 23, 2021

I booked Charlie for a commercial I was producing for an eco friendly brand and he was excellent. Great acting delivery, positive spirit, on time and wonderful to work with. I’d highly recommend him and look forward to the next time we work together. Thank you Charlie!

Recommended for Acting Jul 23, 2021

Charlie is energetic, enthusiastic and a pleasure to work with. A true professional in the field of acting. Hope to work with Charlie again.

Recommended for Acting Jul 6, 2021

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Charlie was excellent to work with and was so pleased to have his humour as well as professionalism all in one. Great character, easy to work with and full of talent.

Recommended for Modelling Mar 4, 2021

Charlie was wonderful to work with. Joined last minute when we needed him. Picked up the lines quickly and had a really good energy.

Recommended for Acting Feb 18, 2021

Great making a conecet with you on this project you are a very talented young man and sure I will seeing more of you on TV ?? You learned you lines in no time and took all directions first time well done!

Recommended for Acting Feb 18, 2021

Charlie is an outstanding actor. He stepped into a project that I was part of at the last minute. He nailed the role straight away and brought real energy and enthusiasm to the group. He was professional and encouraging towards others.I hope to get to work with him again in the near future.

Recommended for Acting Feb 17, 2021

Charlie stepped in at the last minute following a dropout, and quickly picked up his lines, and put all of his energy into the part. Beyond the call of the short film, he worked with our associate producer to create a fake persona across social channels. Better yet, he brought a quality to the role we didn't even know we wanted! Epic actor, wonderful cast member. Highly recommend.

Recommended for Acting Feb 15, 2021

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Lots of fun on set. Charlie is also very professional

Recommended for Acting Nov 15, 2020

Working with charlie was one of the best acting experiences I have had. Professional, hard working, funny and always with a positive attitude! Cant wait to work with him again! :)))

Recommended for Acting Oct 12, 2020

Very thoughtful and engaging as an Actor. Charlie also showed his skill with improvisation, when the director would continue rolling. It was great working with him, and I hope to again soon.

Recommended for Acting Oct 8, 2020

Great fun on set! When the camera is and isn't rolling!

Recommended for Acting Oct 6, 2020

I worked with Charlie on a Fanta commercial and he is a great guy to have around on set to keep people cheerful on a wet Wednesday! He is very personable, friendly and works well with directors to give them what they need. I would recommend Charlie if you're looking for a good actor with a very distinctive look.

Recommended for Acting May 20, 2020

Charlie is an easygoing and thoughtful Actor. Loved performing with him and had such fun!

Recommended for Acting May 19, 2020

Easy going and fun to work with, very professional!

Recommended for Acting May 15, 2020

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