Christopher Webb

Composer, Pianist

Romford, United Kingdom
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Influences: C418, Ochre, Weather Report, Steve Reich, Graham Fitkin, Arvo Part, London Grammar, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Etc.

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Here is some general information about me…
I have been, and am still exploring several avenues as a way in to the industry; music education, composition for film/TV, music publishing, administrator or personal assistant at a music company.
I have been involved with music education my whole life. In university, I learnt about the Financial Crisis of 2008, and the English Baccalaureate’s exclusion of music, and how these severely affected the state of music education. Being an advocate for the universal benefits of music education, after university I returned to my home town to offer help to my music GCSE and A-level teachers. I now attend their schools to advise students on their compositions and other music work. I am also now the Assistant Musical Director of the choir at St. Edward the Confessor Church, Romford, under Jonathan Venner BEM. I teach the choristers and have had students achieve their Dean’s Bronze Award. In addition, I teach piano and music theory privately to ABRSM graded standard.
I have completed a music publishing course at the London School of English under Cooking Vinyl’s Paul Kinder. I learnt about the complexities of the music publishing web, including contracts (options/rollover styles), legalities, A&R meetings etc. Being a music publisher, agent, supervisor, synch department, sub-publisher, collection society, record company etc., sound like very exciting career paths. I have been in contact with potential artists and writers; it’s a shame that their music has been uploaded to the web only to gather digital dust; they could be making money by accompanying adverts, film/TV/game trailers, being played on the radio, and much more.
My skills range from performing (piano/voice (choir)), to composing for live instruments/voices through Sibelius, composing with Logic Pro X, graphic programming with Max 7, arranging, orchestrating, and transcribing. I have a music degree specializing in composition. I have been heavily involved with extracurricular music activities, including playing percussion in orchestras, singing bass in choirs/chamber choirs, playing piano in Jazz Orchestras and smaller groups, getting my own compositions performed.
I have a part-time job as Assistant Musical Director for the St. Edward the Confessor Church Choir under Jonathan Venner BEM As his personal assistant, I set up the church for him to lead choir practice, advertise choir concerts on social media on his behalf, teach the youngest chorister to get them ready for higher level of practice under him, and I know the library system better than he does.
Despite not having to deal with taxes at this stage in my career, I chart my expenses and income in Excel off my own accord. I am proficient with other Microsoft Office applications, too.
I organise my time two-fold; on my phone, and on a year-long, wall-calendar - I like to see the future with a birds-eye-view. I am always punctual.
I have experience with leading and teamwork; I was the Vice President of the USSU Jazz Orchestra Society, and the Founder and President of the USSU Art Society. The latter had a committee of five, to whom I delegated tasks, whilst also hearing their opinions. It is still flourishing today after I have left.
I have experience dealing with people face-to-face. If my naturally calm and easy-to-talk-to demeanour does not help enough to convey a message, my singing experience has taught me to project and annunciate to the highest comprehendible degree.
I currently attend local schools to advise students on their compositions and other music work. I teach the choristers at my choir and have had students achieve their Dean’s Bronze Award. In addition, I teach piano and music theory privately to ABRSM graded standard.
I enjoy all sorts of music; Classical (Beethoven, Mozart), Jazz (Davis, Hancock, Jamie Cullum), Jazz-Rock Fusion (Late Davis, Weather Report), Post-Minimalism (Steve Reich, Arvo Part, Graham Fitkin), Singer Songwriters (Billy Joel, Elton John), IDM (Ochre, C418). I attend the local gym. I have a pet cat and bearded dragon. I attend the local gym. I enjoyed improvisation in the USSU Music and Drama Society. I have a pet cat and bearded dragon.
I would welcome the opportunity to expand my skills and add to the creative outputs of a team delivering great services and contributions to the world of music making. I am able to begin work immediately.
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