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Queensland, Australia
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180 cm / 5ft 11in

Credits & experience

  • Snapper Media : Red Carpet, Paparazzi, Event and Celebrity Photography
  • Tito Media : 2 year contract.....Press, Red Carpet, and Event Photography
  • Scott McGale Fashion Photography Course : Photographer


Photography experience

Full-time professional (paid work)

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Clinton Barter has been involved in the Modelling and Photography Industry since 1985. From 1990-2003 he modelled for agencies Chadwick Models, Amanda Cameron Management, June Dally Watkins, and Shelley’s Model Management. In 2003 he started his own Model and Promotional Agency in Brisbane called 'Barter Models'. He gained great insight into running a busy Agency, employing over 200 models. During those years he photographed many Test Shoots for the Models he employed. He started his Press Photography career with leading World Press Agency Tito Media in 2010. He started his own press agency in 2012 and now supplies photos to large Associations like Triathlon NSW. The biggest achievement of his career would be the MACK BOOTS Campaign. He created and shot 2 major International Advertising Campaigns with 'Mack Boots' international brand. The Marketing Campaign going to 25 countries worldwide, with the posters featured on billboards and buses throughout Europe and then into Asia and North America. He then furthered his career with Snapper Media. Snapper Media is an independent media licensing agency for professionals. They offer images to publishing, new media, advertising and commercial clients throughout the Australasian and Asian Region. Snapper provide up to minute Red Carpet and Paparazzi images from around the globe.
He has also shot over 600 hrs of Look Book Studio Fashion in the last 2 years.

What are his main goals and Mission Statement?
"Barter photography will provide top quality photographs at a fair and reasonable price for corporate, personal and editorial clients. All customers and clients will receive the highest level of attention, devotion and commitment. We will conduct ourselves in a professional manner and represent our client’s best interests at all times.....Our goal is to become competitive within the industry and provide quality photos at down to earth prices!"

The Photography....
A combination of patience and tenacity is the key to his success thus far. Being BEHIND the camera for 27 years, and in FRONT of the camera for 18 years, has given him a vast insight into what is needed for a great photo. He has taken that knowledge and applied it to his photographic work.

His photography is geared towards Celebrity, Fashion, Wedding and Sport Photography. The photographer he admires most is the late Herb Ritts. To book Clint for any photography work please email me or call 0406 022 918
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