Damon Hunter

Damon Hunter Pro

Victoria, Australia


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Damon was great to work with. Very professional, punctual, arrived prepared and did a great job. Thanks Damon!

Recommended for Acting Apr 26, 2020

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Damon was superb to work with, and brought extra dimensions to the role we cast him in that we couldn't have even anticipated. Was particularly impressive, given the level of improvisation we had in this project. Great on set, and great to work with in every aspect.

Recommended for Acting Mar 5, 2020

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His professionalism, attention to detail and persistence to get just the right shot are just some of the reasons why I highly recommend Damon.

Recommended for Photography Sep 17, 2017

I hope someday I can work in a movie with you on Starnow.

Recommended for Acting Jul 15, 2017

Alec did a shoot with Damon recently. He is extremely professional, he has a high attention to detail, he is excellent working with and directing kids and an all round great guy. I would welcome any opportunity to work with Damon in the acting arena, or photographic arena. We highly recommend

Recommended for Acting May 15, 2017

Damon is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. I would happily work with him again on future projects.

Recommended for Acting Mar 30, 2017

Great photographer and actor

Recommended for Acting Jan 9, 2017

Highly professional, reliable and a serious actor. His dedication to his role beyond the script analysis is remarkable. His has mastered screen acting and has a serious talent.

Recommended for Acting Dec 22, 2016

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My son and i recently had the pleasure of having our new head shots taken by Damon, and i must say we both had a great time. Damon was both professional and fun with excellent direction and the results are amazing, i can't wait to use the final shots on all of our media. I can say in full confidence that we will be using Damon for all of our future photographic requirements, and can't talk highly enough about his phenomenal coffee making prowess! Highly recommended

Recommended for Photography Oct 28, 2015

Highly recommended actor. Damon is easy to work with, has a positive work ethic, very professional, takes direction well, makes good suggestions and gets really involved with his character. Looking forward to work with him again.

Recommended for Acting Jun 1, 2015

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Recommended for Acting Jan 16, 2018

Recommended for Acting Oct 7, 2017

Recommended for Acting Sep 4, 2017

Recommended for Acting Jan 11, 2017