David B

Filmmaker, Editor / Post Production Staffer, Writer / Director

California, United States
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Credits & experience

  • 'Be My Eyes' : Screenwriter
  • 'Paper Gloves : Screenwriter
  • 'Unworthy' (TV) : Screenwriter/Co-Creator
  • 'Yatra' (web-series) : Screenwriter
  • 'Belle de Nuit' : Screenwriter
  • 'ANIMA' (feature) : Screenwriter
  • 'One-Eyed Jack' (feature) : Screenwriter
  • 'this user is now following you' : Screenwriter
  • 'Lollie' : Screenwriter
  • 'The Big Rant' (feature) : Writer/Co-Producer
  • 'The Girl From Charlie's Cafe' (feature) : Screenwriter
  • 'Off-Road' : Writer/Producer
  • 'Melodrama' : Production Manager
  • 'Goodman' : Production Manager, Script Supervisor
  • 'Work From Home, Ltd.' : Script Supervisor
  • 'Odysseus' (TV) : Screenwriter/Creator
  • New York Film Academy : Master of Fine Arts - Screenwriting
  • 'The Graduation Speech' : Production Manager
  • 'White Crow' (feature) : Screenwriter
  • Radio & Video Stars : Director
  • 'Tengu' (feature) : Screenwriter
  • Southampton Solent University : Bachelor of Arts - Film Production
  • 'PAWNS' : Writer/Producer
  • 'FORTVNA' : Producer - Writer - Co-Director - 1st Ad
  • 'Guilt Trip' : Director - Editor
  • 'A Boy, a Girl and a Gun' : Producer - Editor - Concept Artist
  • 'LIMBO - A Sense of Belonging' : Director - Producer - Writer
  • 'Me, Myself and Everyone Else' : Producer
  • 'I Am a Cameraman' : Producer - Actor
  • CinePhil San Marino : Development Intern
  • San Marino RTV s.p.a. : Production Assistant

Film & Stage Crew

Directing & Writing ability


Post Production & Editing ability


Some of my key accomplishments and strengths include:

Wrote a total of 7 feature scripts, 4 TV pilots and 13 short films.
Was a screenwriter on the feature film "The Big Rant" (currently bin festivals).
Wrote/produced the short film "PAWNS" (over a million views on YouTube and selected into over 30 festivals).
Wrote a feature script titled “White Crow” which made the finals at the New York International Screenplay Awards and was selected at the PAGE: International Screenwriting Awards and the Nashville Film Festival's Screenwriting Competition.

Producing/Production Management
Developed budgets for feature-length films. Oversaw day to day workflow on productions with cast and crew of over 70 people, coordinating communications across different departments. Created meeting agendas, maintaining project management systems, coordinating travel, and transcribing production notes for the director and members of cast & crew. Prepared marketing strategies for short & feature films.

Script Editing
Worked alongside established script doctors and professional ghost writers to refine my script analysis skills. Interned at development and distribution companies where I provided script coverage, as well as working as a script reader for festivals, which allowed me to learn the criteria by which a screenplay is judged in production companies and festivals.

Throughout my career in this industry, I have been praised and commended for my enthusiasm, ability to improve the quality of a script, strong work ethic, and consistency in completing assigned tasks.
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