David O'Donoghoe

David O'Donoghoe Pro

Queensland, Australia


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David was the perfect casting for a niche supporting role in our film. He understood exactly what was required and with minimum prep he delivered wonderfully on the day. He was a delight to work with, courteous and professional from beginning to end. I give him my utmost recommendation.

Recommended for Acting Nov 23, 2021

David was such a bubbly and professional person throughout all stages of the production making it such a pleasure to work with him. He put a lot of commitment and passion into my project, making sure he was there and on time for every meeting we had. He could snap into character instantly, bringing his own flare to the character and had a lot of amazing input for the project. He is an amazing actor that can follow direction perfectly and I would definitely work with him again!!

Recommended for Acting Nov 12, 2021

David was absolutely amazing and professional to have on our set! Not only did he play our character so well, he was always punctual, in great spirits, super friendly and was very patient! He took direction very well and we would recommend him to anyone!

Recommended for Acting Nov 10, 2021

David was a pleasure to work with. He was well prepared and did an excellent job of reading the part of a lawyer from an autocue script. I would highly recommend giving him a go for your next project!

Recommended for Acting Sep 8, 2021

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David was amazingly generous with his time to help our son with his acting career. David, you’re a top bloke & a credit to the industry! Thank you.

Recommended for Acting Jun 3, 2021

David is a very friendly and professional person to work with. As the talent for an instructional safety video, he did a great job adapting to and reading a wordy and specified script on the fly, as well as clearly and concisely narrating the instructions. I look forward to working with him in the future and would happily recommend him as a performer.

Recommended for Acting Jun 3, 2021

We hired David for a short film and were very impressed with his ability and performance on set. He was on the ball, took direction well and maintained excellent patience with a tedious scene. David further surprised us when we asked him to jump in and voice another character that he was not originally cast for. Very versatile with a great voice! We would highly recommend David if you are looking for someone professional, personable and easy to work with.

Recommended for Acting Mar 23, 2021

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David was great, adding value to the production. Thanks :))

Recommended for Acting Mar 21, 2021

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David was very easy to work with, punctual and professional. He was a pleasure to have on set and an asset to the production. Highly recommend!

Recommended for Extras Feb 12, 2021

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A fantastic actor, who takes direction well and is able to pull off a wide range of character traits and emotions. Would rate 8/8 mate.

Recommended for Acting Jan 17, 2021

David did a great job and responded well to direction. Was a pleasure working with him!

Recommended for Acting Jan 11, 2021

We highly recommend David. It was wonderful meeting and working with David. He is very professional, committed to his craft and flexible in his ability to adapt to the role. Beyond this, David brings a great positive energy to set, we very much enjoyed working with him and hope to again in the future.

Recommended for Presenting Dec 20, 2020

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David was very professional and easy to work with. He has natural presenting abilities and I would definitely recommend him for anyone looking for a charismatic presenter with an engaging tone!

Recommended for Presenting Nov 18, 2020