Davis  Dingle

Davis Dingle Pro

Queensland, Australia


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Davis is very honest and upfront which is great for student or new filmmakers, he will tell you his opinion and what he thinks should be done. He is fantastic as an actor, getting in and out of roles and critiquing his own performance when needed.

Recommended for Acting Aug 17, 2021

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Easy to work with, and had his own initiative as we did each shot to match the behaviour of our portrayed character

Recommended for Acting Jul 21, 2021

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Davis puts his heart into the character he is given and loves to get directions and making sure he does the best job he does on set.

Recommended for Acting Jul 21, 2021

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Davis is an amazing actor who was punctual, friendly and professional. He was easy to work with whilst helping crew with the production. Highly recommend hiring Davis!

Recommended for Acting Jun 15, 2021

Proffesional, easy to work with, took direction well

Recommended for Acting Jun 7, 2021

Great attitude, took direction well and is flexible.

Recommended for Acting Jun 2, 2021

Davis is a joy to work with. He is a talented actor He is very professional, reliable, punctual and just great fun to have on set.

Recommended for Acting May 12, 2021

Very professional and easy to work with and very flexible.

Recommended for Acting Apr 15, 2021

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Professional, punctual, affable, good at memorising lines with little rehearsal time and an all round great performer. Would highly recommend.

Recommended for Acting Apr 11, 2021

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A knowledgeable, talented guy. Easy to work with, and great communication on and off set.

Recommended for Acting Feb 21, 2021

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Extremely professional on set, had a lot of useful insights into his character and the story as a whole that elevated the piece. Able to play both funny and serious.

Recommended for Acting Feb 21, 2021

Davis was well prepared, professional and overall lovely person to work with. He gave valued input where appropriate and was timely to respond to everything. As a producer would highly recommend!

Recommended for Acting Feb 4, 2021

Great to work with and very talented. Would recommend!

Recommended for Acting Nov 26, 2020

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Davis is an incredibly professional, intuitive and collaborative actor. He puts so much care into bringing the script and his character to life, and supports both myself as director and his scene partner through delivering a nuanced performance with a thoughtful approach.

Recommended for Acting Nov 17, 2020

Davis was the perfect guy for the job. Super easygoing and flexible, would definitely recommend for your future projects.

Recommended for Acting Sep 16, 2019

Davis is an excellent actor, I can not recommend him highly enough. He is an exceptional actor with a very positive attitude. He takes directions well and is more than willing to lend a hand.

Recommended for Acting Sep 13, 2019

Davis is an extremely talented and well rounded actor whose charisma both on set and off set shines. He is enthusiastic and passionate about his work which he takes seriously, but also knows how to have a fun time on set. Davis is friendly, approachable and can also take direction well. I highly recommend working with Davis.

Recommended for Acting Aug 11, 2019

Recommended for Sep 27, 2019

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