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Norwich, United Kingdom
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Donna Africa BBC Radio Norfolk 22-04-15

My Donna Africa Interview on BBC Radio Norfolk with Nick Conrad broadcasted on 22 April 2015.

01Donna Africa BBC Radio Norfolk 22-04-15
02Donna Africa BBC Radio Norfolk 22-04-15

Physical Attributes

157 cm / 5ft 2in
59 kg / 129 lbs
White / Caucasian
96 cm / 38 in
Skin color:
70 cm / 28 in
96 cm / 38 in
Dress size:
UK 10 / AUS 10 / US 6
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • StarNow PRO : Actress & Model
  • Spillwords Press : Author & Poet
  • ITV Judge Rinder 1st May 2017 : Actress
  • Channel 4 : Come Dine With Me 14th Feb 2017
  • Channel 5 : Documentary Benefits in Single and Skint Oct 2016
  • Channel 5 : Channel 5 Documentary Benefits Got Talent Nov 2015
  • BBC RADIO Norfolk : Guest & Interviewee on The Nick Conrad Show
  • Mustard TV - Freeview channel 4 - 23rd May 2014 : A Guest Norwich as renown Zulu warrior poet on "The Mustard Show"
  • The Linda Cosgrove Show : A Guest
  • Channel 4 "Four Rooms" July 2013 : I make my apperance as Donna Africa Zulu warrior poet and successfuly sell my african artefacts to fab four rooms dealer Johnny
  • BBC "The Weakest Link" 26th March 2012 : A TV Quiz contestant on "The weakest link" & read my penned poem "Ode to Anne Robinson" to Anne herself. Televised on BBC2 26th Match 2012
  • The Sporah Show - Sky TV - Feb 2012 : I am an invited guest on Sporah's Talk TV show - televised on Sky TV & Tanzania TV. We discussed my career in modelling, film, poetry, talent and reality TV.
  • ITV "Britain's got talent" April 2012 : I am filmed in my red top hat & boa dancing on the IPC roof tops for their opening scene in "Britain's got talent". Televised on ITV on the 7th April 2012
  • London 2012 Olympic Games Ceremony Jan- Aug 2012 : I am cast as a London 2012 Olympic Ceremony Performer in both the opening & closing ceremonies
  • ITV "The X-factor" Sept 2012 : I make it through to the Live X-factor auditions as Donna Africa Zulu warrior performance poet. Clips of my audition shown on ITV TV on the 8th & 9th Sept 2012
  • "The Scouting Book for boys" Pathe / Film 4 Nov 2012 : I make my cameo debut appearance in this film alongside Thomas Turgoose (of "This is England fame" )
  • The Black Widow - A short B/W Student Film : I star as the leading lady & femme fatale character Mrs Lehman in this B/W short noir atmospheric detective film for Cannes Festival
  • "The Richard & Judy Show" Sky TV Feb 2009 : A TV party participant in their Star Bar at Cactus Studios.
  • BBC "The One Show" July 2009 : I join BBC Astronomer Mark Thompson as a featured partipant & Star Gazer. Televised on BBC One 31st July 2009
  • Norwich & Peterborough Building Society : Paid Modelling assignment for their financial brochure March 2008
  • "Malice in Wonderland" Feature Film Production : Featured & cast as a high energy dancer & support artist in this film. July 2008
  • Aspinalls of Mayfair, London : Paid modelling assignment for Aspinalls upmarket Mayfair establishment & for their Rolls Royce car hire service. Aug 2008


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English
  • Afrikaans

  • UK English
  • African

All My Work showcased on my Donna Africa website portfolio

ITV Judge Rinder I yell freedom and perform for Judge Rinder 1st May 2017
Channel 4 Come Dine With Me - Norwich Episode 36 I dance for my dinner guests 14th Feb 2017
Channel 5 Benefits Documentary Single & Skint I try online dating 2016
Channel 5 Benefits Documentary Benefits Got Talent 2015
ITV The X-Factor I perform my poetry performance act "Asimbonanga" 2012
ITV Britain's Got Talent I dance in the opening credits 2012

I have had numerous TV & Radio Appearances as a Guest on BBC Radio Norfolk, "Mustard TV" The X-factor" "Britain's got talent", "Four Rooms", "The Weakest Link", The Sporah Show etc

"The Scouting Book for Boys"
Pathe / Film4 Production - A Featured Cameo Film Appearance alongside Thomas Turgoose of "This is England" Film fame.

"The Black Widow" A Short B/W Student Film
I play the leading lady the "Black Widow" "femme fatale" character with speaking part

"Malice in Wonderland"
Future Films -I play a high energy dancer in the night club scene with Danny Dyer plus Supporting Artist.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Modelling website

Mature Model on Donna Africa website
Mature Model on Purestorm website
Featured and pictured in Daily Mirror in my bikini 24 July 2015
Beauty Contestant for Miss Commonwealth Beauty Pageant 2014
Paid Model assignment for Norwich & Peterborough Building Society, Norwich
Paid Model assignmnet for Aspinall's of London - Mayfair, London

I Donna Africa travelled half way across the world to realise and conquer my dreams of yesteryear today and am an influencer and role model for my fellow African brothers and sisters, who I performed live on stage in "The Miss Zim Diamond" in London, performing my penned poetry performance act entitled "Asimbonanga" about my journey since relocating to the UK in 2004 from my homelands Zimbabwe and South Africa (to take care of my now late mum) and to realise and conquer my dreams and to advocate and inspire you "that it is never too late!" to realise your dreams!
I have been on many TV Programmes including ITV The X-Factor, ITV Britain's Got Talent, ITV Judge Rinder, Channel 4 Come Dine With Me, Channel 4 Four Rooms Plus Channel 5 in two reality TV (fly on the wall) Documentaries.
Proudly cast in the London 2012 Olympic Games as a ceremony performer which was a dream come true for little old me!.
Plus I fly the flag for the older model and showcase this is on my website portfolio
More on my Donna Africa blog
With Luv, Light and Liberty!
Donna Africa
"The Queen of Dreams"


Vocal ability


Singing styles
  • Pop
  • Rock

TV & Reality

ITV Judge Rinder 1st May 2017
Channel 4 Come Dine With Me 14th Feb 2017
Channel 5 TV Documentary Benefits Single and Skint 2016
Channel 5 TV Documentary "Benefits Got Talent" " Jan 2016 & Nov 2015.
BBC RADIO" Norfolk - April 22 2015 - A Local Norfolk Celeb Guest, Poet & Mature Model on "The Nick Conrad" show
"Mustard TV" Nov 2014 - Norfolk Local Celebrity Guest, Model & Poet as I discuss my new Poetry Book & Charity Work. Channel 8 Freeview & Virgin
"Mustard TV" May 2014 - A Guest as local Norwich Renown Zulu Warrior Poet Performer on The Mustard Show Freeview Channel 8 May 2014
Channel 4 "Four Rooms" July 2013 - Zulu Warrior Poet Participant & successfully sell my African artifacts dressed as Donna Africa Zulu Warrior Poet Performer using my talents & African charm.
ITV The X-factor Sept 2012- I make it to the Live X-factor audition 2012 as Donna Africa Zulu Warrior Poet Performer and featured on TV 8th and 9th Sept 2012,
ITV Britain's got talent TV April 2012 - I am filmed & featured dancing in my red top hat, corset, stockings in Britain's got talent 2012 in their opening scene featured on TV
BBC The Weakest Link TV show March 2012 - A TV Quiz Contestant & read my penned poem to Anne Robinson.
SKY BEN 124 The Sporah TV Show 2012 - A guest dressed as Donna Africa Zulu Warrior Poet Performer I talk about my TV Reality Experience, my glamour modelling & my published Poetry work and book.


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Disco
  • Jazz
  • Rock & Roll

Dancer in the international film alongside Danny Dyer "Malice in wonderland"

Film & Stage Crew

"The Scouting Book for boys" Film4 /Pathe Production - A Cameo Film Appearance
"The Black Widow" I star as the femme fatale character, the black widow, with speaking part
"Malice in Wonderland" Dancer and background Artsist


TV presenter experience

Previous unpaid TV presenter roles

  • English
  • Afrikaans

  • UK English
  • African

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