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Victoria, Australia


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Very professional, easy to work with and took directions well

Recommended for Singing May 23, 2019

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An asset to any production!

Recommended for Acting Jul 5, 2017

Enya is a very talented and versatile voice actress and can switch between voices rapidly. She was a pleasure to work with.

Recommended for Acting Jan 11, 2017

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A Lady of many Talents.Great at what she does. Highly recommended.

Recommended for Acting Nov 26, 2016

Awesome music!! Very talented and hardworking!! :)

Recommended for Acting Sep 10, 2016

Easy going and reliable model, happily work with again. Thank you for helping make our event a success!

Recommended for Modelling Jun 27, 2016

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Enya taught at our studios for 3 years. Everyone, both students and parents of students, loved her and i cant recommend her highly enough.

Recommended for Acting May 1, 2016

Extremely talented and reliable vocalist. One of the best!

Recommended for Music Jul 16, 2014

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Was wonderful to work with enjoyed working with this lovely young lady ! Was a very productive day !

Recommended for Acting Jul 5, 2014

Enya is very talented in many areas. She's an excellent self trained makeup artist, who has also taught herself how to make her own blood for special effects. She is a very talented actress, who throws herself completely into every role she's given. She has been training as a classical singer since she was 7 and has perfected her voice to a very high standard, she can sing almost any style. She trained in ballet when she was younger and has also studied jazz and hiphop. She has also produced several music videos very successfully. Enya is very professional, always on time, fun to work with and works very well in a team. Definitely recommend her!!

Recommended for Casting Mar 11, 2014

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I Definitely recommend Enya. She's a very gifted Actress who will work hard to please the people she's working for. Any production would be lucky to have her!

Recommended for Acting Jan 16, 2014

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Excellent makeup and hair artist, very professional and dedicated. We will be using Enya again.

Recommended for Hair, Makeup & Styling Jun 13, 2013

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Very personable and professional. Would recommend to any photographer or client.

Recommended for Hair, Makeup & Styling May 15, 2013

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Enya is an amazing performer with so much to offer. Always well mannered & full of life! I cant wait to work with Enya again!

Recommended for Acting Apr 8, 2013

Great model a delight to work with, on time dedicated and looked fabulous on the catwalk

Recommended for Modelling Nov 12, 2012

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Enya is a beautiful young lady heading places, very professional in her approach at anything she puts her mind too. Excellent person to work with.

Recommended for Modelling Jan 12, 2012

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Recommended for Acting Mar 3, 2018

Recommended for Acting Sep 5, 2017

Recommended for Acting May 5, 2017

Recommended for Acting Mar 28, 2017