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Walsall, United Kingdom
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Physical Attributes

187 cm / 6ft 2in
78 kg / 171 lbs
White / Caucasian
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83 cm / 33 in
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Credits & experience

  • Walsall College : Level 4 HNC Diploma in Creative Media Production
  • Walsall College : Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative media Production
  • Walsall College : Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative media Production
  • Walsall College : Level 2 Creative media studies

Film & Stage Crew

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Runner or Assistant ability


I have worked on multiple productions for filming, from the basic college short films to conducting interviews with the head of the FA, from music videos, to paid work and to weddings, I have performed all stages of production. In my own short films (Which can be seen in my showreel), I was the director, editor, producer, writer, costume, fight choreographer, and set design.

Despite performing all these roles, my favourite is to edit, having the opportunity to build the narrative in my own way, adding in the correct visuals to fit my own making. It may not sound like much, but when projects come up for outside of education, my tutors and lecturers will ask me personally to film and edit the project as I've been told "I have a good eye for cinematography and editing."

My favourite type of production to edit is film, or anything with fiction. I prefer editing fiction as I slowly get to know the characters, I feel the vibe wanted for the film which only helps me know how best to edit. I have also conducted interviews with people for my own short documentaries but also recently, interviewed the founder of Women's Football, and the head of FA. Despite preferring to edit an actual production, I have also being asked on multiple occasions to be in a 2-person team to film and edit weddings. I have had to arrive early and stay till late to capture the whole day, and after that, having to edit the day to fit the clients wants.

On all my own productions, I have been the director, the one who knows exactly how the production should go, and because of this, I had to think of every detail (clothing, props, dialogue, locations, cinematography, and even choreography) and a lot of it was difficult. Locations scouting has been a real pain, sometimes having to plan months in advance and some other, hours in advance. I think a lot of my experience comes from seeing the examples in actual films, knowing the way a certain shot was done and knowing the effect it had helps me plan my own.

My biggest achievement in editing was recently, I was given an assignment which was to replicate any film scene, shot for shot, I chose to replicate a fight scene from Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, so if you want to see the pinnacle of my editing skill, please feel free to go to my YouTube Channel on my profile.

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