Eva Von Mitzka

Eva Von Mitzka Pro

London, United Kingdom


A = Advertiser

Flexible, arrived early and gave good support to the project. Would re-hire.

Recommended for Acting Sep 3, 2021

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Met up with the lovely Eva today in London, and we spent a amazing few hours shooting at different locations in the city around St Pauls. She was on time and dressed to shoot and had followed my advice on what to wear and looked lovely. She was very patient as the midday sun was playing havoc with settings luckily I bought along my flash and softbox. We did get some amazing shots and it ws a pleasure to work with her You should really check her out if you need a wonderful model!

Recommended for Modelling Aug 14, 2021

So talented and a pleasure to work with.

Recommended for Acting Jul 9, 2021

It was a pleasure working with beautiful Eva! thank you!

Recommended for Modelling Jul 2, 2021

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Eva acted on our advertising company for Bluejey.com. Eva is a very talented and creative actress. Very cooperative with the whole team and her performance was outstanding. She is a natural talent and I truly recommend Eva as she is genuine and highly professional.

Recommended for Acting Jun 13, 2021

The shoot was effortless due to Eva’s skill and experience in front of the camera. Easy to work with and very friendly - I would highly recommend.

Recommended for Acting Jun 8, 2021

Excellent work. Understood the project. Good sense of humour.. No nonsense. Thank you.

Recommended for Extras May 31, 2021

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Very knowledgeable and helpful.

Recommended for Acting Nov 2, 2020

Lovely lady. easy. laid back personality yet. whatever her role is well focused on and dedicated to deliver.

Recommended for Acting Oct 7, 2019

Professional, committed, easy-going and hugely supportive to the project and her peers. Directing Eva is a real pleasure. She is extremely reliable, committed to learning her part and sharing the stage with her fellow performers. I would have no doubt in recommending her.

Recommended for Acting Sep 24, 2019

Eva is an inspirational model and actress proving age means nothing, I admire your inner strength and consistency in the the modelling and actress world.

Recommended for Modelling Sep 16, 2019

It was a pleasure meeting and working with Eva, she is very professional and easy to work with. I highly recommand her and hope we will have the opportunity to do an other shooting together.

Recommended for Modelling Sep 4, 2019

Eva is a great Actress and I highly recommend her for your next project.

Recommended for Acting Aug 22, 2019

Thanks for the review, Eva! :)

Recommended for Influencer Aug 15, 2019

Eva is a pleasure to work with.

Recommended for Extras Jul 18, 2019

She is a brilliant actress highly recommended her

Recommended for Acting Apr 23, 2019

Arrived promptly; friendly, professional, easy to work with and took direction well

Recommended for Modelling Feb 28, 2019

StarNow Verified

It was a pleasure to work with Eva, she is very talented and professional. I would highly recommend Eva to anyone!

Recommended for Acting Feb 27, 2019

Eva was excellent and professional throughout our shoot. She brings warmth, enthusiasm and takes direction incredibly well. I would highly recommend Eva.

Recommended for Modelling Oct 9, 2018

Resume is solid. Shows dedication and focus. Would welcome opportunity to work with Eva.

Recommended for Acting Apr 17, 2018