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London, United Kingdom


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Very professional and lovely to work with. Over the years I have done few shoots with her and the results are always marvelous. I would highly recommend her as a model and as a presenter.

Recommended for Modelling Jan 30, 2019

will always enhance the shoot for sure

Recommended for Acting Sep 13, 2018

Professional and a very expressive model and storyteller!

Recommended for Modelling Aug 21, 2018

amazing profile

Recommended for Modelling May 11, 2018

Fleur is a super talented and inspirational young lady, she was a joy to work with because she is very professional but also very friendly and outgoing. I enjoyed meeting and working with Fleur very much and it’s easy to see why she is so well thought of and respected in the industry. I am very happy to recommend her very highly. Tim Ladd

Recommended for Acting Oct 30, 2017

It’s great to meet professionals with so much drive and passion well done....keep up the hard work....!!

Recommended for Acting Oct 14, 2017

Beautiful, Gorgeously Stunning, Amazing and Great Personality with Versatile Talent! I highly recommend!

Recommended for Acting Oct 10, 2017

Lovely friendly professional !! Fab to work with .

Recommended for Modelling Sep 18, 2017

Wow! Beautiful and professional.Get her booked! Great profile mate keep up the good work

Recommended for Acting Aug 2, 2017

Keep up the good work!

Recommended for Acting Jun 22, 2017

Amazing shoot yesterday, Fleur was on time and completely ready to go, natural talent, needed no direction, was a real pleasure to work with! If you get the chance to work with her, take it!!!!!!!!!!!

Recommended for Acting Jun 14, 2017

Thank you Fleur for your compliment... Good Luck

Recommended for Acting Mar 27, 2017

Thanks for following me. Good luck!

Recommended for Acting Feb 15, 2017

Thanks for the follow. Do return the recommendation. Thanks!

Recommended for Acting Jan 17, 2017

Highly recommend

Recommended for Acting Dec 18, 2016

Great communication before and after our Photoshoot, she had her make up and hair done professionally. Fleur turn up on time and well prepared with outfits and accessories. Looking forward to work with her again soon.

Recommended for Acting Nov 21, 2016

Beautiful woman i highly recommend Fleur

Recommended for Acting Aug 18, 2016

Fantastic, unique look. Good work! Highly recommended

Recommended for Acting May 2, 2016

Fantastic Model, she takes directions very well and she is a joy to work with. Very hard working woman. Thank you and can't wait to work with you again

Recommended for Modelling Mar 24, 2015

Fleur was an absolute goldmine, great at both scripted and ad-libbed material, and a total pleasure to work with.

Recommended for Acting Aug 20, 2014

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