Flo Chase

Flo Chase

Centre, France


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Was excellent and extremely helpful and accommodating. Thank you so much. Great work!

Recommended for Modelling Jun 9, 2017

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Flo was fantastic as the love interest in my film clip. He was reliable, punctual and extremely professional. I was extremely happy with the result and have since offered him paid music gigs and now consider him a personal friend. I would have no hesitation in recommending him for future jobs. Jaymai Johnson - The Strawberry Switchblade online talent and promotional agency

Recommended for Acting Jul 2, 2015

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Outstanding from The Mixer Man "EDM Producer from Liverpool England"

Recommended for Music Feb 16, 2014

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Florian was amazing to work with, he moved very well and took direction well. We were very happy with the results. Would highly recommend working with him.

Recommended for Modelling Aug 8, 2013

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It was my absolute pleasure to have Florian as one of the supporting roles on a viral short film that I directed in Mid-August, 2012. Working to very tight schedules, it was essential that the actors nailed their performance in a very small amount of takes, and this was never a problem for Florian! His energy, positive attitude, and commitment to the role ensured that their performance of a music student on a crusade translated perfectly on screen. It also ensured that the cast and crew had a warm rapport with each other, thus creating a very positive working environment. I would highly recommend Florian to any director, as his intelligence and talent will result in a final product that perfectly matches the original creative vision.

Recommended for Dancing Aug 28, 2012

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