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Coventry, United Kingdom
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Voiceover Reel

01Voiceover Reel
02DWFA - Romana
03Schizo Full Audio
04The Wonderful Chronicles of Weather
05DWFA - Bill Potts
06DWFA - Bill Potts Part 2
07DWFA - Bill Potts Part 3
08A Daughter's Love - Amy Brooks
09Buy Me - Lily
010Crooked: Episode One - Crowd
11DWFA 'Dark Side of the Moon' - Joe
12Habitat HQ - Mrs Peterson
13TDOLB - Rosie Parkinson
14The Catterson Chronicles - Lady Procel
15The Catterson Chronicles - Lady Procel 2

Physical Attributes

171 cm / 5ft 7in
White / Caucasian
Skin color:
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Her Day Opera : Choir (Musical Theatre)
  • Fiftymm Photography Glam Shoot: : Model
  • Agnetha Deveaux : Merelda (Voiceover)
  • MG Cars Ident : Hair Contributor (TV Commercial)
  • Fiftymm Photography Bonfire Shoot : Model
  • GirlGang Productions - 'The Better to See You With' : Ruby (Short/Student Film)
  • Fiftymm Photography Halloween Shoot : Model
  • Table Manners : Waitress (Theatre)
  • The Fabularium - The Carnival of Animals : Cornilius the Crow, Stag Ambassador (Outdoor Theatre/Festival)
  • The Hand of Fate : Imperial Officer (Voiceover)
  • Allesley Silas : Molly Farren, Mags Crackenthorpe, Choir (Theatre)
  • Neon Shoot : Model
  • Belgrade Theatre - Another Life : Anwen, Doctor (voice), Officer (voice), David's Mother (voice) (Short Film/Theatre)
  • DWFA: Special : Bill Potts (Voiceover)
  • Family Photoshoot : Photographer
  • Urban/ Street Model Photoshoot : Photographer
  • Nature Model Shoot : Photographer
  • Familia Story Theatre Company - 'The Wonderful Chronicles of Weather' : Wind (Theatre)
  • DWFA : Lily Stanfields (Voiceover)
  • The Plus+ Side : Self (Documentary)
  • Something Wicked : Book Illustrator
  • Schizo : Therapist (voiceover)
  • DWFA: Omega Wars : Bill Potts (Voiceover)
  • Student Makeup Campaign Propsal : Model/Product Promoter
  • Coventry University 'Is He Earnest?' : Sandy, CeeCee (live theatre)
  • Studio 240 Photoshoot : Model
  • Insomnia : Winter (short film)
  • TMMO 'Brothers Keeper' : Performer (Music Video)
  • Buy Me : Lily (Voiceover)
  • A Daughters Love : Amy Brooks (Voiceover)
  • 100 Beds : Self (Documentary)
  • DWFA - 10 Episodes : Bill Potts (Voiceover)
  • Crooked: Episode One : Crowd (Voiceover)
  • The Future is a F*cker: Chapter 19 - The Future is an Epilogue like This One : Castenada (Voice Over)
  • DWFA: 'Dark Side of the Moon' : Lucy, Joe (Voiceover)
  • The Bill : Anya (Student Short Film)
  • Habitat HQ : Mrs Peterson (Radio)
  • Coventry University 'A Christmas Carol' : Storyteller, Charity Worker, Mrs Fezziwig and Mrs Cratchit
  • DWFA: 'The Song of Death' : Shirley, Jane (Voiceover)
  • The Gadget Show : Audience member (TV)
  • Actors Headshot Photoshoot : Photographer
  • Frantic Assembly - 'Happy Happy' : Performer
  • Belgrade Senior Youth Theatre - 'Being Human' : Bodyguard, Researcher
  • Belgrade Senior Youth Theatre : Being Human (Writer)
  • Ms Curvaceous UK : Participant/Auditioner
  • Sons of Sam : Joanne Lomino (Student Film)
  • The Death of Laura Browning : Rosie Parkinson (Voiceover)
  • Albero Theatre Company- 'Hindsight' : Keeley (Short Film)
  • Coventry University - Waiting for Godot : Estragon
  • Coventry University - GameShow : Aura (voice over)
  • Broken : Child Abuser, Murder Victim (Student Film)
  • Coventry University - 'A Midsummers Night Dream' : Demetrius
  • Coventry University - 'The Shadow on the Wall' : Rebecca-Ann Glynn
  • Belgrade Theatre : Volunteer Support Worker
  • The Catterson Chronicles : Lady Procel (voice over)
  • Coventry University : BA (Hons) Theatre & Professional Practice
  • Frantic Assembly - ‘Oxygen’ : Performer
  • Invoke Theatre Company - ‘Life is a Cabaret’ : Angel, Showgirl, Performer
  • Invoke Theatre Company - ‘Angels in America’ : Joe, Henry, Ensemble
  • Invoke Theatre Company - 'A Doll's House' : Kristine Linde
  • Invoke Dance Company - 'Collaborate Dance' : Performer
  • Invoke Theatre Company - 'Christmas Concert' : Performer/ Singer
  • Invoke Theatre Company - 'The Wind in the Willows Audio Book” : Chapter Five Reader (Voice Over)
  • Invoke Theatre Company - 'The Wind in the Willows' : Weasel
  • Invoke Theatre Company - 'Username' : Toxic
  • Coventry College : Level 3 Extended Diploma in Performing Arts
  • Frantic Assembly - 'Absolute Truth' : Ensemble, Performer
  • Belgrade Senior Youth Theatre - 'Tethered to the Light' : Sandra, Marnie
  • Belgrade Senior Youth Theatre : Tethered to the Light - Depression Scene (Writer)
  • City College Coventry - 'Rock of Ages' : Vocal Ensemble, Protester, Various Characters
  • City College Coventry - 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time' : Duty Sergeant, Additional Voices
  • NPLH Productions - 'The Faction of Farce' : Screaming Bank Customer (voice over)
  • City College Coventry - 'Romeo & Juliet: Act One: Scene One' : Romeo
  • City College Coventry - 'Reminiscence Theatre' : Performer
  • Highly Sprung - 'Fallout Curtain Raiser' : Performer, Girl
  • City College Coventry - 'The Ash Girl' : Princess Zehra
  • City College Coventry - 'Ghost Stories/ The Lennox Haunting' : Ghost Presence
  • City College Coventry : Level 3 Diploma in Performing Arts
  • Frantic Assembly - 'Transformation' : Various Characters
  • City College Coventry - 'Encore' : Various Characters
  • City College Coventry 'Musical Performance' : Performer
  • Belgrade Senior Youth Theatre - 'The Generation Game' : Helen
  • Belgrade Theatre : Volunteer
  • City College Coventry - 'Chatroom' : Emily
  • City College Coventry - 'Smashed!' : Landlady
  • City College Coventry : Level 2 Diploma in Performing Arts
  • Belgrade Senior Youth Theatre - 'The Impossible Language of the Time' : Young Protester, Riot Police, Body Shop Worker
  • Belgrade Theatre : Acting, SYT Participant
  • City College Coventry : Level 2 Diploma in Art & Design
  • Tile Hill Wood School & Language College - 'The Audition' : Mother
  • Tile Hill Wood School & Language College - 'Much Ado About Nothing' : Beatrice
  • Herbert Art Gallery & Media : Work Experience


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

Puzzle Talent

  • English
  • French
  • German

  • Australian
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • USA New York

"I'm looking for the truth. The audience doesn't come to see you, they come to see themselves." - Julianne Moore.
Recently graduated from Coventry University with a BA Hons degree in Theatre & Professional Practice. Awarded with an upper-second class. Acting has been my ambition ever since I was a little girl. I’d join after-school drama clubs, watch behind the scenes of a breath-taking movie, and think to myself, “it must be so thrilling to be one person and suddenly then walk into another room and be someone else, completely different from who you were before”. That’s when I decided I wanted to be a part of something so creative and powerful, to experience someone else’s life, be put in their shoes. How they feel at that very moment and how they change through time.

During college, I came across some amazing opportunities and challenges to strengthen my acting skills as well as being introduced to my vocal skills. Here, was where I fell in love with musical theatre and performed various musical shows such as; ‘Encore’ (2016), ‘Rock of Ages’ (2017) ‘Life is a Cabaret’ (2018) at Albany Theatre, Coventry.

Whilst studying at college, I would attend local acting classes at the Belgrade Theatre, developing my acting, writing and directing to the next level. This also includes performing in a variety of theatre work with them such as 'The Impossible Language of the Time' (2015), 'Tethered to the Light' (2017) and ‘Another Life’ (2021). On the contrary, this experience has helped me mould into an improved actor and be open to further opportunities such as writing and directing. Which landed me in a role to also write and direct the depression scene for 'Tethered to the Light' and write a script called 'Being Human'. With being connected through the Belgrade Theatre, I’ve worked amongst other theatre companies such as Frantic Assembly and Highly Sprung. Performing in shows such as 'Transformation' (2016), 'Absolute Truth' (2017), 'Oxygen' (2018) and 'Happy Happy' (2019).

Furthermore, during my journey as an actor, I’ve been in various student productions, amateur and professional theatre productions, short films, radio, web series and audio stories.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

Extras agent

Puzzle Talent

Represented by Puzzle Talent, I’m an experience extra for TV commercials, TV shows, theatre productions, short films and voiceover. Recent work includes; ‘The Faction of Farce’ (2018) as a voiceover extra. Channel 5’s ‘The Gadget Show’ (2019) as a background extra. Short film production ‘Sons of Sam’ (2019) as a murder victim. North One TV ‘Fifth Gear Idents’ for MG Cars (2021) as a hair model.


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Part-time freelance model, currently seeking agency representation. Having experience in the studio, outdoor, influencing and themed shoots. I’ve worked with small brands called ‘Big Girl Season 365’ (Plus-Size Clothes) and ‘Juniper Berry Store’ (Jewellery), promoting their products on my Instagram page.

Furthermore, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to work with so many amazing, creative photographers within various genres. See examples on my profile, it’s always up-to-date. I’m open to almost anything, if you want to explore some madness, then please feel free to swing your idea my way. I hardly ever say no, unless I’m uncomfortable. I also do collaborations and TFP if you’re a beginner, however, travel is limited to West Midlands only, as it’s unpaid.

Notes to brands who are seeking influencers.

I only influence products I believe in, mostly things I would use personally. This will give the promotion a better review. Unfortunately, I don’t accept jobs that require you to purchase the products and earn on commission. I either accept paid work or receive the product free of charge to promote.


I'm an influencer in fashion for the Plus-size community, representing women of all shape and sizes. Sometimes I collaborate with brands to promote their products on my social media, such as Instagram. I have worked with companies such as Juniper Berry Store and Big Girl Season 365.

Notes to brands who are seeking influencers.

I only influence products I believe in, mostly things I would use personally. This will give the promotion a better review. Unfortunately, I don’t accept jobs that require you to purchase the products and earn on commission. I either accept paid work or receive the product free of charge to promote.


Vocal ability

Backing vocals

Vocal range


Singing styles
  • Pop

Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Indie
  • Hip-hop
  • Classical

Influences: Milck, Aurora, Lady Gaga, Skylar Grey

Trained in musical theatre at college for three years. Experience chorus singer for amateur and professional theatre productions such as; ‘A Christmas Carol’ (2019) and ‘Allesley Silas’ (2021). Have sung solo for some musical shows, such as ‘Life is a Cabaret’ (2018). My vocals are adaptable depending on the song, my vocal range is mezzo-soprano.

TV & Reality

I've had some experience within TV, starring in the web series 'The Faction of Farce' as one of the voice-overs in the third season, directed by Ross K. Foad. I've also been an audience member for the 'Gadget Show' on Channel 5.

I've also had previous experience in interviews, having done a reality TV-styled interview back in 2011 at the Herbert Art Gallery & Media for one of our projects alongside filmography. Also joining in on the interview for the parliament taken place at my college back in 2014, interviewing each candidate alongside other participants from other courses.

Film & Stage Crew

Art & Costume Design ability


Directing & Writing ability


Behind the scenes has always been an inspiration for me. To watch the creativity of a production unfold and see the end results are just incredible. Along my journey as a developing actor, I've had the opportunity to work behind the scenes of films and theatre productions. Whether that was filming the scene, holding the boomstick, designing the logo for the film or doing the get in and get out for a theatrical play. I've always been inspired to work behind as well as in front of the productions.

Furthermore, I'm an artist, I've designed numerous paintings, drawings, digital artwork for fun, but also for some companies and freelance writers. In 2021, I had the incredible opportunity to design some chapter headers for a freelance writer, using digital illustration for a book called 'Wicked'. During my space-time, I love to create portraits using various art materials such as pastels, paints, digital art and pencil. Samples of my artwork can be seen on my Instagram profile @Gemogorgon, if you want me to design something for you, my commissions are open. Please send me a full description of your idea so I can perform the best to your vision.

During my time as a senior youth member at the Belgrade Theatre, I was involved in writing one play, 'Being Human', 2019 and a scene from another, 'Tethered to the Light', 2017. I also had experience in writing small short scenes for showreels and other productions.


Photography experience

Part-time professional (paid work)

Photography website

I'm a part-time photographer when I'm not acting, my equipment is based in Coventry. Therefore, I tend to do photoshoots around West Midlands and anywhere else upon my travels. I've worked with aspiring actors and models who are starting their careers and needed some headshots and model images for their portfolios. On the other hand, I've also worked with some professionals. I always make my sessions easy for the client, so they're comfortable. If you're new and unsure of what to do, I will guide and direct you. Everyone is welcome, no matter what age, race, gender or background. If you're in need of some new photos, then contact me on my website or my Instagram @Photogemphic. I do charge for sessions, anything outside of the West Midlands will also include a travel fee. Please contact me for further details if you wish to work with me.


  • English
  • French
  • German

  • Australian
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • USA New York

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