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New South Wales, Australia
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Physical Attributes

190 cm / 6ft 3in
91 cm / 36 in
86 kg / 189 lbs
Eye color:
Hair color:
111 cm / 44 in
Hair length:
Skin color:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Short film (The Comedian): : Diplomat
  • Live performance, Script-in-Hand: : Kendrick, "Creative Juices" (featured, speaking)
  • Live performance, Short and Sweet Festival : Director, writer, producer "My Little Joey"
  • Music video (Azaadoota, middle eastern) : Dancer (featured), party goer
  • Music video (Ariyah's " You're the One") : Marriage Celebrant (featured)
  • Short film (Rivergum Church) : The Apostle James (featured, speaking)
  • Feature Film (Sapphire in Sequins; AFTRS) : Attendee of gay sauna
  • Play reading (Paul Zagoridis) : Character reading "The Fluffy Project"
  • Play
  • Play reading (Ruby Productions) : Character reading Concentration Camp
  • Advertisement Greenscope (Artera Productions) : extra for green screen
  • Music video (Brett Orford) : extra
  • QUIZZAME Host : Trivia host/entertainer (featured, speaking, MC)
  • Bodyartists and Statue : ANZAC soldier (guest relations)
  • MTV Interview : Interviewee for "Georgie Shore " (featured, speaking)
  • Advertisement (Bendigo Bank Insurance) : Featured behind counter
  • Short Film: "Possession" : Cameraman (featured, speaking)
  • Advertisement (ERGO) : Skater dude, bus passenger, dancer
  • Short film "Election Day" : Voter
  • Live performance: "The Eye Clinic" : Director for Short and Sweet Festival
  • Live performance: "The Old Woman who Lived in the Shoe" : Props
  • Live performance: "Diamonds and Ruby's" : Principal of school (support, lines)
  • Short film festival (Network Filming, Shebie King): "Carmine" : 1920's gentleman
  • Tropfest film (Network Filming, Shebie King): Tunnel Vision : Vampire and zombie
  • Music video: Azadoota : Dancer in music video
  • Short film ( "MAN TO MAN") : Hotel customer
  • Online advertisement (paid speaking) : Customer for Bambilo mattresses
  • Commercial advertisement (featured retiree lines) : SPC Conveyancing
  • Short film (dancer) : Behind the Counter
  • Short film (dancer) : Behind the Counter
  • Short film (featured extra, lines, private security guard) : Finding Rachel
  • Short film (extra, elderly retiree)) : Woodworm Food
  • Directed short play (Crash-Test-Drama) : The Lovely Escort
  • Short film (featured extra: security guard, lines)) : Rachel
  • Feature film (extra- Indian villager) : Greed
  • Directed short play (Crash-Test-Drama) : The Night Watch
  • Directed short play (Crash-Test-Drama, into final) : The Eye Clinic
  • Short film (featured extra, monster) : Something is Watching
  • Short film (paid extra, hobo) : Tony
  • TV series (paid, feature extra- dialogue, doctor) : Deadly Women
  • Feature film (featured extra- doctor) : Cops' Enemy
  • Short film (featured extra: doctor) : Absit
  • Short film (congregation): : Absit
  • Photoshoot (featured): : Cancer fund raiser, 'Save the Box'
  • Photoshoot (featured): : Reminiscing Couple Coogee beach
  • Music video (featured: sound guy): : Creased
  • Music video (extra: card player): : Ariyah
  • TV pilot (contestant): : Outnumbered
  • Live performance (Casino, modelling) : ANZAC soldier
  • Advertisement (contestant) : Numbers Game
  • Short film (chauffeur, doctor, reporter) : The Scarecrow and the Skydiver
  • Corporate video, green screen : Commuter
  • Live performance (Casino, modelling) : Jockey
  • TV series (paid extra, dialysis patient) : Pulse
  • Live performance ( Abner, support, a General in Saul's army, in the story of King David): : Through the Valley
  • Live performance (Martin, Short and Sweet Festival; starring): : Press Play
  • Live performance (paid support; Principal Mr Gardener, musical ): : Popcorn High
  • Live performance (The Wazir, comedy , pantomime): : Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
  • Short film (paid extra, Muscle man juror): : Beach Justice
  • Live performance (Casino, modelling) : The Golden Man
  • Short film (extra, restaurant diner) : Phake It
  • Student film (unpaid extra: neighbour) : 0ther View (Director: Sally Broad SFS
  • Short film (unpaid extra, doctor) : Outbreak Generation
  • Live performance (Casino, modelling) : Indian chief
  • Short film (unpaid extra: paparazzi; pilot) : Arty Farty
  • Film - Virtual Reality (unpaid extra, dinner guest, SFS student)) : Inferno
  • Live performance (Casino, modelling) : Race car driver
  • Online advertisement (paid extra Ebay) : Lawnmower Jockey
  • Film (support role; unpaid speaking role: counsellor) : The Solution by Marcus Cloherty
  • Live performance (Luna Park, Halloween character, Halloscream) : Norman Bates
  • Live performance (Casino, modelling) : Grand final footballer statue
  • Music video (extra: alien doctor-the bad guy) : Sixation by Rufflefeather
  • Music video (extra: strongman) : Joe Moore "Easy for You"
  • Advertisement (paid extra: academic) : Canberra Editting
  • Online advertisement (paid extra: businessman) : Allen's confectionary
  • TV series (paid extra: airline passenger) : Top of the Lake
  • Music video (paid extra-audience) : Taku X Wafia
  • TV advertisement (unpaid extra, refer to recommendations) : Cancer fund raiser, 'Save the Box'
  • Film (extra, member of funeral congregation) : The Immortal
  • TV Series (paid extra: hotel guest) : Secret Daughter
  • Film (paid extra- reactive audience; Capitol Theatre) : Dance Academy
  • Film (student film, extra- refugee, refer to recommendations) : Parallax
  • Film: (unpaid speaking role: priest) : Head Above Water
  • Film (unpaid speaking role - support role, security guard) : The Nightguard
  • Film (Product testing air roaster, paid speaking, impromptu) : Info-commercial
  • NIDA : Impromptu
  • NIDA Course : Introduction to Acting
  • Live performance (Casino, modelling, refer to recommendation) : ANZAC soldier statue
  • Film (extra- doctor in scrubs, refer to recommendations) : Tabernacle 101
  • Film (extra - assembly audience of school) : Fathers' Day
  • Film (extra - bretheren in congregation of cult) : Grace
  • Music video (set in 50's, extra, customer in milk bar. Available on youtube) : 'Sweet Love' by Bolier
  • Film (extra, burnt body, called back for reshoot, refer recommendations) : Amy Danzig directed by Josh Sambono
  • Live theatre ( 6 performances, paid speaking part: Mr Lawrence) : Little Women


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • Australian

Performed in 13 musicals (Sydney Teachers College and Holroyd Music and Dramatic Society)
Can Can (STC)
The Boyfriend
Calamity Jane (HM&DS) twice
Kismet - Orange merchant
Annie - Butler
Oliver- Policeman
Guys and Dolls - 6 minor roles
South Pacific - small solo singing part, sailor with lines
My Fair Lady
Annie get your Gun

Played 'dead burnt body' in Amy Danzig directed by Josh Sambono for YouTube movie

Customer in milk bar for 50's music video directed by Alladin Yousef

Mr Lawrence in 'Little Women' live theatre.

Doctor in 'Tabernacle'

Priest in 'Head Above Water' (speaking)

Counsellor in 'The Solution'

The Wazir in "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves " (pantomime, comedy)

Principal in Popcorn High "(musical , love theatre)

Martin in 'Press Play ' an entry in the Short and Sweet Festival (10min play- only person on stage)

Abner (General, Saul's army) "Through the Valley" (support role, story of King David, live theatre)

Doctor in "DEADLY WOMEN" (TV production)

Yoga guru (Pintari - speaking role) in "PRANA" (Short Tropfest film)


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

Extras agent



Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

Completed two portrait shoots for
Coogee couple photoshoot (Flashstock)

photographer's portfolio.

ANZAC soldier for photos at Star Casino (thrice)

Info commercial

Football statue for photos at The Star

Formula 1 driver statue (present key to winner of cars) at the Star

Golden Man (photographs) at the Star

Golden Indian (photographs) at the Star

TV & Reality

'OUTNUMBERED' Contestant (pilot gameshow)
'PULSE' Dialysis patient extra, new series, ABC)
'SECRET DAUGHTER' Guest in hotel (extra, new series Channel 7)
'TOP OF THE LAKE' Tourist (extra, TV series)
'DEADLY WOMEN" featured speaking role Doctor (TV series)
'COPS' ENEMY' Doctor (Feature film, speaking role)


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Ballroom
  • Latin American


TV presenter experience

No previous TV presenter experience

Presenting agent


  • English

  • Australian

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