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Manchester, United Kingdom
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Physical Attributes

185 cm / 6ft 1in
76 kg / 167 lbs
White / Caucasian
111 cm / 44 in
Skin color:
86 cm / 34 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • A Short Film “ GLADOS “ Filming at the Studios in Manchester : SCI -FI Movie, Playing Scientist Dr Adam Cunningham.
  • Feature Film “ KILLING RAINBOW “ Playing Gangster Terry Allen. : Filming on location in London and Spain and Berlin.
  • A Short Film “ DETECTED “ filmed on location in Blackpool. : Playing one of the main roles of Andy Smith.
  • Feature horror Film “WRONG SIDE “ playing DCI John Riley. : Filming on location in Manchester. Fading blood productions
  • The Executioner. A short film I wrote filming now. : Magoo Studios Manchester.
  • I’ve been Writing all the way through these difficult times Written over 26 Short Stories , : Writing from home. Keeping my creative skills going.
  • FILMING BBC T.V Series , It’s a Sin, Filming in Manchester : Playing the part of the Isle of white man , 1 weeks filming.
  • THE EXECUTIONER, Short film I’ve written, soon to be released, I played the part of the Detective. : Filmed on location in Manchester and at Magoo Media Ltd.
  • I’ve Wrote various short stories for Magoo media Ltd : Writing from home, written over 25 stories.
  • The Lockdown, story of a Werewolf, also a short story about Depression. : Currently Writing several short stories, to be soon made into short films
  • Music video “ CAST “ : Playing a High Priest, taken from the Horror movie “ Covens of Evil “
  • Podcast recording live, talking about murder by pencil,for Director Craig Quinn . : And Craig Quinn’s films that’s he’s directed me in. he’s made, Recorded live in Manchester.
  • FEATURE Film “ PARALLELS “ filming on location at MAGOO Studios in Manchester, also on location in : Lancashire, ,Playing a Detective Inspector Kent.
  • Production meeting, with Magoo Production Company, my book short into a short film. : Western Story “ man with no shame “ playing the lead part of Ringo
  • COVENS OF EVIL Music video, taken from the Feature Film, : Filmed on location in Yorkshire,
  • Red Production for Channel 4, “ BOYS “ four part drama, playing isle of white guys. : Filmed on location in Manchester.
  • Writing several short stories at the moment, : I’ve wrote thirteen up to now, and I’ve had my novel Murder by Pencil released. Writing.
  • FEATURE FILM Title “ PARALLELS “ Read Through, : Playing DCI Trent. Filming in England.
  • FEATURE FILM NETFLIX T.V Production, “ The Stranger “ one weeks filming : Played a construction worker, Speaking part. Filmed on location in Manchester.
  • FEATURE FILM The Eagles Nest Returned, Filmed on location in Lancashire. : Playing a German Colonel Kessler, Speaking part.
  • SHORT FILM, End of the line, a story about 5 Ghosts on a train. Filmed At Manchester transport muse. : Playing Arthur the Ghost. Speaking part.
  • PHYSIO.CO.UK , MODELLING SHOOT , Taking place at a Manchester Studios : Modelling For Massage/ Gym / Physio For Website and Posters.
  • R. H. Paranormal investigations, at Blakey , Bogart hole woods. : Played myself being part of the investigation team.
  • I’m Writing several short stories, at the moment , plus a another novel at the moment, : Hope to publish soon, all In between filming projects.
  • M/C & Host at a Peaky blinders charity night , : Hosting the auction and. Raffles, and signing books.
  • CHANEL 5. prison drama, “ CLINK “ Speaking part, : Played a roving “ Journalist “ Filmed on , location at Liverpool army barracks in Liverpool.
  • Wrote two short stories, A man with no shame & one shot Walter, : Both have been turned into songs by a Las Vegas musician
  • MOVIE / FILM , BATMAN Terror of Arkham. Played Auction atendent, lord huntsby. : Filmed on location in Manchester.
  • Hollyoaks, Playing a Registrar for a wedding scene. 2 Days Filming. : Filmed at lime st Studios, Liverpool.
  • AUTHOR / ACTOR , first novel “ Murder by Pencil “ Crime novel Published, : By Authorshouse,
  • BBC Drama " MOVING ON" Jimmy McGovern drama, Playing a security guard, : Filmed on location in Liverpool.
  • Music video, Filmed on location in Manchester.
  • T.V COMMERCIAL, Scoda 90s car advert , filmed on location in Manchester, : At Manchester grammar school, Played a school head teacher,
  • FEATURE FILM / MOVIE " Covens of Evil " Gothic Horror Film, played a High Priest, : filmed on location in Yorkshire. IMDb. Credit,
  • BBC Drama Series , " City and the City " Based on the book, playing a Russian Security Cop, : Filmed entirely on location in Liverpool.
  • FEATURE FILM / MOVIE , Surprise, filmed on location in Manchester : 3 part Horror trilogy, Playing a police officer IMDb credited.
  • BBC PRDUCTION, True Crime Stories, Playing A Convict on the run, Speaking part, filmed at : Media city Studios.
  • BBC PRODUCTION SCROOGE “ A Christmas Carol “ Theatre Comedy, Playing a Pallbearer : All star cast, 3 days filming at TV Studios Manchester MediaCityUK
  • EMMERDALE ITV Prodution, filmed 2 separate Episodes, played a Auction customer. : Also a Hospital visitor, filmed at ITV Studios Leeds.
  • FILM /MOVIE, " Surprise " a Triology " of Short Films made into a Movie, played a Forensic police : Officer, filmed on location in Lancashire. IMDb credited. 2 Days Filming.
  • Music video, I’d i Black, filmed on location, : In Manchester.
  • SONY MUSIC intro to a music Video Film / Movie, for Beautiful Productions, : Filmed on location in Manchester,
  • PEAKY BLINDERS , BBC Gangster Drama, Filmed on location in Liverpool. 2 : Days Filming. Playing a " Peaky blinder Gangster "
  • PEAKY BLINDERS , BBC Gangster Drama , : Filmed on location in Liverpool. 2 Days Filming. Playing a Peaky Blinder Gangster "
  • EMMERDALE I.T.V Studios Leeds, Filmed on location at Bradford crown court, Episode ( 4 ) : Filmed on location, 4 days filming.
  • EMMERDALE I.T.V Studios Leeds, Filmed on location at Bradford crown court, : Episode ( 3 ) filmed on location for 4 days.
  • EMMERDALE I.T.V. Studios leeds, filmed on location at Bradford crown court, Episode 2. : ( 2 )Filmed on location for 4 days.
  • EMMERDALE I.T.V. Studios leeds. : Filmed on location at Bradford crown court, Episode (1). Filmed on location for 4 days.
  • PORRIDGE, BBC SITCOM Comedy Series, Episode "6" 2Days filming in front of a live Audience, : Playing a prison officer, filmed at media city dock 10 studios.
  • PORRIDGE , BBC Comedy sitcom series, Episode " 5 " 2days filming, : Playing a prison officer, filmed at Dock 10 Studio 's Media city, filmed in front of a live Audience.
  • "PORRIDGE " BBC Comedy Sitcom Series, Episode " 4 " Playing a prison officer, filmed at media city, : Dock 10, Manchester 2days filming, filmed in front of a live Audience,
  • "PORRIDGE " BBC Comedy Sitcom Series , Episode "3" , Playing a Prison Officer, Filmed at Media City : Dock 10, Salford Manchester, 2 Days Filming. Filmed in Front of a live Audience.
  • " PORRIDGE " BBC Comedy Sitcom Series, Episode " 2 " Playing a Prison Officer, : Filmed at media city dock 10 Salford, Manchester, 2 Days Filming, filmed in front of a live audience.
  • " PORRIDGE " BBC Comedy Series, sitcom, Episode " 1 " Playing a Prison officer. : Filmed at media city studios dock 10 Salford , Manchester, 3days filming, filmed in front of a live Audience.
  • " JUDGE RINDER " ITV Production, True Crime drama played a Barrister, Speaking Part, : Filmed on location at Bolton crown court.
  • CHANNEL 4 Documentary / Drama, two days filming, Hunting the KGB Killers, Russian Spy story. : Filmed on location in Liverpool. Playing detective White, two days filming, Speaking part,
  • CHANNEL 4 , Documentary/drama, " Hunting the KGB "true story playing detective White, speaking part, : Russian Spy docu/ drama, Filming on location in Manchester, " one week 5days filming.
  • Feature film/movie Screwedover 2 , played a cameraman/journalist. Speaking part, : Filmed on location at Bolton prison/court. IMDB Credit.
  • I.T.V Series EMMERDALE , playing " Harry " the Farmer, Bonfire night Special. : Filmed on location at Home Farm Emmerdale Leeds.
  • BBC, Agatha Christie Crime Drama, WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION , : IMDB Credited, " Speaking part, " newspaper seller, filmed on location in Liverpool.
  • TV COMMERCIAL ,for MAN UTD, "Adidas" " speaking part" : Filmed on location at the Stadium , Manchester.
  • CBBC Children's BBC Comedy, " CLASS DISMISSED " played a history teacher, : Filmed on location at Hazel Grove High School, Manchester.
  • TV mini series, Boys in the Band, "web series" playing Mike, speaking part, : "The Engagement party " Filmed on location in Manchester ,
  • I.T.V Drama Series "COLD FEET " : Playing a prison officer, filmed on location at Lancaster prison.
  • ITV Drama " EMMERDALE " playing a Southampton dingle filmed .on location at ITV Emmerdale village : " Speaking part, " Episode 2.
  • EMMERDALE, I.T.V Series, playing a gypsy dingle," Speaking part, filmed on location at Emmerdale : I.T.V Leeds studio / village episode 1
  • " PORRIDGE " BBC Sitcom Series, pilot for TV, : Filmed in front of a live audience , Playing a prison guard, IMDb credited, filmed at BBC Studios Media City, Manchester.
  • " ARE YOU BEING SERVED " BBC Sitcom Series : Filmed in front of a live audience, Playing a deerstalker customer, filmed at the BBC studios media city manchester.
  • " PORRIDGE " BBC Sitcom pilot episode. 2 days of filming trailer : Playing a prison guard. Filmed at media city studios manchester .
  • FEATURE FILM / MOVIE , "Bikini Blue" period drama set in the 1950s . : Playing a gentlemen, " a polish Prodution. " Film on location in England. Imdb credited.
  • CH4, NO OFFENCE Crime drama Comedy, played a dodgy window cleaner. Filmed on location in Manchester.
  • BBC Crime Drama, " OUR GIRL" playing a press photographer, : Filmed on location in Manchester.
  • FEATURE FILM / MOVIE, : " Mad to be Normal " period drama set in the 1960s , Playing a doctor on a train, filmed on location in North Yorkshire.
  • Documentary Film " we are suffragist " for the British museum , : Angry husband , "speaking part" filmed on location in the rossendale valley, IMDb credit.
  • T.V COMMERCIAL , Bookings . Com : Football , filmed on location at Blackpool football club.
  • I.T.V series EMMERDALE , : Playing a hotel guest, filmed at I.T.V studios Leeds. Yorkshire.
  • T.V COMMERCIAL , for 188 betting and gambling. : Playing Dave the cider man on a market stall holder , speaking part, filmed on location in Cheshire,
  • "FILM / MOVIE" "EAST MAN" Speaking Part, : Playing a detective investigater. Filmed on location in Manchester.
  • BBC Crime Drama, : Happy Valley, Playing a detective, filmed on location in Manchester and Yorkshire.
  • T.V mini Series, : Boys in the Band. Playing mike, Speaking part. Filmed on location in Manchester.
  • Music video, filmed in Manchester : Filmed in a music studio Manchester.
  • "I.T.V Crime Drama Prey 2 : Playing Detective Peter Shaw. Filmed on location in Manchester.
  • Filming/Advert/Commercial, at Manchester United, Old Trafford Manchester. : Journalist.
  • HOLLYOAKS , Episode 4 : played a prison guard, filmed at lime studios Liverpool.
  • TV Mini Series, Boys in the Band. : Speaking part, playing Mike.
  • Film/ Advert/Commercial : Racecourse commercial for race owners/buyers. Filmed on location at Doncaster racecourse, Yorkshire.
  • ITV crime drama, PREY, : playing Detective Peter Shaw.
  • ITV Emmerdale , Episode 3 : playing a Fireman, filmed at the emmerdale village North Yorkshire.
  • ITV Crime Drama, Prey 2 : Playing Detective Peter Shaw.
  • CH4 HOLLYOAKS , : Played a pall bearer. filmed on location in Liverpool
  • Emmerdale : playing a business man, filmed on location in Harrogate North Yorkshire.
  • ITV Prey, 2 , Crime Drama, 3 part mini series. : playind detective. Peter shaw.
  • I.T.V Crime Drama, Prey 2. Episode 3 : Playing a detective, Peter shaw, Speaking part.
  • Filming "Photo Shoot" : Filming "Old Trafford" Man Utd.
  • I.T.V Prey 2, Episode 3 : Crime Drama, playing a Detective Peter shaw, Speaking part.
  • ITV Emmerdale, filmed at ITV studio,s. Episode 2 : Played a Fireman,
  • ITV Emmerdale, Filmed at I.T.V Studios. Episode 1 : Playing a Fireman
  • Short Film, : " The Door " Victorian Drama, Playing a Judge.
  • Feature fim, " Screwed Over 2. : IMDB playing a Journalist.
  • I.T.V Crime drama "PREY 2" : Eposode 2. Playing a Detective Peter shaw, Speaking part.
  • Feature Film, "Boys in the Band" : Playing Mike,
  • I.T.V Crime Drama, : "PREY" 2 Eposode 1. Playing a Detective Peter shaw, Speaking part.
  • Feature film/movie, " La Corrispondenza " " The Correspondence" : " Italian / Brittish/ American Prodution, " IMDB credited.
  • Feature Film, your a dead ringer too : "Voice over "
  • "Feature film/Movie Feature film. "Womble" : Playing a Homeless man. IMDB credited, speaking part.
  • Emmerdale, I.T.V studios Leeds. Episode 2. : Business man, filmed at the Robin Hood Airport Yorkshire.
  • Feature Film." A Gangsters Story " IMDB credited : Speaking part. Playing a Gangster "Frank Delaney. Filmed on location in Blackpool.
  • Filming/ Music video. : Playing a Policeman , Filmed in a Manchester T.V Studio.
  • Filming Game Show, Speaking role, : Filmed at media city Manchester. Pilot for a new show.
  • Filming, Music video, : Bad grammar music video, filmed at Mitchell & Kenyan theatre ,
  • Coronation St, filmed at ITV studios. Salford. : Played a installation man.
  • Emmerdale, Filmed at ITV Studios, Leeds episode 1. : Airport passenger Airport scenes, filmed at robin hood airport,
  • BBC Comedy drama. : Ordinary lies. Played a pub regular,
  • Filming for Coca Cola Advert, : Playing a security doorman. A commercial to be televised in U.S.A.
  • Stock film footage filming. Filmed in Bolton. : Care home scenes, & political voting scenes.
  • HOLLYOAKS Episode 3 : played a prison Guard. Filmed at lime studios Liverpool.
  • HOLLYOAKS , Episode 2 : played a prison guard. Filmed at lime studios Liverpool.
  • The Driver. TV mini series, Episode 2 : playing a cheese taser.
  • Feature Film/Movie, : Back to forward, Playing a Detective . Filmed on location in Lancashire.
  • Ch4 HOLLYOAKS , Episode 1 : played prison guard , filmed at lime studios Liverpool.
  • BBC Comedy Drama, : "Ordinary Lies" Played a pub regular.
  • Feature Film/movie, "HUNTERS PRAYER" : . HOLLYWOOD Production.Played dinner guest. Filmed on location in North Yorkshire.
  • BBC Comedy, House of Fools. : Filmed in front of 300 people, a live audience.
  • Film/movie. Hostage 2 The Return. Played a Hitman. : Speaking Part. IMDB credited,
  • I.T.V Drama PREY 1, TV Mini Series : playing detective, filmed on location in Manchester.
  • Film/movie. : Screwed Over. Reporter, (Speaking Role) IMDB credited.
  • I.T,V Emmerdale, Christmas special. Filmed at : I.T.V Studios. Truckers Christmas party, Played a Drunken Trucker.
  • "I.T.V DRAMA CILLA,". I.T.V Biopic, Playing a New York Doorman. : TV 3 part Film. TV movie/ Film. Filmed on location in Liverpool.
  • CORANATION ST, filmed at I.T.V Studios : Eposode 2. played a thug,
  • CH4 Hollyoaks, : Boxing Referee, "Speaking Part" filmed on location in Liverpool.
  • BBC1 comedy, : Citizen Khan. Filmed in front of a live audience.
  • CH4 Cucumber TV series, filmed on location, Drama,played : ESP 3 Played a doorman.
  • Film, court drama, : For stock footage. For U.S.A Television & Great Britain.
  • Hollyoaks CH4 T.V series, eps 5,Prison Guard. : Lime studios.
  • Hollyoaks , Ch4 TV Series, Eps 4 : Prison guard,
  • Feature Film/Movie, Comedy War Film, "The Eagles Nest" : Played a German Soilder.( Speaking Part) IMDB credited.
  • "EARTH " Short Film/movie. IMDB credited. : Sci/fi Film.
  • CH 4 Series, "Cucumber, eps 2 : Man in bar, filmed on location in Manchester.
  • Hollyoaks Ch4. TV series, Eps 3 : Prison guard.
  • Hollyoaks , T.V Series , Ch 4, Eps 1 : Played Prison warden,
  • Chanel 4 series, Cucumber, Drama, Eps 1 : Played a Journalist ,
  • Romeo & Juliet. : Music video. Spanish TV & world wide.
  • Hollyoaks, CH 4 T.V series, , Eps 2 : Playing Prison Warden,
  • Coronation St, I.T.V Studios. : T.V Series. Eps 1,played pub regular.
  • T.V Series, for American T.V " Paranormal intent" : Paranormal investergation, Guest on the show,interviewd people, played myself,
  • Film/movie short, THE HOSTAGE. : IMDB credited Playing a Hitman, ( Speaking Part )
  • Film / movie, feature, Played two roles, : WW1 drama, " Pals for life " played Soilder /Civilian
  • Film/ movie, Your a dead ringer too. : Undercover detective, (speaking part) IMDB credited.
  • Film The walking dead U,K : Short/film
  • BBC Crime Drama, played railway man/coffin carrier. : Ripper Street,
  • SKY LIVING, "Comedy" Mount Pleasant" : Filmed In
  • Feature/Film "Playing With Fire 2" : Gangster/mafia/trilogy Speaking Role IMDB Credited.
  • Film/ "ROCK" With Michelle Collins, : Supporting role. Gambler.
  • BBC1 Gangster Drama, Peaky Blinders, : Played a Detective,
  • I.T.V / T,V movie / Film, : true drama, "CILLA" Suppoorting Actor, Played a New York doorman.
  • Commercial for "Man Utd," Filmed at Old Trafford. : Chevrolet , Commercial , to be viewed in U.S.A & China.
  • BBC Drama "The Driver" : Speaking part. Supporting/Actor.
  • T.V series. : Paranormal intent. (played himself )
  • VoiceOver for the feature film, 27memory lane. : IMDB credited, Manchester studio.
  • Emmerdale, I.T.V Series : Played a painter, Filmed at I,T,V . Studio,s
  • Short film/movie speaking part, : "No way out" IMDB Credited.
  • Feature film/movie "The Wrong Side Of Town" : Speaking role, IMDB Credited,
  • Feature Film/movie "Playing with Fire" : Speaking role, IMDB Credited.
  • Music/film/themed Gangster 1930s themed, : Music video, Credited,
  • Emmerdale, I.T.V Series! : Supporting/actor. Club regular.
  • Film/movie, "back 2 forward" playing a detective, : Actor IMDB credited, speaking role.
  • T.V commercial, : Supporting/actor
  • I,T.V Drama "Prey" : Supporting/actor playing a "detective"
  • T.V series. : Paranormal intent. ( played himself )
  • I,T.V series Emmerdale , : Filmed at I.T.V. Studios Leeds. Lap dancing punter.
  • T.V series. : Paranormal intent.
  • BBC TV Series Antique Roadshow , : Playing myself, filmed on location in Burnley.
  • Sony music video, playing a policeman, filmed in Leeds Yorkshire.
  • Movie/film 27 memory lane. : "Speaking role " playing Herb pennyworth, , IMDB credit.
  • Movie/Film "suicide is easy" supporting actor, : IMDB credited.
  • Music / film video, world cup song, : Filmed in Manchester studio/location,
  • Film/movie short/Philadelphia : Actor/speaking role. IMDB Credited.
  • Movie/film" "candyfloss" : Played Tony, speaking role IMDB credited.
  • Film/TV movie Qjacker, : Supporting/actor, IMDB Credited.
  • Movie/Film video filmed in Manchester.Credited. : Music video shoot,
  • Film/Commercial advert. : Supporting actor.
  • Actor/model nation wide campaign. : Actor/model poster campaign.
  • FEATURE FILM Movie/film, "the caravan" : Supporting/actor IMDB credited.
  • BBC radio interview talking about being in the feature film Vroom, : Playing a Boxers Trainer , Graham Parrington,
  • Modeling shoot, : Modeling, wedding suits Manchester.
  • Movie/film Called vroom supporting actor. IMDB : Various walk on parts, also played a " speaking role " as a boxer's trainer.
  • Feature Film / Movie , The lost German, filmed in and around Lancashire : Playing a farm boy, the movie/ Film was never released.
  • BBC Sports Program interview ,
  • BBC drama, T.V series Juliet Bravo. : Played a gambler.
  • BBC drama, Juliet bravo T,V series/ drama. : Regular extra, played a prisoner.


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

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I am a professenal & full time ACTOR , MODEL, & AUTHOR , " I have appeared in several T.V shows, and Appeared in a few films,in which i was IMDB credited, ( speaking parts) have worked with some top leading actors, Clive Owen, jim broadbent, diana quick, David thewlis, David morrissy , John SIMM, Sheridan smith, also done some commercials,I'm interested in cinema sport reading.i played semi professional football. I love two keep fit, I'm a very social person, and love mixing and chatting. I am 6'1 and of athletic build.

I have also appeared in T.V series Peaky blinders playing a gangster. Porridge. full series all six episodes , playing a prison officer. Are you being served, Coronation St & Emmerdale Hollyoaks Spaeking roles, as a supporting actor.& also appeared in BBC & I,T.V dramas, also short listed for various Films & commercials, also just finished a film "27 memory lane & a film called candyfloss, as a supporting actor,I had a speaking roles & was IMDB credited,.I have also done music videos and nationwide poster shoots.I have also done commercials,I am very interested in all aspects of film making "British film industry, I am a very confident out going person with a fun outlook on life, I live in the Rossendale valley which is 20 minutes away from Manchester city centre, and most motorways. I am very reliable, punctual & dedicated.


Modeling experience

Full-time model - paid commercial work

Done a little bit when younger, but not much. Just finished a poster shoot,"for fixers"which hopefully will go nationwide, Also done some Modeling in Manchester, for wedding suits,but would value more experience of model work. Many thanks Graham Parrington.
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