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Instagram Business Profiles

What is an Instagram Business Profile?
An Instagram Business Profile is a type of Instagram account that has extra features. It’s designed to help Influencers, businesses, and brands so they can better understand their audiences.
How is a business profile different from a regular Instagram profile?
You can include additional information, like contact details, and have access to Instagram Insights. Instagram Insights allow you to find out where your followers come from and which of your posts they like the best.
Why should I get an Instagram business profile?
If you’re interested in applying for Influencer jobs, converting your Instagram profile to a business profile is a great idea. You’ll be able to find out more about your audience and know exactly how successful each of your posts have been, which is all information brands who work with Influencers want to know.

With an Instagram business profile, you’ll also be able to get your engagement rate by using our Instagram engagement calculator. Checking your engagement rate and selecting your follower band will boost you in the Talent Directory and when you apply for listings.
How do I get an Instagram business profile?
It’s quick, easy and free to change your regular Instagram profile to a business profile. Check out Instagram’s official step by step guide.


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