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How do I find the most qualified talent?

What is an ‘Intro to Camera’ video?

StarNow talent are all encouraged to film an 'Intro to Camera' video.

These are 30-second videos that appear on their profiles, where they introduce themselves straight to camera.  These videos let you see and hear talent, quickly assessing if they may be right for your project.

Check out some more examples from our members.



Where can I see these videos?

On talent profiles, there will be a 'view intro to camera' play button at the bottom of their headshot, or just beneath the four featured images at the top of their profile.




I've seen some talent I like, but they don't have an Intro to Camera

This feature is brand new, and some talent are still uploading their videos. We encourage you to send talent a message stating you'd like to see one!

When you place a listing, you can automatically request that all applicants have an Intro to Camera with one tick of a box. If talent apply who don't yet have a video, we'll prompt them to make one and notify you when the video is ready to view.


How do I know these videos aren’t out of date?

We'll pop a date on the videos, so you'll know how recent they are.

We encourage talent to update their videos regularly.



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