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Finding Real Families/Bubbles

Casting close contacts, like people in the same family, bubble or household?

We've made it really easy for you to find talent with close contacts who'd love to work with you.

Talent can now add information to their profile about their family/household members or 'bubble' and include photos and other information.


My family, bubble or household


Who will talent include in their family/bubble info?

Family – anyone in their family who would be happy to be on set with them! Mum, dad, kids, grandkids, aunties, uncles – even the family pet!

Household – anyone in their household who would be happy to be on set with them – flatmates are a good example.

Bubble - people in a 'bubble' are those who can maintain close physical contact with each other, even in lockdown conditions. They'll live in one home or have permission to maintain close contact with each other.


Where do I find this information?

When you place a listing that states you are looking for a real family, couple, household or bubble, we will send you profiles that specifically include this information.

When you view applicants in our Application Management System, you will see their photos and basic information:

Application Management System


Will each person in a family or bubble group have their own StarNow profile?

Some family members may be new to the industry and not have a profile of their own yet. The profile owner needs to have the permission of each individual to add their name and photo to their 'family/bubble' section, and the contact must have indicated they are keen to take part in jobs with the profile owner.

Can I search for family or bubble profiles in the Talent Directory?
Not yet.  The best way to find these profiles at the moment, is to place a listing, which is totally free.

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