Managing your applications

To manage your applicants, go to My Listings.

Next, click the green “Manage applications” button next to the title of the listing you want to manage.

You’ll now see the details of everyone who has applied to your casting call. You can contact applicants directly, add notes, place feedback, and print out individual profiles or the full list of applicants.

You can also sort your applicants into “Shortlist” or “Unsuccessful” folders. (Don’t worry, this is for your use only. Members won’t find out if you move them between folders!)

Who got the part?

Once your listing has closed, you can also click the green "Got the part” button on the same page, under the successful person’s headshot.

This will be added to the total number of castings on their StarNow profile. It might help them land more castings, so if you did cast someone, please click the “Got the part” button.

Placing feedback

We’d really appreciate it if you would place feedback on any talent you work with.

Every application you receive includes a “Place feedback” link at the bottom. If you place positive feedback, it will display on their profile. If you place negative feedback, it will appear on their application if they apply to any of your other castings.

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