Recommended extras and credits

What are credits?

Credits are StarNow's new currency. You can use them to buy some recommended extras for your applications.

What are recommended extras?

When you apply to castings, you can now add a few extras to your applications so they stand out from the crowd. This is a great opportunity for you to tailor your applications and make them relevant to each casting!

You can choose from two extras: pinned media and highlighting.

What’s ‘pinned media’?

When you apply to a casting, you can pick your most relevant media (i.e. a photo, video, and/or audio track) and ‘pin’ them to the top of your application, so they’ll be seen first by the casting professional.

This is your chance to pick something special and prove you're perfect for the role! You can pin media straight from your profile or upload something new, but if you do it'll be added to your profile as well.

Once you've sent your application, you can view it at any time under My Applications to see how it looks with pinned media included.

What’s a highlighted application?

This is the second option. You can make your application stand out even more by highlighting it, which means your profile will have a green border around it when the list of applicants is viewed by the casting professional.

How do I pin media or highlight my application?

When you apply to a casting, you'll be taken to an ‘extras’ page as part of the application process. From there, you can pin media and/or highlight your application.

However, if the casting professional has chosen to create an automatic reply to applications, you won't be able to pin media or highlight your application.

What if I want to change or delete my pinned media or highlight?

You can add/update/delete your pinned media or add a highlight to your application at any time until the listing has closed. Once a highlight has been added, it can't be removed.

No refund will be issued if you choose to delete all your pinned media.

Do I have to add extras?

No, you don’t have to. We recommend it though, as it gives you an opportunity to tailor and enhance your application, making you stand out to the casting professional and increasing your chances of landing the role.

Is it free to add extras?

No, you'll need to buy and use StarNow credits to purchase extras.

What are credits?

Credits can be purchased on StarNow and then used to buy extras when you're applying to castings.

What does it cost?

It costs two credits each to pin a photo/video/audio track to your application, and four credits to highlight your application.

How can I check my balance and buy credits?

Your credit balance can be viewed from Settings and you can top-up from there too. If you’re choosing extras during an application and don’t have enough credits left, you'll be taken to a top-up page.

Where did my saved card details come from?

When you upgrade your StarNow profile, we securely save your payment details so your subscription can continue each month.

If I change my credit card details when buying credits, will that update the card details used for my subscription?

No, it won't affect the card details saved for your subscription.

I have unused credits. Can I exchange them for cash?

Credits are non-refundable, so spend them and make your applications stand out!

Do I also need credits to contact someone?

Yes. If you click the message button and you don't have enough credits, you'll be taken to a top-up page before you can contact them.

If you have a StarNow subscription, you can contact up to 50 other members per month free of charge. Trial (non-paying) members need to buy credits to contact other members.

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