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Oxford, United Kingdom
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Summer Season

Narration for short film highlighting the decline of Seaside Variety shows.

01Summer Season
02To Kill a Mockingbird - American Accent
03Maycombe County
04New Yorker
06Test Piece 1
07History of golf
08King Arthur
09Surge Force
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Physical Attributes

182 cm / 6ft 0in
74 kg / 162 lbs
White / Caucasian
106 cm / 42 in
Skin color:
88 cm / 35 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Commercial for Blenheim Palace : Husband and wife looking around Woodstock and cooking meal in their new homer
  • Commercial for Blenheim Palace
  • TV Commercial for Nationwide Building Society : Gentleman describing why he will not be leaving his home of over 50 years
  • Library Stock Photo and Video Shoot for VCM photography : Elderly man with help from carer
  • Photo Shoot for the NHS by Clearhead Media : Patient in bed
  • Library Stock Photo and Video Shoot for Daisy VCM : Single man at home
  • Greenscreen film shoot for Torpedo Group : Head of Architecture Practice
  • Film Shoot for Wonderhatch for new hotel : Hotel Visitor
  • Photo Shoot for See2Believe Photography around St Pauls and environs : Model
  • Photo Shoot in Little Venice for See2Believe Photography : Model
  • Library Stock Photo Shoot in Exterior and Exterior Situations : Hiker, Art Student, Patient
  • Photo Shoot for BT getting used to new product : Grandfather in a famiiy situation
  • Library Stock Photo Shoot : Modelling in domestic background
  • Video Film in and around Oxford : Model and narrator
  • Library Stock Photo Shoot : One of two models
  • Photo Shoot for Exterior Hoardings for First City Nursing Services : Resident
  • First City Care Home
  • Amazon Echo TV Commercial : Male in a "Lady and Gentleman" Couple
  • Support Artist in Channel 4 Series "Lookalikes" : Country House Hotel Guest
  • Library Stock Shoot for Monkey Business Images : Model
  • Symphony Kitchens : Grandfather in a "family group" photo shoot in domestic kitchen situation.
  • Kath Kidston 25th Anniversary : Milkman
  • Photo/Video Shoot for Fluid Ideas in Warwickshire : Model in a group looking at new properties in upmarket retirement village
  • Photo/Video Shoot for Fluid Ideas in Exeter : Model looking at /recreational Facilities in Upmarket Retirement Village
  • Library Stock Photoshoot for VCM Photography : Model
  • Daisy VCM Photography : Model
  • Scribblenaughts Showdown Commercial : Golfer
  • TFP Photo Shoot for Alex Malyon : Model
  • Nokia Trade Show Video : Model
  • Photo shoot for Invacare Medical Products : Model
  • Video Shoot for Daisy VCM Photography : Model
  • Online Video for BBC : Husband and wife leaving hotel and using BBC World App
  • Inhouse Video at The Savoy Hotel : Smartly dressed guest
  • Box Home - Part animated fantasy about a street entertainer who magically produces a house to passer : Wealthy passer-by
  • Software Testing for Matinee Multilingual : Voice Artist in East of England Accent
  • Photo and Video Shoot in Country House Setting for Monkey Business Images : Male model in M/F couple
  • Lifestyle Photo and Video Shoot in a country house setting for Monkey Business Images : One of six models
  • Video Shoot for Quill Creations : Modelling Dreams Living Garden Furniture
  • The Gift : Lead role of man reconnected with dead wife via virtual reality
  • Photo Shoot in new unit for Priory Assisted Living Homes in Basingstoke
  • Photo Shoot for International Marketing company : One of a team of four in everyday work and social situations
  • Library Photo Shoot : Various shots of medical conditions
  • "Secret Car" : One of a team of five working out the identity of an "under wraps car"
  • TV Film for Channel 4 : Hotel Visitor
  • Photo Shoot for Library Stock : Model at a Potters Wheel
  • Library Stock Shoot : Model in Lifesyle Situations
  • Photo shoot for Inspired Villages Retirement Properties : One of a group of four in cheshire countryside near developement
  • Photoshoot : Big Winner at Casino
  • Freya's Christmas Gift- Commercial Shoot : Grandad to Freya- Main role
  • Piltdown Man - TV Film : Archaelogical Expert
  • Library Stock Photo Shoot : Model
  • "Russell" Short film set in Retirement Home- link-https://vimeo.com/173468699 : Russell- Lead Role
  • Brochure Photo Shoot for Ideal Care Homes : Model highlighting activities available to residents
  • Brochure Photo Shoot for Inspired Villages Retirement Properties : One of four models shown enjoying available activities
  • Road Age for confused.com Link -http://bbc.co.uk/news/business-35831313 : Driver in a car simulator comparing driving skills between young and senior drivers.
  • New Court Cheltenham Brochure : Lead Role in photo shoot
  • Video Ad for Housing and Care 21 : Lead Role
  • Autochair DRTV Ad : Model moving Wheel Chair and Mobility Scooter into car
  • TV Commercial -Do Something Amazing-http://v5ywOMdFtC : Grandad -Lead Role
  • Short Film -The Punisher:Welcome Back Frank https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BoLjf9z-vU : Speaking role - Father Redondo - A murderous Priest
  • Exbury Gardens Photo Shoot : Main Male Model
  • Medikit Product video : Model for Medical Equipment
  • Photo Shoot : Library Stock
  • Short Film "Audition" : Unseen Casting director Voice only.
  • Ducks Quacks Don't Echo for Sky TV : Scientist
  • The Moth - TV Film : Support Artist
  • Brochure Photo Shoot : Care Home Resident
  • Summer Season : Narrator for Documentary
  • Photo and video shoot in Retirement Home : Lead Role
  • Panthera Accounting Promo Film : Old Fashioned Accountant
  • Genius - Film Nation : Background Artist
  • The Royals : Background Artist
  • Photo Shoot : Father Christmas
  • Invigilation for Dummies Training film for Brookes University : Lead Role
  • Samsung Tablet Active Infomercial : Featured Role
  • Lifestyle Photoshoot : Model
  • One Team Trailer Hotel Chain Training Film : Support Artist
  • The Royals : Background Artist
  • Link ATM -Security Leaflet : Model
  • Night at the Museum 3 - Twentieth Century Fox : Background Artist
  • The Fountain of Fair Fortune - short film at University of Hertfordshire : Voice over narrator
  • The Jesus Mysteries - Film for National Geographic : Background Artist
  • Medmerry Holiday Park : Model - Promotional video
  • Cedars Retirement Village - Chorleywood : Model - Brochure
  • Matalan- Fashion booth Fathers Day Makeover : Model
  • ICM Medical Patches : Model
  • Comfomatic Chairs - Video : Model
  • Student film- Sedation : Elderly man in care home Lead Role
  • Sussex Beach Holiday Park - Brochure Shoot : Model
  • Comfomatic Beds -Brochure and Video Shoot : Model


Acting experience

Previous unpaid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • USA New York
  • USA Southern

When I startred as a model/actor I had no 'straight' acting experience, but have just completed my first film role as an elderly gentleman in a carehome quite surprised to find it was one of the main roles, can be seen by following this link hhtps://www.dropbox.com/s/q857d9zwumic0tw/Sedation.mp4.Spent a large part of my real working life preparing and delivering presentations, as well as Master of Ceremonies at charity events, including stand up if some of the acts were late. I have just been given a speaking role in a film shooting in January, no details available. This year have completed four separate assignments as a model for differing projects, including a TV Ad for Matalan. This Ad can be seen on You Tube under Matalan - Fashion Booth Fathers Day makeover. In August was an extra in a film Jesus Decoded for National Geographic due to be shown 2014. In December did my first voiceover narration for a short film The Fountain of Fair Fortune ,extended cut can be seen in my video section. February 2014 worked as a background artist on Night at the Museum 3 for Twentieth Century Fox. March 2014 photoshoot model for LINK ATM'S in the City of London. In May 2014 completed the voice over for the film "Summer Season". July 2014 background artist in episodes for the TV series "The Royal" September 2014 Support artist in Hotel Chain training film. October 2014 Lead role in training film "Invigilation for Dummies" for Brookes University. October 2014 Featured role in Samsung Tablet Active an inhouse Training film. December 2014 Short film for Panthera Accounting. December 2014 Background artist in Genius major film for 2015 starring Colin Firth, Jude Law, Nicole Kidman and Dominic West.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

Extras agent



Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Started aged twenty two modelling knitwear, and then took a very long break while I followed a real career. When I retired I put myself in the hands of a couple of agencies and my name on Star Now and lo and behold after a short time I started to get some work. Over the past four years this has grown steadily and 2015/6 has been my best year so far.
A complete list of all my work can be found on my Star now profile or my website www.herbnewark.weebly.com


  • English

  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • USA New York
  • USA Southern

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