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Brighton, United Kingdom
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A Rising Vision(7.03)


01A Rising Vision(7.03)
02Rolling Stones Rock 'n' Roll(7.18)
03Runaways Jetts And Fords(3.44)
04You're My Muse(4.26)
05Purple Battle(4.00)
06A Toast To Blackmore's Night(5.01)
07Typical Doors Girl(7.16)
08Aerosmith Love Blues(5.05)
09Just Like Ritchie(4.07)
010Go Go Girls Got The Beat(3.38)

Physical Attributes

185 cm / 6ft 1in
White / Caucasian
Skin color:
Eye color:
Hair color:
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  • Relic Hunter So Shall It Be 10th Anniversary Complete Episode Guide & Companion MS by James A. Wyatt : - Letters of acknowledgement from British Library, ALDL & Old Town Community Library.
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  • Book Buster, Hastings, UK. : Also Stock James A. Wyatt's 'Sandcastles And Sky Poems'(www.amazon.fr), 'The Poetry Of The Boudica Revolt' & 'Relic Hunter So Shall It Be Episode Guide & Companion'(MS 2012 Version).
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  • My Local Borough Council Front Desk Authenticated Stamp : Photographic & Music Exhibition 2017 Document
  • Relic Hunter So Shall It Be Complete Episode Guide & Companion MS by James A. Wyatt : 2012 Version printed by Ashprint & Thermal Bound by Office Outlet with colour cover & colour sections sent to British Libraries.
  • PRS-MCPS Registered 2x Songs for Gun Fleet 30th Anniversary : 'Tears Of Blood' was originally written by James A. Wyatt in 1987, & '100 Years Of Rock 'n' Roll' written by him in 2012
  • The Blues Brothers, #15 on Ranker 'The Best Bands With Blue In The Name' : Thank you to those who Voted them Popular this year on Star Now & Ranker.
  • Highway Stars 30th Anniversary - Star Now Popular 2018. : Thank You to those who Voted the Highway Stars Popular this Year.
  • See My Nielsen Registered Works Chinese Carpet Published & to be Published. : Poet & Photographer, Author & Illustrator, Musician & Composer.
  • ***GUN FLEET 30TH ANNIVERSARY*** Song Book Registered on Nielsen(ISBN). : ***See GUN FLEET on Thomann Classifieds*** www.thomann.de
  • Gun Fleet 30th Anniversary : Quarter page advert in the Friday-Ad & E-Kits sent out ! www.amazon.nl
  • Gun Fleet 30th Anniversary - Thee Rythmn Power Trio ! Guitar/Vocals, Rythmn Guitar & Drums. : We were Rehearsing an Album at Great Oaks Hall in Downe, Kent. I'd placed an Ad in the Music Section of the News Shopper & Booked us into the best Rehearsal place, Car Park, Kitchen, Toilets, & a nice Hall, away from the road & houses.
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  • Old Town Community Library, Eastbourne, UK (Charity No.1120044) : My 4 Poetry Books have been added to their Collection. Thank you to Kate Daly.
  • STAR NOW 3 Day Weekend & Pre-Release Week 23/6/17 to 3/7/17. : ROCK VARIATIONS 3 Track Promotion 'Rolling Stones Rock 'n' Roll'(Original Single Version), 'Runaways Jetts And Fords' & 'Purple Battle'(Instrumental) - James Andrew Wyatt - Composer Artist.
  • Rock Variations Purple Battle Radio Edit+2 Download & CD Single(PRS-MCPS Registered) : By James Andrew Wyatt Composer Artist(Ditto Music Distribution-16/5/17). Chart Registered. E-Kits being sent out now! www.amazon.fr, www.amazon.es
  • Purple Battle(Radio Edit) STAR NOW EXCLUSIVE TRACK - Released 20th January. : ROCK VARIATIONS by JAMES ANDREW WYATT- COMPOSER ARTIST(PRS-MCPS Registered/Millward Brown Chart Registered).
  • Highway Stars 30th Anniversary - Reunion(ISRC-QMEU31712029) : Drummer/Composer/Manager - I'd still like to hear from any former Members as to the Reunion. Star Now Popular Chart 2016 & 2017(X2) - thank you to those who voted it Popular!
  • Live Work - Front Counter Authenticated by My Council. : Free Live Gigs seeking work as a Musician/Composer/Artist. Including My band James Wyatt's Adrenaline Spilt & additional The Blues Brothers & Highway Stars Debute & Warm-up Gigs from 1980's added for the PRS 100 Years Of Music.
  • Hayes Secondary School added my 4 Poetry books/Rock Variations CD & 6 photos to their Archives. : I went to the School's 60th Anniversary(My years '79-83), and they sent me a letter of recognition as an Artist and former Pupil. Thank you.
  • Bromley Central Library Local Studies Collection : I was added to their Collection this year in June with my 4 Poetry Books. And a letter of recognition as an Author(Born in the same Borough as H.G.Wells). Thank you.
  • The Poetry Of The Boudica Revolt by James A. Wyatt(Chinese Carpet Publications) www.amazon.nl : Author & Photographer. Thank you to Ashfield Business Centre for Typing. The spelling I used is a lesser used, with one 'c'. My Photographs - Titles: 'Earth', 'Wind', 'Fire' & 'Water'.
  • Rock Variations 3 Track Download Distributed by Ditto Music(PRS-MCPS Registered) : By James Andrew Wyatt Composer Artist. Millward Brown Chart Registered.
  • Glass And Cinder Poems Volume 3 by James A. Wyatt(Chinese Carpet Publications) : Author & Photographer & Illustrator. My Photograph on the Front Cover has been Commended by Dr Michael Pritchard FRPS Director General of the Royal Photographic Society. Thank you to Rupert & Lloyd of Ashprint.
  • Winter Teardrops Poems Volume 2 by James A. Wyatt(Chinese Carpet Publications) : Author & Illustrator. Thank you to Catherine Levett & Document Workshop and Rupert & Lloyd of Ashprint. www.amazon.nl
  • Rock Variations White Label 2 Track CD in DVD Case Art Rock(PRS-MCPS Registered) : By James Andrew Wyatt Composer Artist on 9th Symphony Records(Government Gateway Registered Trade Mark) also as 3 Paypal Approved Downloads. Chart Registered.
  • Rock Variations 10 Track Demo Album sent out with T-Shirts/Lyric Booklets World Wide : James Andrew Wyatt 9th Symphony Records A Government Gateway Registered Trade Mark
  • Rock Variations Stonehenge Ambient Instrumental Demo Version(Pt.1,2,3)(sent out World Wide) : And with Photographic Promo sheets - James Andrew Wyatt Composer Artist/Producer
  • Relic Hunter So Shall It Be Episode Guide & Companion. Thanks to Catherine Levett/Document Workshop : Thanks to S&L Business Mother of The Year. Cover & Advance Orders www.jameswyatt-artist-web.eu Mail Order.
  • Marina Foutain, East Sussex, UK. : James Wyatt's Adrenaline Spilt Acoustic Windsurfer Live Dates & Recording of Live Album.
  • www.jameswyatt-artist-web.info / www.jameswyatt-artist-web.eu : Domains created January 2012. The .info Site 'Live' 6th June 2012. The .EU Site 'Live' 25th September 2012.
  • Rock Variations Recording Sessions, Consett, England 2012(Studio Editing 2013). : James Andrew Wyatt - Songwriter, Producer. Writing Sessions, Carlisle Pub Function Room Stage, Hastings, UK.
  • Rock Variations Writing Sessions on the Stage of the Carlisle Pub Function Room, Hastings, UK : James Andrew Wyatt Composer Artist/Writer Musician.
  • Sandcastles & Sky Poems by James A. Wyatt(Chinese Carpet Publications) : Author & Illustrator. Thank you to Catherine Levett & Document Workshop. www.amazon.fr.
  • Rock Variations Lyrics Written & Registered & Stonehenge Photographed. : Written & Photographed by James Andrew Wyatt
  • London Academy of Media Film & Television : Radio Presenter(1 day course)
  • Catalyst Magazine : Contributor 2009-2011 - Poet & illustrator (& Articles).
  • MCM EXPO, London, UK : James A. Wyatt(Ex-The Nomads/The Blues Brothers/Highway Stars/Gun Fleet-Drummer/Co-Composer & Amanda Floyd/New Life Youth Group-Tour Europe '94/Cornerstone-Singer/PRS-MCPS/British Libraries Contributing Music Journalist) met Tia Carrera. And Kevin Sorbo.
  • More Black than Purple : Contributed to Music Journal 2005 to 2010(ISSN)(British Library Catalogue Number). Contributor to Jerry Bloom's brilliant new Deep Purple Knebworth book.
  • Ebay Music & History Journalism : Joined 2005. Author of 53 Ebay Guides-54,000 views approx. 90 Reviews. Decided to leave due to 1st July 2015 Paypal Policy Updates. I have British Libraries & Legal Deposit Permission to add to their Archives.
  • Bromley College : Health & Safety Certificate(96% Pass)
  • Bromley College Library - Author's break working in the Library after illness & a Wrong Diagnoses. : Assistant to Judy Murdoch MA, ALA from 2001 to 2002
  • Cornerstone Production Services Limited, Bromley, London. : James Wyatt Solo Album (Unreleased) PRS-MCPS-SESAC Registered.
  • Christian Channel Broadcasts. : Cornerstone Christian Centre - Singer.
  • Live Cornerstone Street Choir, Bromley, London. : Singer.
  • Cornerstone Production Services Limited(My Association 1994-1997) : Passed Solo Singer Audition for Phil Allen the Worship Band leader, 1 of the 3 Company Directors. Albums:King Of Kings(1994), He Always Leads Us In Triumph(1995), Live Recordings(1996), Kingdom First Songs(1997/unreleased). PRS-MCPS-SESAC Registered.
  • Talents Distribution Limited run by Martin Powell. : Julie, Singing Teacher at Talents.
  • Welcome Project run by Sue Leather. : Voluntary Work with immigrants.
  • Premier Christian Radio, London, UK. : Voluntary Work on the Lifelines Database.
  • Fellowship Of Christian Writers - Writers Group, Croydon. Part of National Organisation of FCW. : Writer/Poet live Readings & Member 1995-1997.
  • The New Life Youth Group-Europe 1994. : Musician/General. Manager Mark Rossell. Would Mandy Houston & Rachel Brooks who took part in the Christian Music, Dance & Media Tour please contact me.
  • Bromley South : Singing Teacher
  • Future Business College : Introduction To Computers/Excel 5 Spreadsheets short courses & book to go to exam with
  • Amanda Floyd AGSM. And 2 specially Scored for my Voice Solo Performances Jerusalem & All My Loving : Singing/Music Teacher 1990 to 1991. Solos PRS-MCPS Registered.
  • Road Craft : Passed Driving Test (- 1st time). Certificate. Now have letter of Medical Exemption due to injuries in 2008.
  • Deep Purple Appreciation Society member. : Music Journalism: contributed to Darker Than Blue magazine 1988 - 1994/And Final issue. British Library Catalogue Number.
  • Gun Fleet(PRS-MCPS Registered band 1988/89)(ISRC-QMEU31712028) : Drummer/Manager/Founder. Great Oaks Hall Rehearsals, Downe, Bromley, 1988. Gun Fleet were a Rhythm Power Trio & were Rehearsing an Album's worth of Songs. The 400th Anniversary of the Defeat of the Spanish Armada. Gun Fleet came to an end early 1989.
  • The New 'ELP' Drums/Keyboards/Bass. A band that didn't happen. Just one Jam Session. : Drummer - We decided it didn't have the right feel. We all went on to other things.
  • Canary Wharf Docks, Greenwich, London, UK. Audition near Cutty Sark ship. : Drummer - Passed Audition & offered band position. Declined as a very good Singer decided not to join at same Audition. Not a name band, a band without a Singer. I felt it better to try a different band.
  • Highway Stars #1/#2(PRS-MCPS Registered band 1985/86)(ISRC-QMEU31712026/ISRC-QMEU31712027 'Marilyn') : Drummer/Composer/Founder/Manager. Bromley South Highway Stars #1 Rehearsals 1985. Highway Stars #2 Peppermint Place Recording Studios & Hammersmith warm up Gig 1986. 'Marilyn' was a potential single we were working on in the Studio I wrote the lyrics for.
  • Passed Drummer Audition for Heavy Metal band HG Wells Centre Bromley from News Shopper Music Section : A Twin Guitar band, but didn't have a Record Deal or a Demo to record, & only 1 Gig in a couple of weeks. I was looking for a recording band. So didn't join, and formed Highway Stars.
  • The Blues Brothers #1/#2(PRS-MCPS Registered band May-Dec. '84)(Chart Registered)(EAN-0742832912013) : The Progression Jam Session 1984 Demo Album Engineer Daren Bacon. ISRCs-QMEU31711736 to 43. Drummer/Composer Co-Founder with Matt Bone(Guitar/Vocals/Co-Composer & Chris Bristow - Bass). Debute Gig Dulwich College, Dec.'84, BB Jim - Guitar & BB Ken - Bass.
  • The Nomads(Bromley PRS-MCPS Registered band March-May 1984)(ISRC-QMEU31712025) : Drummer-Passed My 1st Audition. From Music Section of 200,000+ distributed NewsShopper London News Paper.
  • Bromley College City & Guilds of London Institute, Incorporated by Royal Charter. Founded 1878. : Media/TV Electronics/Video Sound Engineering/Communication Skills/Gave Lecture as Student on Deep Purple.
  • Drummer - bought Pearl Maxwin 5-Piece Silver Drum Kit with Double Heads. : A Double Headed Drum doesn't have as much power as open-ended, but has a warmer sound and is used more by Jazz Drummers. I Practised for 6 months then Passed My 1st Audition as a Drummer.
  • Folk(1981)Classical(1982)Blues(1990)Rock(2010) : Guitar Teachers
  • Deep Purple History Project for Mark towards end of 4th Year Grade. : Got a B- ! My Best Grade !
  • Manta Ray (School duo - amateur)(Hayes Secondary School) : Me - gtr/b.voc. & Peter Roach vocals & Michelle & Venessa backing vocals. Guitar Lessons by Mick Jones.
  • 2nd Year English Class - Poetry Live Reading(age 13) : I was asked to read out, a Poem I wrote, by the Teacher - Hayes Secondary School(Mixed boys & girls School)
  • Streets Of London(School Stage - amateur) : Singer(9 Years old) Pickhurst Junior(Mixed boys & girls School)


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

Alter-Ego = 'Rod Axel' - Scarlet Management Image Event 2014. Email: scarletmanagement@hotmail.com. Rod Axel is a fictionalised Model Alter-Ego of James A. Wyatt the Musician/Composer/Poet/Children's Author & Illustrator/Photographer & Model.
The 'Rock Variations Photo Shoot' took place in 2013 by Mrs A. Light of Fairy Tale Photography, of which 3 photographs are included on Star Now. The others from the 1980's. One taken at the Chidding Stone where the Village got it's name from. And the other with the White Chalk Cliffs of the South Coast of England in the background.


Guitar ability


Bass Guitar ability


Drumming ability


Keyboard ability


Vocal ability

Classically trained

Vocal range


Composer ability


Singing styles
  • Pop
  • Rock

Favourite genres
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Metal
  • Jazz

Influences: Deep Purple, Rainbow, Blackmore's Night, Belinda Carlisle, The Go Gos, The Runaways, Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Rock Goddess, Ian Gillan, Billy Cobham, Tommy Bolin, Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks.

I passed an audition as a Drummer for The Nomads who had advertised in the London newspaper's Music Section of The Newsshopper(circulation 200,000+) in 1984. Then formed The Blues Brothers with Matt Bone - guitar/vocals(who I still say was the best Paul Rodgers & Paul Kossoff rolled into one on the English Bromley Blues Rock scene). Me & The Blues Brothers Engineer Darren Bacon went to Knebworth to see Deep Purple, which later I wrote 'Purple Battle'(Rock Variations) about the Mk2 reunion, (like Deep Purple 's 'Smoke On The Water' members who went to the Frank Zappa & The Mothers concert that burnt down, with their Engineer Funky Claude). Then I formed the Highway Stars(who used Peppermint Place Recording Studios in Beckenham) & Gunfleet(who played in the new grunge Kent scene) And included recording 2 Demo albums worth of material in the 80's. The local Musicians also got a front page on the NewsShopper in 1986, with the Bromley Unemployment Group being given £23,000 budget for helping over 10,000 people unemployed in Bromley including musicians like me. But that's only about £2.30 each approx !
I started to contribute to Darker Than Blue Music Magazine(1984-2008/British Libraries)
And I passed an Audition for 2 album artist Phil Allen/Cornerstone in 1990's as a singer, he'd had a singer Dave Murray who'd left and recorded a solo album.
Cornerstone "Seriously rocks" - Karl Allison, Cross Rhythms magazine. "I have known James for over 15 years and respect him" - Hugh Osgood, Cornerstone Production Services Limited. They were a company from 1995 to 2008.
I also worked for a London Radio Station during the 90's. And joined FCW Writers group in 1990's, reading out my poetry & listening to other writers including Janice Fixter, who also went on to publish her own work and work in Radio.
But by the late 90's I got unwell from Septecemia, a blood disease, and had to go to hospital.
During the 21st Century I contributed to 'More Black than Purple' Music Magazine(ISSN-1478-2499). The magazine ran from 1996 to 2012.
I rejoined the Guild Of International Songwriters & Composers in 2003. Originally 1995. And in 2005 I met Actor Kevin Sorbo(Hercules The Legendary Journeys/Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda).
I've had a relationship with Actress Tia Carrere since 2005, proposing marriage in 2012, when she had divorced, we are Friends on Facebook.
2011, I started writing 'Rock Variations' Registered the Lyrics, and photographed Stonehenge in October for my Art Rock Album. I had also started my association with GAK Music Shop, Brighton(I bought my Gretch Drum Kit from them, still given a plug on my website. And BT Music Hastings). The writing sessions took place on the Carlisle Pub Function Room Stage during 2012. And Recording started in Consett, England, up to January 2013. By the end of the year in December a New Musical Express ad. was placed. And a further ad. in January, two in February, then one in September 2014. In 2 years and 8 months, 750 mail-outs were sent out to Industry and Media World Wide, including UK, Europe, North America, Russia, China, Japan, Australia & New Zealand.
ROCK VARIATIONS - James Wyatt - Rock Variations|Bohemia Village Voice - Internet Explorer
Purple Battle(ISRC-GBLFP1529381)
Rolling Stones Rock 'n' Roll(ISRC-GBLFP1529002)
Runaways, Jetts And Fords(ISRC-GBLFP1529003)
Purple Battle Radio Edit(ISRC-GBLFP1729189)
Purple Battle Instrumental(ISRC-GBLFP1729190)
Rolling Stones Rock 'n' Roll(Bit/Wav-Album Version)(ISRC-GBLFP1729192)
ROCK VARIATIONS BY JAMES ANDREW WYATT - Studio Sessions Recorded at Consett, England, between March 2012 to February 2013. Singers Peter Allen & Tia Lena, and The Black Cat Session Band, with the Kiyam String Quartet. James used Rock Instruments - Electric Guitar, Drums, Bass Guitar, Keyboards and Harmonica, with Male & Female Vocals. And additional Classical Instruments - Acoustic Guitar, Piano, a String Quartet, a Solo Violin, and Timpani. James Andrew Wyatt would like to say a special thank you to The Guild Of International Songwriters & Composers , and Colin Eade & Song & Media Sessions Players. Who's recorded performances of James' Composer Artist Songs were a memorable triumph ! - James A. Wyatt. Quote from - James Wyatt Artist Info - 2017.
James Wyatt's Adrenaline Spilt Solo/Band/Project started. Originally from a name I suggested to Matt Bone but he rejected back in 1984.
Both my websites go 'live' on the World Wide Web 2012(with BR Web Management for the EU site, then with www.Graphicz.co.uk).
James Wyatt's Adrenaline Spilt & Friends recorded an Acoustic Show in 2012. To be released as 'Acoustic Windsurfer Live'. The line-up Mel - gtr/voc, Peter 'The Voice' Williams - gtr/voc, Mumblin' Thing Dennis - gtr/voc and Chris & Mike - gtr & bass/voc. with James Wyatt - Drums on all songs. The first James Wyatt's Adrenaline Spilt album at demo/writing/lyric stage with 10 lyrics finished and 3 demo recordings and rough mix instrumental & songwriting recordings. James has written so many songs that the first album would have had to be a triple album, so decided to advance Promote the 2nd album on the Comments February 2017 - ADRENALINE RISING.
Purple Battle Rock Variations Radio Edit(Ditto Music Distribution). E-Kits being sent out NOW! I'm also on Sound Cloud !


Photography experience

Part-time professional (paid work)

Photography website


I have taken photos all my life, using first my parents cameras then my own, including photos of my first cat Pippin & 3rd cat Ms Marvel. The 2nd one was very fat and didn't do anything other than sit there ! (I told her it wasn't her fault ,it was her genes !).
A Work that has been years in the making 'The Triumvir Triptych Sun Poet's Art Trilogy' includes not just the Poetry but also my Photographic Art.
In 2010 I started Photographing Crystal Palace Park. It took all year through all the seasons.
In 2011 I Photographed Stonehenge as the first part of my 'Rock Variations' Art Rock Trilogy. It's my Compositions with my Photographs. Seen by Millions in the New Musical Express.
Inspiration was from a woman I met on a disability dating site Angierock, after I sent her favourite rock band's song titles written as love letters to her.
In 2012 I Photographed the Norsemen's Motorbike 7th Chase The Ace Poker Run in Catsfield, England.
The 4 photographs I took called 'Earth'(was taken in Robertsbridge), 'Wind'(Alexandria Park), 'Fire'(Stonehenge) & 'Water'(Hastings Beach) from 'The Poetry Of The Boudica Revolt'. I hope to photograph Lorraine in France for my 'Joan Of Arc : Republic Of Love' Poetry Book. The Passport Office have said my Passport is still valid to go abroad, after the UK have left the EU. I voted to stay in the EU. Thank you to the Sussex Business Bureau for typing my m.s.. WWW.JAMESWYATT-ARTIST-WEB.EU - 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY 2012 TO 2017.
I am not a 'hack' journalist photographer for Newspapers. And do not allow use of my photographs as general free copyright use. I am an Artist with my own copyright photographs. The examples on Star Now are my right to include them on Star Now and Star Now's right to provide the platform on the www for my Artist Photography. Thank you to Star Now for their very good website.
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