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New South Wales, Australia
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Basia VO Polish accent

Basia remembers her youth as the Nazies rise to power. Hard Land of Wonder, film.

01Basia VO Polish accent
02WENDY, the Strata Busy-Body
03Disruption is the price we pay.

Physical Attributes

170 cm / 5ft 7in
60 kg / 132 lbs
White / Caucasian
86 cm / 34 in
Skin color:
64 cm / 25 in
88 cm / 35 in
Dress size:
UK 8 / AUS 8 / US 4
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • USA TOMORROW, feature film, written & directed by Kellen Gibbs, Frame of Reference Entertainment : Actor, role of 'Mildred Iverson'
  • USA "YOU" Netflix series 3 ep.1 : Actor, co-star role of 'Karly' a Punk older lady
  • USA, DRESS, short film, Landwirth Legacy LLC, dir. by Paulina Lagudi : Actor, role of 'Older Susan'
  • USA ROKiT Cell Phones Winter Content Shoot : Actor, role of 'Grandmother'
  • Aust: @HUBStudio, producing/directing brecht||bard development workshop project : Producer/director @stories about humans
  • USA Symptom Media Video, 'Mary' : Actor
  • USA Woodlawn Memorial Walking History Tours, 'Granny Clampet' : Actor
  • USA DAWN, film, 'Dawn' : Actor
  • USA Phantom Valley, film, 'Medicine Woman' : Actor
  • USA DELUSIOIN: The Blue Blade, theatre, Dr. Evelyn Lowell : Actor
  • USA producing/directing THE ROAD-TRIP MONOLOGUES : Curator/Producer/Director @stories about humans
  • USA producer/director, THE RADIANT by Shirley Lauro : Producer/director @stories about humans
  • USA The ELLEN SHOW: Ellen's Holiday Headphones Commercial : Actor, role of 'Stepford' Mother
  • USA Fancy Meeting You Here : Frances Clooney
  • USA Switched at Death : Ann
  • USA Forgotton (working title) : Mother
  • Aust: producer/director THE DAYS ARE AS GRASS : Producer/director @stories about humans
  • USA Hand of God, Amazon TV, Ep. # 205 : Dr. Janet Marconi, co-star
  • USA Hand of God, Amazon TV, Ep.#203, directed by Christine Moore : Actor, role of Dr. Janet Marconi, co-star
  • USA Dying to Live, stage, written & directed by Parenthysis E Gardner : Actor, role of Sage
  • USA Double Dead, film, directed by Celine Hoppe : Actor, role of Brunhilda Morrgan
  • USA The Hunt, TV pilot, directed by Gary Entin, written by David Lewis : Actor, role of Judith
  • Aust Sydney Development Workshop, The Days Are as Grass, The HUB Studio : Producer/director
  • USA Fortune Defies Death, feature film : Actor, Stacey Woods, principal, directed by Jennifer Hulum for Surround Idea Inc.
  • USA The Gloaming, TV Series, directed by Helen Stringer : Actor, Nurse Jones
  • USA The Hairy Ape staged reading, Grex Group theatre, directed by Clayton Guiltner : Actor, The Aunt
  • USA The Source, web series pilot, directed by Vincent Carubia : Actor, Jezabelle Friedman
  • USA Blind, film directed by Tyler Cole : Actor, Dr. Trisha Fenton
  • USA D'Arc Voices, Underground Theatre Company, 2015 Hollywood Fringe Festival : Actor, Yolande of Aragon
  • USA Night Fiend, short film, Roaming Giant Films : Actor, Edith Sawyer
  • USA The Trial of Dali : Gala Dali, principal role, Trace Oakley director, Lounge Theatre, 2014 Hollywood Fringe Festival
  • USA NOW WAS WHEN, film, Massiel Cordero, Masters thesis New York Film Academy : Actor, role of Dr. Martha Bright, lead
  • ARTiculate film : Actor, The Woman, IFSS Directing Graduation Film
  • BoomBox v3 Web Commercial : Actor,role of 'The Office Manager'
  • Howard Fine 4 Day Sydney Masterclass : Intensive scene work & acting technique
  • IFSS film, CROW, written & directed by Jake Lyandon Harlow : Actor, role of 'Scarlett'
  • Theatre - Picasso at the Lapin Agile : Actor, role of 'Germaine', Hunters Hills Theatre, directed by Jennie Bazell.
  • TV- Deadly Women, season 7, Ep.1.2 Bertha Gifford : Actor, role of 'Emilie Gifford'
  • TV- Behind Mansion Walls, series 3, 'Roderick Newall' : Actor, role of 'Aunt Gail'
  • TV Commercial - Seniors Funeral Insurance : Lead Actor, One3Six Productions, Directed by Aaron Schereck
  • Hard Land of Wonders, short film, COFA : Lead Voice-Over, 'Basia'
  • Howard Fine 4 Day Masterclass, Sydney : Actor participant, Intensive scene work led by Howard Fine
  • Theatre - The 8:Reindeer Monologues : Actor, role of 'Dancer Deer'
  • TVC - My Vodafone App & Cricket campaigns : Barrister Jane E
  • TV - Deadly Women series 6 : Stacey Barker Ep, Sue Barker
  • The Post Funeral Plan : Short Film directed by Andrew Gardner,The Thin Woman, IFSS
  • Behind Mansion Walls series 2, Beyond Prods. : TV - Sandy McDermott
  • Out To Dry : Short Film, Anna, directed by Tymon Langford, AFTRS
  • TV - Deadly Women series 5 : Lead actor, Betty Wilson, Discovery Investigation Channel
  • Deviator : Short Film directed by Daniel saboune
  • Brad Fitt Will Be Mine : Short Film, directed by Shailla Quadra, New York City Inter. Film Fest. entrant.
  • TV - Deadly Women series 5 : Lead actor, Lydia Sherman, Discovery Channel
  • Hungry Beast - Ghost Girlfriend Ep. : Actor, Wife & Mum, ABC 1/Zapruder Productions
  • Howard Fine 4 Day Sydney Masterclass : Intensive scene work
  • Bikes : Short Film, Ella, directed by Ben Rice
  • Meet the Directors Workshop for Screen : Melbourne Acting Academy, Bill Hughes & Jett Wilkinson
  • Storm in a Tea Cup : Short Film directed by Ben Kumanovski, Global Pictures, Macedonian Film Festival
  • EQUILATERAL : Short Film directed by Nay Htat, Edgemar Film Fest LA, Short Film Corner Fest. De Cannes
  • USA Margie Haber Studio : Intermediate Camera Intensive with Eden Bernady
  • USA Margie Haber Studios : Advance On Camera On-Going with Courtney Burr
  • Theatre - The Possibilities by Howard Barker : Actor, Sidetrack Theatre, directed by Fiona Hallenan-Barker, Travis Green, Justine Campbell, Marcel Dorney
  • BEN HUR, Arena Spectacular : STARD FRANCE, ANZ Stadium, various roles & Principal understudy
  • Shrove Tuesday : Short Film, Martha, directed by Dan Jones
  • USA Margie Haber Studios, International Studies Program : Actor
  • Numerous since 1984
  • The Rules of April : Theatre, Meredith O'Grady, directed by Fiona Hallenan-Barker
  • Man of Snow : Short & Sweet 1 Act Play Festival, The Lawyer, directed by Christine Greenough
  • The Rats : Theatre, Sandra Gray, directed by Roz Riley for Factory Space Theatre
  • Numerous since 1984
  • The Bridesmaid Must Die, directed by Wayne Tunks : Actor, Raylene Anderson
  • Queen Lere, CUT Theare, directed by Megan Finlay : Actor, Queen Lere
  • Queen Lere, CUT Theare, directed by Megan Finlay : Lead, Queen Lere
  • Numerous since 1984
  • Numerous since 1984
  • Numerous since 1984
  • THEATRE, FILM, TV, COMMERCIAL : Extensive & varied since 1984


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent


  • English

  • Australian
  • Irish
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Scottish
  • USA California
  • USA Southern
  • German
  • Russian

Union memberships
  • SAG

Available for remote auditions via SKYPE @: jane.e.seymour



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