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Blackpool, United Kingdom
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Voice 001

Remembering having to shave

01Voice 001

Physical Attributes

180 cm / 5ft 11in
74 kg / 162 lbs
White / Caucasian
101 cm / 40 in
Skin color:
88 cm / 35 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK English

1989"James Whale"1Ep
Gods Gift"3Ep.Tv.sa
The Word"1Ep
Bhaji on the Beach"Film.sa
September Song"TV,1Ep.sa
funny bones"Film,sa
The Time/Place"1Ep
1998"Like it is"Film.sa
2001"The Parole Officer"Film.sa
2002"David&Jason"C4 Short.Lead
2011"Don't Tell The Bride"(Myself)
2012"Foxy bingo"6 Ads.sa
The Wedding"Film.Cop,sa
Beauty School Cop Outs"MTV.sa
Suicide is Easy"Film.LNFS.sa
27 Memory Lane"Film.Burglar.LUPTON FILMS.sa
Jamaica Inn"BBC-2Ep.sa
A Shed-load of Trouble"short.Lead
A Town & Country Murder"S2.Killer Ian Simms
Don't Text & Drive"Add LeeRiellyFilms
Its OK"Campaign Add,sa
Paranormal Intent"TV Series 1Ep.Presenter
Tom2/3"Short.Tom Pierson.Prod LeeRiellyFilms
Olivers Tale"Short,Thief.LeeRiellyFilms
Shopaholics"RDF TV C4 (Reality)shop Habits
Beauty Queen or Bust"RDF TV C4.Shopkeeper
The Wrong Side Of Town"Film.Prod CraigQuinn.sa
Earth"Sci-Fi Film.Jason.Prod NewAgePictures
Handel's Messiah"Groberg Prod BYU TV America,sa
Answers"30's Gangster &"Put Em Up"Gangster.2 Music Vid's G.R.I.M
If i Had All The Shame"Music Vid Ant Barnes.Prod/Dir Sprocket films.sa
Samba Samba"Music Vid Jaz Freddy Royal.Prod craig quinn.World Cup Brazil
Even with the odds against us"&"Real Quick"Illerstate.Music Vid.sa
Testing Britain's Worst Drivers Crash Course"North One TV,ITV
Beatus Beata Beatum"Short.London RCA.Dir Zoe Houg.sa
Football fan footage 2014 world Cup,Dir Andy Young.
The Life of Ben Barnett"Dad.Short.Dir Jamie Dyer
GetTogether"Add.Dir Craig quinn.sa
An Inconvenient Tooth"Short.Jim(Easter Bunny)By Becky Somers.Lead
The Walking Dead UK"5 Comedy short Bilford Films.sa
The Case"Short.theif,Dir/Prod/LeeRiellyFilms
Your'e A Dead Ringer Too"Dir-Craig quinn.(Enviro officer)sa
Pals for Life"WW1 Drama.soldier.Dir Dan Rowbottom.sa
The hostage"Kidnapper.LeeRiellyFilms
Blood"by Parlament.Vicar.Music Vid
Nadia"Feature Film.One Eyed Dog Prod Israeli/Palestinian Cinema.sa
Screwed Over"Prison Drama,Bilford films.Cop.sa
Sugerloaf"Film.Dale(Barman)Prod Tom Hoyle BOTLEAF
Risking Everything"Short.Barman.Dir Craig quinn
Lead Me To The Dark"Vampire Film.Policeman.Dir James Twyman
The Vienna Conspiracy"Film.Russian.Dir Rick Mcleod(Celtic Storm Films)
Time Slip"Sci-Fi Film.prod Liam Swann
Do You Have One"Short.UCLAN,sa
Smashed"Short.Drunk.Dir Yousef thami.sa
Dont Text & Drive 2"Vicar/Cop.Add,prod LeeRiellyfilms.sa
June Miller & Mefjus"-Saus(Music Vid)Soldier,sa
The Question"Short.kiosk vendor.Prod Audax Films
Battle Royal"Music Vid,Virus Syndicate/Dope Dod.ey3Media,sa
6;50"Short.Dr Edie Hyne,Prod Craig quinn M.R.E
Resistance"Film.nazi.Beech Prod.sa
A Gangster Story"Film.Boss Jim Lansky.Towerside prod.Lead
Last Orders"Short.Svart.Dir josh Pocock
Masquerade"Short.Vicar.Dir Yousef thami
Music Vid,Bad Grammar.who's yer mate.sa
The Collaborators"film,Cop.Prod Breech Films.sa
Womble"film.Cop.Prod Gemma Lawman.sa
Do the Dance"Music Vid.Raw Calibre,Priest/judge.ey3Media
Storage Hunters UK"S3,1ep.sa
Hollyoaks"20yr ep.mermaid.2ep,sa
Journal of Life"short.Mark.LeeRiellyFilms
I am"Short.Frank.prod-UCLAN.Lead
Miss Peregrine's Home 4 Peculiar Children"Film.Dir Tim Burton.sa
Screwed Over"Drama,Cop.BilfordFilms.sa
Fantastic Beasts"Dir,David yates.JKRowling,sa
Headless"short.clerk Dir yousef thami
Peaky Blinders"S3,in3Ep.sa
Houdini & Doyle"TV Series,1ep.Brothel man,sa
My Weird Hobby"Zombie.Popkorn TV.C4
The Diary"Short.Prod by P,S,Films
Write in the past"Lead,Dir Lucas pinder,UNI
East Man.Cop.Short.Dir.Craig Quinn M.R.E
Storage Hunters UK"S5,1ep
Strongbow Cider,TV add (extra)
Boys in the Band S2 Rodger Frisel 2ep.Prod,Craig Quinn


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

Extras agent

impact casting

Coronation street, Hollyoaks. Peaky Blinders. Bancroft, Gunpowder. Gold. The more you ignore me. Fantastic Beasts 1&2. Film Stars don't die in Liverpool. Houdini & Doyle . Nadia. Pals for Life. Beatus Beata Beatum. Handel's Messiah. Jamaica inn. Funnybones. The Parole officer. Like it is. and many many more


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

i did some modelling work when i was younger mainly in the LGBT market for magazines like . APN (All Points North) . Boys magazine . pink paper . Bent . i have not worked in this field for some years and now do more acting/extra work .but would still consider parts if i was found to be suitable for particular shoots.

1990/1993 kiss-o-gram agency

2013 Promo work for the British Heart Foundation , booked through Promotional People . Manchester to Blackpool night-time bike ride medal giver .


I have 8 different Facebook pages .2 for myself . 1 for my drag character and 5 for my businesses. I am also starting to build followers on Starnow/IMDb/Twitter/YouTube/Instagram/Linkedin/pinterest /Vimeo.


Vocal ability


Singing styles
  • Pop

TV & Reality

Gods gift,3eps Granada TV(reality)crowd
Pebble Mill,Drag act.ABBA spin off 1Ep
Coasting,TV series,2Ep.SA
Bhaji on the beach,SA (film)
September song,ITV Drama,1Ep SA
The Time The Place,Crying.Myself.1Ep
funny bones,SA (film)
Like It is,Dancer in club.(film)
C4 shorts.David & Jason.Shooting Gallery
Dont Tell The Bride(shop Keeper)
6 foxy bingo Advert
Beauty School Cop outs.MTV guest
Jamaica Inn.Period BBC Drama.2ep.SA
A Town & Country Murder.S2 (ian Simms)Sky/Cable.C5/Ci channel
Paranormal Intent(TV Series)5ep myself.Adeys TV.Presenter
Shopaholics.RDF TV Prod C4(Reality)
Beauty Queen or Bust.RDF TV Prod C4(Reality)
Testing Britain's Worst Drivers Crash Course.North One TV Prod ITV.Main participant(Factual)
Handel's Messiah,Groberg Prod,BYU TV,USA TV.SA
Look North,News/Factual(News Report on a prod i was part of)Handel's Messiah
Storage Hunters UK,Series3 1Ep.Bidder
Houdini & Doyle,TV Series 1Ep
Hollyoaks,20 year anniversary special.Mermaid.1Ep
Peaky Blinders,Series3,SA. 3Ep
Strictly Come Dancing It takes 2(Zoe Ball segment in program)Blackpool Ep
My Weird Hobby.Popkorn TV C4 Zombie Preppers(Myself & Zombie Hobby)
Storage Hunters UK S5,1Ep.Bidder
Hoarders SOS,Participant.Lyons TV for C4 Ep6
Strongbow Cider,Commercial for TV(extra)
Film-stars Don't Die In liverpool.Theatre member.SA
Class Dismissed,BBC TV Series.Supply Teacher. SA
Mark dolan's VIP Lounge.Guest on show
C4,All about Botox.participant(Pilot Episode)
C7 Thats Lancashire TV(Freeview)Interview about being cast in Fantastic Beasts
The more you ignore me.Film.By Jo Brand.SA at 1987 Morrissey gig
Hollyoaks. Mourner at funeral (8/12/16). Mourner at wake (9/12/16). Passerby (16/12/16). Prison Visitor (2/3/17)
Snatch TV series . 1 ep .Armed Policeman.
The Health Show, "Save Money-Good Health" Contributor for an ITV program Teeth whitening. Part participant
Gunpowder 3 part BBC period drama. Yeoman Guard .SA
UPTA Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson Project Movie. Strongman.SA "Phantom Thread"
Coronation Street 2 Eps sa
Nov Bargain Loving Brits in Blackpool .C5 ep3 & 6 participant
Eaten By Lions .Film. Featured Tutti Fruitty .Dir Jason Wingard.
ITV Bancroft TV Series Wedding Guest.SA
Bollywood horror "1921" SA
GOLD .Bollywood Movie. German officer.SA
Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Grindelwald . SA Chef.
Boat Squad The Legend of Martha King. Horror/zombie film. Soldier Lead
Coronation street .1 ep.SA .Hospital patient
Sky Tv Bulletproof (police drama) .Prison Guard. 3 Ep .Featured Role.
Goodfellas Pizza Ad .( Mum's new fella)
Barrett Sweets Add .Major TV Advertisement UK?Europe
The real Housewives of Cheshire .Guest at a Posh Ball (Ep 4 S7)
LFC/Vodafone .TV ad. SA .Crowd Participation. With Mo Salah
Music Vid, Rae Morris. Gay Gent and Drag Queen SA
World cup ad for Visa .Mexico supporter and Press 2x Adverts with Zlatan ibrahimovic
Murky Waters .Short .UCLan.Dad. SA
Music Vid, Tormenta "crimson" SA Waste-lander in a post apocalyptic setting
Music Vid, ZBlack "Kata" Dancer in a club .SA
Music Vid. Sonny Palmer "Underneath" Anti Bullying video for charity. Participant
Hoo.Short. Movie producer SA .Freshkimo Films
Redcon-1 DVD SA Interview
Carlisle Remembers. Live performance reenactment WW1 Border regiment soldier. Carlisle Castle 10/11/2018
House Bound. Short. Man In black.UCLan Dir Joseph Hagan
IP-Man 4 ,Movie .SA .Man at Airport
It's Grime Up North. BBC .Factual Docu about local grime artisits .Myself (3ep)
Candyfloss" Short Film. SA. Background (Student Production Leeds Uni)
BBC Drama Gentleman Jack .SA. Danish Officer
World On Fire .Drama. Gay Couple in a night club. SA
Batman;Terror of Arkham Auctioneer & Asylum patien. Dir J Glickman. Fan Film
S9 The Real Housewives Of Cheshire"Stripper Episode" Bijou club.SA.Ep 5 (Briefly in ep1/11th/100th ep special)
S2 Judge Romesh.Defendant.Comedy program Channel Dave Ep4
S20 Ep 135 BBC 1 TV Series"Doctors"(Patient in reception)
Hollyoaks TV Soap"Salsa dancer"SA 1ep
Paranormal Investigation Live.Presenter 3 Ep Prod RH Paranormal investigation
What Did The Baby hear.Thriller.Mark Gillspin.Lead Dir Stefano Pratesi
Endemol UK.Pilot program.Participant Spiritual reading.Not aired
Hollyoaks Festival goer 3 Ep SA(Hollyfest)
BBC Doctors S21 Ep8 & Ep 92.Patient,SA
Pavement. Short .Paramedic .JMGmedia.SA
The Amelia Gething Complex BBC2 Comedy.Ep1.Bo Peep
Music Vid"We love this city"
CBBC Andy & the Band"Manuel"Ep12
BBC series"Get Even"SA(Teacher)1Ep
Coronation Street"Llandudno"cafe.SA
The Fridge Whisperer.Short.Simeon Arthur Hardwick 3rd.Mockumentary
TV Sitcom(Pilot) Nowhere Close.Gimp/Milkman By F Compton
TV Ad Yabo (Steven Gerrard)Asian market
Teen Mum UK MTV 1Ep Shopkeeper(Reality)S8
TV Series Brassic S2 Ep 8 Drag Queen
The Sarah Weatherby Chronicles (Xavior Octavious)TV Series 3 Ep Lead
Relic of the Jedi:A Star Wars Story.Count Veron.Prod J Glickman Fan film
Enter Nirvana.Short.Yogi.SA.Prod L bennett-thompson
Cinderella"Rebel Dreamer"SA Dancer/NobleGent.Sony
Music Vid.Wash your Hands Kill the Virus.By Johnny Dysfunctional
Music Vid.Change the Script.By C.G.R.C
Social Distancing"Short"Dir Dave Thorp
Online Poem"In the time of quiet"Dir Dave Thorp
Lockdown Lifeline TV Series.Ep2 Nude Caller.Ep4 Party Guest.Prod by Fanni compton
Music Vid.Where do we belong .Emily Severn
Music Vid.A United World Against the Pandemics "We Are The World" Steve Hulse
Music Vid.Samba Dynamite By Thiago.Policeman/Chef/Toreadore
Music Vid.Alone Together-Raising Money For The Arts.Amanda Noar
Short Film.Intolerance.Police Officer Daniels.By Adam Somers (LGBT)


Dancing ability


Dancing agent

impact casting

Dance styles
  • Ballroom
  • Latin American

Hair, Makeup & Styling

Makeup Artist ability



TV presenter experience

Previous unpaid TV presenter roles

Presenting agent

impact casting

  • English

  • UK English

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