Jeni Bezuidenhout

Advertiser, Actor, Influencer, Dancer, TV Presenter,… more

Victoria, Australia
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Physical Attributes

169 cm / 5ft 7in
60 kg / 132 lbs
White / Caucasian
Skin color:
76 cm / 30 in
73 cm / 29 in
Dress size:
UK 8 / AUS 8 / US 4
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • RMIT : Advanced Diploma in Screenwriting
  • TAFTA NAI : Casting workshops
  • The Rehearsal Room : Casting workshops
  • The Rehearsal Room : Casting Workshops- Ongoing
  • Sly Rat Theatre : Scene Study Sessions- Alan Chambers
  • TAFTA : Alison Telford, Angela Heesom, Leigh Pickford and Thea McLeod
  • TAFTA : Tom McSweene and Dave Newman
  • 10 Week Film Intensive : The Actors Coach with Keving Harrington and Shaun O'Conner
  • University Of Ballarat : Bachelor in Theatre (Acting)


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English
  • Afrikaans

  • Australian
  • New Zealand
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • African
  • Dutch
  • German

Union memberships
  • Equity
  • MEAA

Film and Television

2020 In Corpore, Dir Ivan Malekin & Sarah Portelli, Feature Film, Rose ( Available on Amazon)
2020 Carved Into Flesh, Dir Sebastian Bertoli, Short Film Milla
2020 2121, Dir Jenna Cosgrove, Webseries (Available on Youtube)
2019 Tag, Dir Brendan Scott, Short Film, Katharine
2019 Bound, Dir Edward Valent, Short Film, Claire
2018 It's Time, Dir Sam Rankin, Short Film, Holly ( Co-Writer Jeni Bezuidenhout)
2018 #please, Dir Sebastian Bertoli, Experimental Short, Lead ( Writer Jeni Bezuidenhout)
2018 Sad Sad Sad, Dir Sebastian Bertoli, Short Film, Jane (Writer- Jeni Bezuidenhout)
2017 KING KNIGHT, Dir Liam Fitzgibbon, Short Film, Laura
2017 The Significance of Others, Dir Sebastian Bertoli, Short Film, May
2017 Death By Bloom, Dir Clem Soo, Short Film, Jane
2017 First Choice Liquor: Beer Book Blub, Dir. Charlie Ward, Online commercial webisodes, Jean
2017 Back to Goode, Dir. Lisa Habermann, Web Series, Vanessa
2016 Keep Me In Mind, Dir. Mileta louise Rien, Web Series, Emily
2016 Love, Dir. Gavin Ingham, SF, Natalie
2016 Dig, Dir. Sebastian Bertoli, SF, Luciana
2016 Bloom, Dir. Nick Richardson, SF, Miss Stevens
2016 GoldFish, Dir. Sebastian Bertoli, SF, Cole
2016 Many Happy Returns, Dir. Sebastian Bertoli, SF, Lani
2015 Garden in the Sun, Dir. Lauren Broeren, SF, A12
2015 The happiest day of my life, Dir. Sebastian Bertoli: SF, Becky Buckner, Underground Media/ Panopticon Collective
2015 Cat Sick Blues, Dir. Dave Jackson: Feature Film, Steph, Phantasme
2015 Flora, Dir. Sasha Kane: SF, Alex,Sine Qua Non and Fallow Production
2014 Plunged. Dir. Kate Lefoe: SF, Amy, VCA Masters Film (Festival Circuit)
2014 On Hold, Dir. Liliana Braumberger: SF, Jenny, VCA
2014 The New Australia, Dir. Kevin Li: SF,Marissa,Future History Projects.
2014 The Fall Of Eve, Dir.Hayley Beveridge: Web Series, Megan
2014 Sleepless,Dir.Zoe Hollingsworth: SF, Mandy
2014 Make Up Tutorial, Dir. Jessica Kate, Model
2014 Utopia, Dir. Chris Bennett: Web Series
2014 I Promise, Dir. Sasha Kane : SF, Chloe
2014 Painless, Dir. Sasha Kane : SF, Miranda
2013 Hobby Warehouse : Online; Worker.
2013 The Kangaroo Killer : Presenter, Brothers Bow Productions.
2013 Stepmates Youtube Channel : Guest.
2013 48 Hour Film Challenge : Smashing Boxes, Supporting.
2013 Met Missed Holding : Short Film, Eva.

2019 Thula Thula, Dir Sebastian Bertoli, Anika (Writer Jeni Bezuidenhout)
2018 Mad Woman Monologue, Dir Natasha Broadstock, Heart
2017 AMNESIA!, Dir Hannah Smallman, Short Straw, Lucy
2017 Altar Girl, Dir. Sebastian Bertoli / Alanah Guiry: Panopticon Collections and Rotten Honey Productions, Lara, ADELAIDE FRINGE
2016 Thula Thula, Dir. Sebastian Bertoli: Panopticon Collective in association with THEATRE451, Written by Jeni Bezuidenhout (Developmental reading 27th November)
2016 Altar Girl, Dir. Alanah Guiry: Rotten Honey Productions, Lara
2016 Tejas Verdes, Dir.Lisa Inman/ Trev Gare: Theatre541,The friend/The Informer
2015 Goblins, Dir. Sebastian Bertoli: La Mama, Eliza
2015 Meet Me For Meaning, Dir. Georgia Symons: La Mama,Nina
2015 JENNY, Dir. Jon Walpole: La Mama , Speed/Daisy
2015 TipToe , Dir. Chris Hosking: La Mama, Lisa
2015 Love, Sarah, Dir. Sebastian Bertoli: Panopticon Collective, Sarah
2014 Tiny.Big.World, Dir.Sebastian Bertoli: Until Monstrous, Tallulah
2014 Girl Pit, Dir. Georgia Whyte: La Mama Theatre, Kate
2014 Battle, Dir. Matt O'Reilly: Theatre, Jane
2014 Wendy House, Dir. Jess Keeffe : Theatre, Clara, Adelaide, Australia
2014 The Substation, Dir.Adele Varcoe : Sarah, Immersive Live Performance Art, Melbourne, Australia
2013 Equisite Corpse : Bianca, Melbourne, Australia
2013 From Cradle to the Brave : Stage, Jessica, Chapel off Chapel.
2013 The Kangaroo Killer : JANICE, Revolt Theatre
2013 Booze City : MISTY, Victoria, The Butterfly Club
2013 Sly Rat Theatre Company : The Martyrs-Sarah, Revolt Theatre
2012 University of Ballarat, Arts Academy : The Kitchen- Hetti, Victoria, Australia
2012 Honours Project : Delightfully Grim-Immersive theatre, Victoria, Australia
2012 Honours Project : The Lear Project- Cordelia, Victoria, Australia
2012 University of Ballarat, Arts Academy : The Tempest- Ariel, Victoria, Australia
2011 University of Ballarat, Arts Academy : The Crucible-Tituba, Victoria, Australia
2011 University of Ballarat, Arts Academy : Doctor Faustus, Lights the Lights- Old man, Victoria, Australia
2011 University of Ballarat, Arts Academy : Uni life- Travelling show, Victoria, Australia
2010 University of Ballarat, Arts Academy : Arabian Nights- Perfect Love, Jaffar, Victoria, Australia
2009 CCAT : Who’s afraid of Verginia Woolf- Nick, Victoria, Australia


2013 Booze City :Radio Reading, Misty.


Dancing ability



  • English
  • Afrikaans

  • Australian
  • New Zealand
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • African
  • Dutch
  • German

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