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Actor, Extra, Photographer, Guitarist, Music Producer,… more

Victoria, Australia
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Physical Attributes

175 cm / 5ft 9in
64 kg / 140 lbs
White / Caucasian
95 cm / 37 in
Skin color:
60 cm / 24 in
100 cm / 39 in
Dress size:
UK 10 / AUS 10 / US 6
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:


Acting experience

No previous acting experience

  • English

  • Australian

Implied Sexual / Sensual Acting Experience - I have played an intimate / sensual role with another male actor, which included implied sexual movements, physical contact, and kissing with close-up camera shots and direction from the director and producer (Music Video: In Colour by Francis Foxx, 2019).

Emotional Acting Experience - I experience playing the role of a distressed and terrified women as an extra in a short film (Don't Be Scared, 2019). I have also played the role of an angry and upset person as protestor in another short film (The Idyll, 2019).

Audition Experience - Can quickly memorise lines / have experience adapting performance while reading script based on direction during auditions and scenes as an extra.


Extras experience

Previous extras experience

Music Video: In Colour by Francis Foxx (2019) - Extra / Dancer (I played an intimate / sensual role with another male actor, which included implied sexual movements and kissing. I also learned partner and group dance choreography, as well as background extra acting for multiple angles/shots for a ritual/cult-like scene).

Thriller Short Film: Don't Be Scared (2019) - Extra in Emotional Scene (I played the role of a woman in extreme distress who was being comforted by her partner, for multiple close-up shots during a terrifying moment in the film that was shot in the rain, on a dark night, in the street. I ensured that I was taking continuity into consideration, ensuring consistent hand movements and facial expressions from various angles)

Short Film: The Idyll (2019) - Extra in Protest Scene (I played the role of an angry and emotional protester. This included verbal yelling, fist pumping, and running around for multiple takes of close-up and wide-angle shots, in an outdoor cold winter environment).


Photography experience

Amateur photographer

Photography website

Contract Fashion Photographer for Devoi Fashion -- professionally photographed and edited photographs for a clothing line with two professional models (March 2019)

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